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Bonus chapter #3

Miliano’s POV

“Kian! Miliano!” someone shouts, but I’m too tired to stand up.

My twin lies next to me, snoring and utterly unaware of the voice that doesn’t stop shouting at us. I groan and rub my eyes with a yawn as I slowly sit up in bed. Elias and Alexander stumble into the room.

Good morning, boys, I say, smiling.

Mommy, owie, Elias responds, and I slap Kian on his arm.

“Miliano! Kian!” the voice screams again, and this time I recognize it; Aleida’s.

We jump out of bed and run down the stairs. I reach the room first and see my mate standing leaning forward over the kitchen counter. Aleida breathes heavily, and sweat beads adorn her forehead. She groans and puts a hand on her stomach. My gaze moves down to the floor, where a transparent puddle forms.

My water just broke, she says in a painful tone as she looks at us.

I hurry to her and pick her up from the floor in my arms. Kian sends a mindlink, and immediately afterward, our newly awake betas stand in the doorway. They look at Aleida and us confusedly, not woken up enough to understand what’s going on.

Aleida’s water just broke; watch the boys and triplets while we’re gone! Kian shouts as we run towards the door.

Good luck, Aleida! Henry calls before we get out the door.

The Queen is in labor! I scream when we come running into the pack hospital.

The nurses quickly show us into a room where I gently lay down Aleida on the bed. I stand on her left side, and Kian place himself on the right. He caresses her hair, and I wipe away the sweat from her forehead.

Good morning, my Queen! says the pack doctor from Aleida’s pack, who helped her deliver the boys.

How many times do I have to tell you to call me Aleida, Dean? she asks and smiles even though she’s in pain.

At least a couple more times, Queen, he replies, beginning to examine her. Do you think you can change into the hospital dress? It would be a pity to spoil this nice nightgown.

She nods hastily, and I help her into the bathroom. I’m about to walk out as she holds me back and shakes her head slowly. She needs my help, and of course, I do it without whining. My queen is about to deliver our children into the world; the least I can do is help her change. On her way out again, she lets go of me, and with a scream, she moves her hands down. I look at her, confused with the doctor, nurses and Kian. A baby cry spreads in the room, and she lifts her hands to show our first puppy, who couldn’t wait to get out. The nurses hurry to receive the child and push out a standing table that Aleida directly takes a firm hold of. Blood and fluid continue to flow down my mate’s leg, but neither Kian nor I find it disgusting. Especially not considering that we’ve seen much worse things in fights we’ve participated in. Moreover, this isn’t just anyone. It’s Aleida, our mate, the mother of our children, who, moreover, at the moment, does something beautiful. She begins walking back and forth with us close behind her. Admiration at how strong my mate is, amazes me yet again as so many times before. Suddenly she screams again and takes an iron grip on our hands. It hurts like hell! Who would think that such small and delicate hands can cause such damage? She stands like that for a whole minute and breathes heavily until she again bends down to receive our next puppy. Another scream sounds in the room, and she breathes out while tears fall from her eyes. We try to help her back to bed, but she just shakes her head and continues to breathe heavily before continuing to walk again. The door opens, and her brothers enter the room. They look at the situation confusingly before hurrying to her. Jason caresses her hair and talks quietly with her. Kian explains to Nathan that the puppies are out but that she doesn’t realize it herself.

Aleida, you’re done; the puppies are here, Nathan says softly, but Aleida shakes her head.

More are coming, she replies, screaming right afterward of the pain.

I don’t know what to say when two more puppies come out right after each other. It shouldn’t be possible that Aleida can stand, and neither is it. The nurses just have time to take the puppies out of her arms before she falls on the floor. Thankfully I caught her in time.

You did so well, Aleida, I whisper and kiss her forehead when I place her on the bed.

You said there were only two! Kian exclaims to the doctor, who doesn’t understand either.

I don’t know what to say, alphas; it’s impossible, Dean replies.

Not when there’s a God involved, Aleida says between her breaths. Thank you for all your help, Dean.

I did nothing, Queen; this was all you, he replies, smiling at her. During my thirty years as a doctor, I’ve never experienced such a rapid birth, especially not as faultless as you just underwent. It’s an honor to be your doctor, Queen.

What sort are they? Aleida asks when the nurses help her clean herself.

Three boys and one girl, queen, Dean replies, smiling. The girl came last.

There disappeared the female upper hand in the household; I’m tired of all the dicks that all the time have the upper hand! she exclaims while the rest of us look at her with eyes wide open because of the vulgar language, she smiles before continuing. But I can’t be happier for it.

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