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2. Explaining

Aleida’s POV

“But what’s the difference?” Kian asks confusedly.

I sit with my mates, children, brothers, and friends to explain everything that has happened. It’s a complicated process to answer all these questions, but it needs to happen. Therefore, right now, I explain the difference between being a werewolf and a hybrid.

I’m not in any need of blood like a vampire, but I can survive on it if needed. Like you know, I’m stronger and can fight on two legs instead of four if I want to. That’s it, I answer and shrug.

What more can you tell us about what the goddess said? Miliano asks, interested.

I haven’t announced that I’m expecting, and maybe now is a good time to tell them since we’re all here and are speaking freely with each other. The chance of my mates freaking out is considerably lower now when they’re in good spirits and the company of others.

Well, I’m um... I’m pregnant, I say and look down at the floor, feeling shy.

What!? Is the puppy all right? We should take you to the doctor! Miliano starts to pick me up.

Okay, scratch that. My mates are freaking out right now. What is it with male wolves and get all weird when it comes to puppies? If there were anything wrong with them, I would obviously tell them about it. I smack Miliano’s hand away and give him a stern look.

I told you the last time that I’m not invalid just because I’m pregnant. I’m fully capable of walking independently; the puppies are fine and blessed by the goddess just like the boys were. Chill out for a freaking moment! I exclaim and roll my eyes.

Puppies? Plural? Kian asks with wide eyes.

Yes, Evita said, puppies, I answer and nod.

Did she say anything about the genders?

Sadly, no, and I hope their girls. I have enough men in my vicinity, I answer and wave between the guys.

I’m very sorry that we hurt you, baby. We didn’t mean to, Miliano says with sadness evident over his beautiful face.

I know, my love. It’s okay; you couldn’t have known, I reply and kiss his forehead.

What’s up with the hair, though? Nathan asks and looks confused.

I can’t tell you anything about that; I’m just as surprised as you are, I answer with a shrug, still not understanding why Evita had to change my hair color.

I like it, though; you look younger, somehow, Jason says with a soft smile.

Oh no, dear brother, you did not just say that!

What did I say? he asks and looks confused.

I’m the youngest here already, only seventeen, and you say that it makes me look younger!? I exclaim, feeling slightly offended.

My statement seems to make everyone understand. It can be challenging to determine that I’m still a minor, given that I have a great responsibility on my shoulders through my royal genes, that I have two children, and yet another couple on my way.

Damn, sometimes I forget how young you are, baby sister... You’re still a little child! Nathan says with big eyes.

This little child can still kick your ass, dear brother of mine, I smirk at Nathan.

I still think it’s unfair! You’re the youngest of us and the most powerful creature globally; how is that fair?

Life isn’t fair, Nathan. I thought you knew about that since you know my whole origin story.

Nathan looks ashamed. Yeah, it’s actually effortless to forget that I once was my whole pack’s human punch bag. I don’t blame them for misremembering: that’s a time in my life I’d rather forget anyway. But I don’t want my brother to feel bad about it.

It’s okay, Nathan. I’ve gotten closure about it, I say and smile.

Anyhow, you’ll be eighteen in two weeks. What do you want to do? Killian asks and looks excited.

Cheese and a nap would be lovely, I answer with a loud yawn making the others quiet.

Well, that was anti-climatic, Henry mutters after a few long seconds of silence.

Don’t you dare to judge me! When I was pregnant with the boys, Clare never let me eat any cheese, which was my number one craving, I explain.

Wait, why didn’t she let you eat cheese? Kian asks in confusion.

She didn’t let me eat it because she said that the boys could be lactose intolerant, I answer and smile at the memory.

But my smile disappears shortly after because then I remember that Clare’s no longer with us. She gave her life to save Alexander and Elias; she fought like a true warrior to ensure that they continued to be safe. I miss her dearly.

Of course, that was before she died in my arms... I mumble.

Kian sits down beside me and hugs me. They all know how much Clare meant to me and how she was my only mother figure since my real mom died that tragic night. It’s going to feel weird to be able to eat cheese without someone bugging me about it all the time.

Do you miss her? Kian asks while caressing my cheek.

Every single day, I answer and smile at him. But I know that she can be with the man she loves in peace. She’s up there with the moon goddess, looking down on me with my mom and dad.

You don’t talk about your parents, particularly often..., he continues.

No, I don’t. It’s simply too hard because I can’t remember much about mom and dad. My memories are just small fragments of events..., I say with a sigh.

Can you tell us something you do remember?

I remember the last happy day I had with them. Mom was with me in the garden; she gave me lemonade and sang for me. Dad came home and looked distressed; I ran to hug him. He told me to play for a while so he could talk to mom alone. They continued to look at me with worry, and I never understood why... Not until the attack happened, and I almost died, still just a few years old. Younger than Sebastian, I explain and feel slightly nauseous.

Dear goddess, am I not a downer? You can’t blame me, though, Kian asked, and I just answered. My hands instinctively move to my stomach. I paint tiny hearts and circles with my finger. The babies are moving, and that makes me smile. Yes, my babies. Mommy is here with you.

Have you thought about names yet? Miliano asks while his eyes are following my fingers on my baby bump.

If it’s girls, I was thinking of Benita and Adelita.

That’s two beautiful names: why do you want them?

Because of the meaning behind them. Benita stands for “blessed,” which she is, and Adelita means “noble and a warrior woman.” Both of them, whether it’s boys or girls, are going to be strong creatures. Since they’re going to be hybrids too, this will be a long and painful pregnancy, I answer with a big yawn.

What do you mean? Kian asks and looks worried.

They transformed with me the first time I shifted, and all of this will take a lot out of my body. That’s for sure.

Can we do anything to help you? Henry asks anxiously.

You can stock up on cheese, I answer and wink at him, which makes the others laugh.

We will make sure that you get the best birthday ever, baby, Miliano says and kisses my forehead.

There’s no need. I can’t drink, and I’m probably going to be too tired to move anyway. We can eat a lot of cheese and nap together instead, I answer and yawn again.

Kian chuckles at me before standing up to carry me to the bedroom. I lean my head on his shoulder and continue to yawn all the way upstairs. Miliano is walking behind us with the sleeping boys in his arms. Kian puts me down when we reach the room. I take Alexander and Elias from Miliano before putting them in their cribs.

Why are the boys still sleeping in your bedroom? I ask.

Because we haven’t finished their rooms yet, Miliano explains.

Oh, are you renovating? I ask and put the blanket over Elias.

We were renovating; we finished it. It’s just placing the furniture left, but that’s all, Kian says and shrugs his shoulders.

Why haven’t you fixed it then? They need their own space.

We’re going to... Soon, Miliano says.

No, don’t start with me. Fix the rooms. Come on, get a move on! I scold them.

I rather get a hard-on, Kian says and moves his eyebrows seductively.

Finish what you started, then we’ll talk, I laugh at him before walking inside the bathroom to shower.

The warm water cascades down over my body, and all the grime slithers its way down the drain. I clean my body and hair before stepping out as quickly as I get in. My body is glistening from the water droplets; I wipe them off and take the body butter with me into the bedroom. I begin the work of moisturizing my body, starting with the legs. In slow and precise motions, I knead the lubricant into my fragile skin. It’s been a long time since I had the time and opportunity to take care of my body.

Aleida, have you seen my— HOLY SHIT!” Miliano exclaims and stares at my bare legs.

Seen what? I ask and look at him.

His eyes are fixating on me, and his eyes are going dark with desire. Since he doesn’t answer, I shrug my shoulders and continue. My hands are moving my breast upwards, and when they make contact, two growls rumble in the room. I turn to the doorway, and there, both of my mates are staring.

What are you doing in here? You’re supposed to finish the rooms! I exclaim.

Nope, not happening, Kian says, grabs me, and throws me over his shoulder before walking out.

Kian, let me down! I shout at my mate.

He continues to ignore me and move down the stairs to find an empty bedroom, I guess. My ass and newly shaved pussy are on full display for anyone to see. I look over my mate’s shoulder and see the betas. When their eyes land on me, their eyes go pitch black. Don’t judge them, okay? I’m an unmarked she-wolf on full display; they’re unmated and can’t help to react. It’s our wolf instincts. My mates growl at the betas, who immediately looks at anything but me. I punch Kian in the back, annoyed about my friends seeing me naked.

Put. Me. Down! I growl at Kian.

We’re in the living room. Jason and Nathan sit on the couch, casually talking about whatever when their eyes land on me and my seemingly naked body. They scream in terror, and I roll my eyes at their prudish behavior; we’re werewolves, for goddess sake.

Oh, don’t give me that; I know I’m a snack. Do you want to come with me on the run? I ask.

We do whatever you ask us to; just put those away! Jason exclaims and points at my boobs.

I squat down on the floor and transform. The living room is one of the most massive places in the packhouse, but right now, with me in it, it feels relatively small. I walk on four legs at first until I try to stand, and let me tell you, it’s effortless!

Wow, Aleida! You’re a massive beast! Kian exclaims, which makes me snort.

I lick him affectionally before sitting down on my hind legs. Kian and Miliano can stand when they’re petting me; yup, I’m that large. My hybrid is purring at the attention, and so am I. I follow Jason and Nathan out the back door. They shift, and the three of us run around the forest like puppies. Jumping over logs, play with each other, and chasing poor little animals throughout the forest. It’s the evening when we go back, the rain begins to fall, and my fur is soaked. I’m trying to shift, but I can’t. I used too much energy during our run. The betas and my mates are sitting on the floor, playing a game of cards. I shake, and the water flies through the room. It feels wrong to just be in my animal form, and I’m starting to panic. I lay down at my mates on the floor and shake.

Aleida, what’s wrong? You can’t lay on the floor like this; you’re wet! Miliano exclaims.

I ask Elisa to tell my mates’ wolf parts about the problem. At first, they don’t react. I’m worried that Elisa can’t tell Jax and Ryan what the problem is. Finally, they listen and understand. Their eyes look at me with shock, and I whimper.

Aw, baby. Why did you use so much energy if you can’t turn back? Kian asks in a stern but concerned voice, which makes me whimper again.

All right, let’s get you dry, huh? Miliano says, and I follow him to the bedroom.

Neither the boys nor their cribs are in the room anymore; I guess that my mates did what I asked them to do. Kian walks in shortly after us and is holding a big pile of towels. They begin to dry my long fur; just like that time, they had to clean me. Wow, it feels like years ago...

Damn, Aleida. Why did you have to run in the rain? You’re soaking wet, Kian says, and I respond by licking his face. Yeah yeah, I love you too.

I’m damp but don’t care about it when I jump up on the bed. Miliano and Kian are protesting, but when I growl at them, they stop. With much sighing, they lay down next to me. Kian is petting my head, and Miliano moves his hand over the upper part of my hind leg. My energy is coming back, and I transform. Neither one of my mates notice, though; they’re still petting me with closed eyes. Are they sleep petting me? When I look closer, I can see how tired they are. Oh, goddess, they must have been heartbroken.

Put that paw away from my ass, I say to Miliano, and they both open their eyes.

Nope, it’s mine, he answers and nibbles on it.

Hey, leave it be!

I don’t think so, my queen. We’ve been missing you, and we’re going to show you just how much, Kian says and kisses my neck.

I moan from his soft pecks along my neck. Milo’s hands are kneading my ass cheeks like fluffy dough. Mine and Kian’s lips crash together in a war of dominance; I win. Without breaking our kiss, I pull down his pants and underwear. His dick is doing a standing ovation, making it easy to slam down my already wet pussy on his throbbing member. He hisses from the impact and groans in satisfaction. Miliano is moving behind me; I don’t need to look because I know that he’s stark naked. Miliano pushes his dick in slowly in my ass, but I don’t care for slow and careful right now. I slam down on both their dicks simultaneously, and they moan as I’ve never heard before. Kian is playing with my boobs, and Miliano is holding my throat with the perfect amount of pressure. My juices drip down over them, and you can hear how wet I am. They growl and pound themselves inside me in the most delicate way. The familiar tightening in my core makes itself known; I’m about to cum any minute now. My breathing is ragged and loud. I moan louder and louder until a scream rips from my throat in pure ecstasy. My mates cum inside of me shortly after, and we fall on the bed, exhausted. Kian on my right and Miliano on my left. They nuzzle my neck, and I’m good to go again. Miliano is my victim this time. Just like before, I slam my tight pussy down on his length. He groans and moves in sync with me. It doesn’t take long for me to cum again, but Miliano is having struggles. That’s when I decide to put my canines in his marking spot, claiming him as mine. He explodes once again and pants. During this session, Kian has touched himself and is ready for part two. I’m more animal than human right now; nothing seems to satisfy me. My moans are animalistic and sound more like growls. I put my canines into his marking spot, just like Miliano before falling off him.

Damn, baby. I’ve never loved you as much as right now! Kian exclaims.

I have to agree with my brother, love. Wherever you’ve been hiding your animal, don’t put her away ever again, Miliano says with a light chuckle.

I’m about to answer when I hear the boys’ screams from the baby monitor. I rise from the bed and put on Kian’s shirt and Miliano’s boxers. They growl at me; I turn and see their black eyes. Oh, for the love of...

No, down, boy! I just took 13 inches of dick at the same time; besides, the boys need their feeding.

I walk into Alexander’s room and pick him up. He’s the one screaming of hunger indeed; he’s moving like lightning when he sees my exposed nipple, sucking happily. Now, I’ve missed it. The intimate moments with my sons... And my mates. This, this is life!

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