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Bonus chapter #4

Aleida’s POV

How do you think we should divide the work then? Blake asks and looks down at the papers scattered on my desk.

I can’t take care of the whole town alone, least of all the werewolves on Earth. Hence, I’ll need your help to do the administrative work as well as in practice, I reply, and he nods slowly.

But Holly and I can’t help you take care of all this alone; you understand that right? he asks gently, and I smile.

Of course not. Why do you think I sought help? I ask and grin.

A knock comes from the door, and in comes my mates, their betas, and my big brother Jason. They look confused at me since they don’t know why they’re here. I point to the chairs around the table, and they sit down without saying anything.

I understand that you’re confused about why you’re here, and I will tell you in a moment. But first of all, I want you to know that I’m not your mate, sister, or friend during this meeting. Now I’m your alpha, understand? I ask and look at them; as they nod, I continue. It’s time to do a merge with our packs, but just like Blake has just repeated, I can’t manage such a merge alone while all the other vampires and werewolves should be taken care of out there. I just need your help.

What can we do, alpha? Henry asks, and I almost laugh at his facial expression because I notice that he thinks it feels strange.

I think we divide the work fairly. Of course, I have to do most of the operational work, but I’m also just one person and have limitations. If I’m going to manage to be the Queen of the werewolves, I must also first clarify what my preliminary work should look like. Does any of you have suggestions on what you might fit best to do? I ask and look around at them.

I’m a good strategist, Miliano says, raising his hand.

In some specific area, or are you strategically laid in general? I ask, shocked that I don’t know such things about my mates.

In general. One suggestion I’ve been thinking of primarily is how to ensure the wolves in this country’s security, but it can also work elsewhere in the world. The European wolves had some problems in recent years, and I feel that it’s an area that would suit me well, he responds factually, and I nod, impressed.

Okay, we’ll give it a try. We’ll have to go over how many assistants you need at a later date, I answer and turn to the others. Does anyone else want to show their feet?

Technology is a strong topic for me, Kian replies. I can build up advanced technical tools without much trouble. Asia needs stronger protection in the form of technological inventions that can help them against external threats; natural disasters have a greater impact there than here.

It sounds great; just like with Miliano, we go through how many wolves you need for your potential missions once we clarify the basics, I respond, and my mate nod in response.

Time goes by, and in the end, everyone has a subject they’re passionate about and are good at. I’ve had contact with all the other significant alphas out there in the world where we agreed that they should keep taking care of their pack as before, but they do it in my name as my lieutenants. This means that I get updates every month about important issues that have arisen and potential dangers that threaten the pack. That way, I can send extra resources if necessary. It isn’t quite optimal at all times, but I am, as I said, only one person and can’t be everywhere at once.

Does anyone have objections over who’s assigned what or the duties it entails? I ask, and everyone shakes their heads. Well, the meeting ends then. We can merge our packs tomorrow morning; now, it’s time for some lovin’.

Right after I say that, I climb into Kian’s lap. He puts his arms around me and kisses my forehead. Do you think I should spend more time notifying my members about our merge? It isn’t necessary, since we’ve talked about it for several months. We’ve just been too lazy to perform it.

It feels weird every time you’re my alpha, mate, Kian says, kissing my forehead again.

I know, I answer, caressing his hair. But that’s the only way to make sure you and Miliano behave.

What do you mean ’make sure we behave’!? Miliano exclaims while the others laugh. We always behave!

How was the last alpha meeting? I ask and lift one of my eyebrows.

In our defense, you were wearing a skirt, Kian replies, laughing.

Mommy? a voice says at the door.

I smile and get up from Kian’s lap. Lucia stands at the door, wearing her nightgown with a teddy bear in her hand and a thumb in her mouth. I lift her and walk back to Kian to sit down. Lucia has nightmares from time to time and often wakes up at night.

Hi, baby, I say. What are you doing up?

I missed you, mommy, she replies, looking at me with big eyes while my mates gasp.

What about us!? Miliano exclaims in a faked, wounded tone and a hand over his heart.

I love you too, silly daddy, she replies, giggling. But mommy is always the best.

I laugh loudly at how dramatically wounded Miliano looks and bet Kian is the same. Henry falls off the chair from my little Lucia’s answer. I get up again with my little girl in my arms. Slowly I dance around the room with her while singing low on “You are my sunshine.”

What do you need, baby? I ask and kiss her forehead.

She groans, and I realize she’s already falling asleep. I keep singing and moving around the room with Lucia in my arms. I can’t believe my girls are getting this big. When did that happen? Thankfully, it seems that at least one of all my puppies will always need me.

She’s just like you, Aleida, Killian giggles silently.

What do you mean? I ask.

You also always fall asleep when Milo or Kian holds you like that, Henry continues, and I look down at my princess with love in my eyes.

We know when we’re safe, I answer silently with a smile on my lips, caressing Lucia’s forehead with my thumb. And she knows that there’s no safer place in the world she can be in than in the arms of her mother.

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