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5. Temporary calm

Aleida’s POV

It’s been a week since we got home from my pack, and they still haven’t found any information about Michael’s whereabouts. The pups are doing fine, all five of them. My mates are in love with our little girls, and I can tell you already that those big bad wolves are whipped by our puppies. I don’t play favorites, but the daddies sure do. At the exact moment we got home with the girls, it’s like they forgot about their sons, and that saddens me. It’s fun with new babies, yes, but not if the other parents neglect those who were here before. So, that’s why I’m sitting in the backyard with the boys and practice on growling. They don’t sound nearly as scary as their daddies can, but they’re getting there. Right now, it’s rather adorable. I’m sure that Kian and Miliano don’t mean to do what they’re doing, but the boys are starting to react.

Such good boys you are, yes you are! I coo at Alexander and Elias.

My mates walk out of the packhouse and look at us in awe. The fathers motion to the boys to step up to them, but instead, the boys nuzzle into my neck. Kian and Miliano look perplexed and disappointed in their behavior.

Don’t you dare to feel disappointed. You’re the ones who pushed them away when the girls arrived, I mindlink them and watch their facial expressions change into shame.

Did we actually do that? Kian stutters.

Yes, you did, and that’s why they prefer my company over yours, I say with a sigh and sad eyes.

This whole ordeal makes my mommy heart clench painfully. My little men are feeling neglected by their fathers, and I’m not going to stand for it! They’re going to make this up to Alexander and Elias, even if it’s the last thing I do.

Hey babies, why don’t you go and give your daddies a hug? I whisper to them.

They look hesitant but slowly move to their dads. Miliano catches Elias in his arms, and Kian does the same with Alexander. The dads kiss and hug their little ones. I’m smiling at the sight, but the moment disappears quickly when the triplets scream.

Mommy’s coming back soon; you play with your daddies, I coo at my boys before leaving and walk inside to the girls.

I sprint up the stairs quickly, and the girls stop screaming when I walk inside the room. They have one bedroom each, just like the boys have, but since they’re so tiny, it’s better to have them all in the same room for the time being.

Hello, my princesses, why are you crying, huh? I ask and pick them up one by one.

I lay on the thick blanket on the floor and let them move freely. The girls fall asleep one by one. Kian and Miliano are watching the boys, the girls are sleeping, and I’m fatigued. I’m just going to close my eyes for a short moment.

It isn’t a short moment. When I wake up, the boys are lying on the blanket too while my mates are sitting in the armchairs, watching us with big smiles. Alexander is holding my arm down with his head, and Elias leans his head on my leg.

A little help? I whisper, and my mates chuckle at me before slowly prying away the boys from my body.

I put the girls in their cribs one by one. My whole body is sore. Who would’ve thought that sleeping on that blanket can cause such pain in my back? It may seem like everything is excellent and that I’m all right. But I’m far from it. The powers inside of me are becoming more decisive for each day passing, and that scares me. It scares me because I’ve got no idea how to control it, and it scares me because I don’t know what will happen if I lose it completely. What if I hurt someone by mistake? I don’t mean rogues or someone else attacking me, but someone I care about. I could never live with myself, knowing that I hurt a person I love and want to protect. Kian’s hand takes mine, and I jump by the movement. He pulls me out of the room to the office.

What are you thinking so hard about? he asks when we’re inside.

Nothing, I answer in avoidance.

Don’t lie to me, Aleida. Something is bothering you. Why won’t you talk to us about it?

Because for the first time in my life, I’m afraid, for real.

What are you afraid of? Everything is fine now.

But for how long? Everything can burn down into ashes at any moment. What if I can’t control myself and hurt you? Or my babies... I start to sniff into my hands by the bare thought of hurting my puppies.

Listen to me, Aleida. You’re not going to lose control; we’ll help you the best we can.

But you can’t do anything, and that’s the problem! Neither one of us knows enough about hybrids to understand and be able to train.

It doesn’t matter! We’ll help you learn, even if we have to learn the old-fashioned way.

Old-fashioned way?

You know, old-school? We have to tick you off until you explode to see which subjects you have patience with and which you don’t.

But, I could hurt you.

It doesn’t matter. Besides, we’ll all be there. Don’t think about this anymore; you shouldn’t overwork yourself yet. It takes a long time for the body to come back after giving birth, Kian says and picks me up bridal style.

Where’s Milo?

He’s waiting for us in the bedroom; we’re having a movie night.

Those words make me smile. That’s my mates for you! They always prepare lovely surprises for me, just because they can and want to. A movie night is precisely what I need right now, a chance to relax with the men I love the most. Kian walks inside our bedroom, and Miliano looks at us with a big smiling face. He holds up all the Harry Potter movies and a big bucket of popcorn. I wonder if it’s with extra butter... Is it extra butter? Please, goddess, I hope so!

It’s with extra butter, don’t worry, baby girl, Miliano says and winks at me; he knows me too well.

Kian puts me down, and I pick out some silk pajamas to put on. I close the door behind me when I reach the bathroom and change quickly. Kian and Miliano lie on one side each, with their phones, waiting for me to settle down in the middle. They smile when they notice me.

Always so beautiful, lepa, Kian says and pets the bed in the middle.

I take the few steps back to run and throw myself on the bed between them, which unfortunately results in both of them falling off the floor. I laugh my ass off and watch them over the edge. Both are grunting from the impact, but the smiles are still there.

You’re evil, baby girl, Miliano says when he stands up and massages his buttocks.

You’ve got to roll with the dice, love. Come on now! I say impatiently.

It ends with us watching four of the films before my body gives up and gratefully receives a deep, dreamless sleep.

I wake up with Miliano moaning in his sleep and moving. My eyes automatically transfer to his growing organ, and my tongue licks my full lips. I take my hand to his crotch and gently massage it. His breath becomes dense, and his nostrils widen from time to time. My mates are sleeping naked nowadays, which makes my job a lot easier. My pussy already drips by those little whines he makes in his sleep. Gently I sit over him, and his cock slides easily into me. I have to bite my lip so as not to shout out by the fantastic spread. Slowly I move back and forth, my clit barely touching his pelvic bone in the most sensual way. I shudder by the feeling and lift the lower part of my body before letting gravity do the job. Miliano’s eyes open up quickly, and when he realizes what’s going on, I feel how his cock twitches inside me.

Look at you, being a naughty girl, he whispers and meets my thrusts.

Both breaths are more challenging and faster; the possibility of being spotted makes me cum almost there and then. Kian is still asleep; at least, his eyes are still closed. My nails tear over Miliano’s chest, and he growls with desire. He gets hold of one of my nipples and nibbles on it, making me gasp in the process.

What’s going on? Kian asks and rubs his eyes.

When Kian’s gaze lands on us, his eyes turn black with lust, he wants to be in me deeply. He stands on his knees behind me and throws my hair over my shoulder to access my neck. Miliano keeps moving hard inside me while Kian’s kisses tickle my erogenous zones below my ear.

Oh goddess, that feels so good, I moan from the combined pleasure.

Miliano sits up with me, still straddling him, I’m close to coming now, and he must feel what I need to fall across the border. His canines come out and penetrate my marking place. I scream with pleasure and feel how Miliano’s dick spits out every little drop of sperm inside me.

Such a good girl, Kian coos in my ear and nuzzle my neck. Do I get a turn too?

Please, yes!I whimper, far from satisfied.

Miliano pulls out of me and puts me down on my back. He plays with my tits and kisses over the areola. Kian is rock hard and ready at my entrance; just waiting for my approval. I nod impatiently, and he thrusts his entire throbbing member into me.

Oh, Aleida! You’re always so incredibly tight, Kian grunts in pleasure.

One of his hands presses against my throat and gives a slight pressure that makes my pussy squeeze around his cock. Miliano continues his attack on my chest and stomach while Kian gives me everything he has. The well-known pressure is starting to build in my lower regions, and the orgasm is not far off. For some reason, it takes longer for me to come without the sweet bite from my mates. Miliano plays with my clit, and Kian brings out his canines, ready to mark me. I squeeze him tight to indicate it’s time, and he bites me while my orgasm surge through me. He falls over me, and we breathe heavily by the effort. Our bodies stick together by the sweat. He hugs me while Miliano strokes my hair and kisses my forehead. I open my eyes and look into Kian’s smiling face; he’s obviously happy with what we accomplished.

You surprised us, lepa, and we love it! Kian smirks and kisses my temple tenderly.

I’m a horny animal. What else can I say? I answer and shrug.

Kian rolls off me, and I rise from the bed, slightly wobbling. My mates chuckle at me, and I throw them a dirty look, which makes them laugh even harder. I decide to ignore them and take a well-deserved shower. Thank you, goddess; I get to shower in peace without any interference. No one is in the bedroom when I get out of the shower, but I hear voices from downstairs. I get dressed quickly before hurrying to the dining room; my stomach rumbles with hunger. Everyone’s already there. The triplets are in a travel bed, the twins sit in their high chairs, and our pack members enjoy breakfast in quiet conversations with each other.

Good morning, queen, the members say in unison when they see me.

I’m still not used to or comfortable with being called queen, especially not by my pack members. My mates, brothers, and betas call me what I prefer; Aleida. It doesn’t matter how many times I correct others; they consider it disrespectful to call me anything other than my title.

Good morning, everyone, I answer with a smile.

An omega hurries up to me with a cup of coffee that I gratefully receive and takes a big sip. I feel that something is wrong but can’t determine what it is. A feeling of discomfort, as if someone is staring at me without me knowing. Then it hits me like a train.

“Rogues!” I shout and run outside to meet fifty nasty rogues baring their canines at me.

I shift without hesitation and growl louder than all the rogues combined. They look stunned and don’t move. That’s a mistake because I’m quick to attack, and before they’ve got time to react, five of them are already dead. They spring into action and attack me at the same time. I hear other wolves joining our battle, and all I can think of is that I hope someone protects my pups in there. We fight for a long time, and I can’t feel any pain at all, even though I’ve been bitten more times than I can count. It’s not until the last rogue falls dead at my feet that I start to feel it. I shift back, wobbling violently, and look at my mates before falling to my knees. Kian runs up to me and puts pressure on my neck; I guess someone bit me. I can’t hear what he’s saying or what the others are doing; the blood loss is too much for me. My body is screaming at me when I stand up; I need to check on my pups. I jump on one leg into the house, not caring that my mates tell me to stop. All I care about is my five little angels in there and if they’re all right. Not one of them is in the house. I start to panic and do the most intuitive thing I can think of; I howl. I howl with sorrow over not being able to find my babies. My howl slowly turns into feral growls, ready to kill anyone who took my puppies away.

Aleida, take it easy! The puppies are all right; they’re in the basement shelter, Miliano says and tries to make me focus.

I stumble down the basement stairs and fall. My head hits the cement floor hard; blood is trickling down my forehead. I knock on the door, and an omega opens. Without acknowledging her, I move to my babies. The twins are crying, and it breaks my heart.

It’s all right; mommy is here,I coax and pick them up.

The triplets are thankfully asleep, but my boys are not okay. They’re scared, and I don’t know what to do. I use my powers to calm them down; it’s hard for me to stand when I’m done. An omega saw it coming and have time to grab the boys before I fall to the floor again.

Always the stubborn one, Kian says and picks me up. Why can’t you let someone else take care of you when you obviously need it?

It’s my job to protect you,I mumble with my eyes closed, half-asleep.

Not anymore. You’re not alone.

I wake up with a scream, pain shooting through my body. My neck feels like acid, and when I touch it, black liquid flows down my hand. Kian, Miliano, my brother, and the betas come rushing in but stop when they see me.

What’s happening? I ask with a sob, terrified about the reaction my body is showing.

Shit..., Killian mumbles.

My mates sit down beside me and do their best to soothe me. The pain subsides a little but not enough for me to stop crying; this hurts more than it did to give birth. It feels like a silver collar around my neck when someone’s dragging me along the floor.

You’re marked, Aleida. Dark forces are holding you and your wolf. They’re trying to force you into submission. You have to fight it! Killian says.

It’s like magic, I’m on the bed, and suddenly I’m on the floor. It looks like someone’s dragging me around like a freaking dog or a puppet. My hybrid chants “fight it” in my head, but how can I fight it when I have no energy to do so?

Obey me, dog, someone says in my mind.

I refuse and continue to fight it the best I can. The problem is that the more I fight back, it hurts even more. I’m having a battle with myself, and I’m losing big time. Whoever is controlling me is trying to force a shift.

Shift, or I’ll make you kill your puppies one by one! You’re mine to control and use as I like. Come to my side, where you belong, engulf the darkness, and release the absolute beast inside you!

“No!” I scream and blackout.

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