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7. Alliance

Aleida’s POV

A few weeks have passed since I had to once again leave my family behind in order to save them. You might think that it was easy for me to go or that I’m a coward for doing so without putting up a fight. But you’ve got to understand that my family’s well-being is too vital for me to be able to take such risks. If I can’t control my urges, desires, or, more importantly, rage, I’m a defective circuit. There’s a possibility that I unintentionally injure someone in the pack or a family member of mine, and I won’t permit it to happen. Since I can prevent it from occurring by leaving, this was the best solution. I can still hear my puppies whimpers inside my head from time to time; they’re crying for me. You see, between a she-wolf and her pups, there’s a connection that makes me detect or sense when they need my presence. It’s psychic torment not being able to be there with them, but I can’t. Their beings have more significance to me than my own, and that’s why I also have to limit them from getting hurt. I may be the cause for their pain now, but it’s still better than the possibility of me killing them on an accidental rampage. Elisa is trying to be supportive, but I block her most of the time. I’m not ready to acknowledge facts about me injuring my brother and bringing him to the verge of passing. My brain and heart can’t manage that at the time being. I fill my time with hunting rogues, pack business, alliances, and my company, everything I can think of, to neglect my aching heart. The rogues have been targeting our borders and this pack since we got here. They’ve hunted my members and caused much destruction towards my pack. Now, the tables have turned, and we’re the ones chasing them down. It has become like a sport to us. But of course, we still allow every rogue the opportunity to submit to me and join the pack. We aren’t cruel. Most of them resist, which heads to their funeral. But almost a dozen have joined and immediately submitted to me when they got the chance. Like before, most of the new members are men. Only one woman is among them, a young girl, barely sixteen years old. I immediately took her under my wing when I saw the scars and bruises that adorned her body, connecting the dots to cruel abuse. Her name is Holly, and she’s a real treasure. She reminds me of myself back in the day when I was the human punching bag the whole pack loved to fuck with on a daily basis. That was before I chose to stop being prey and became the predator; for my survival and personal freedom. Wolves love to play prey and predator, or cat and mouse like you humans probably would call it. We have imprinted in our genes to hunt, and only the weak, submitting wolves are okay with being the prey. I’m not talking about wolves who submit to their alpha, rather about those who yield to anyone because they’re afraid. Holly is making significant progress since we found her and willingly listens to what I’ve got to teach her. She’s like a sponge, absorbing all the wisdom, advice, and pointers I give her. I instruct her personally in the evenings, and it’s going better, but she’s far from able to fight back against anyone. That’s not important for her now anyway; the important thing is for her to gain weight and learn to eat correctly. She told me her story about the abuse and starvation. Since her body is used to not being fed, she has trouble keeping the food down. It’s like an eating disorder. In the beginning, she would cry when I tenderly asked her to eat the food. She was scared because she didn’t know how much it would cost her if she ate it. I recognized the behavior in a heartbeat and helped her during her time here. She’s eating a lot more, and her body is slowly getting more durable too. I’m happy to help her any way I can; no one should experience such pain as we both have. Me taking care of her nourishes my mommy heart a lot, even though I still miss my babies. I’m doing fine in my pack, the days are still troublesome to get through, but the nights are the worst. Nowadays, everything is about making it through the day without crying. I’m eighteen now; it was my birthday two weeks ago. Did I do something fun? Yeah, if you call me sitting locked inside my office doing paperwork for fourteen hours straight and then had to fight in a rogue attack, then yes, I had a blast. I don’t get the whole ‘wow’ factor people talk about when they turn eighteen; to me, it was a day like all the others. Nothing extraordinary about it at all. It’s okay, though; I don’t like being the center of attention anyway. I’m comfortable with being isolated; it’s more manageable that way. My monster isn’t lurking just below the surface anymore, but the danger isn’t terminated yet. I’ve asked Blake to come here, the vampire who was kind to me at King’s place. He and the others might be able to help me, considering that their former leader was a hybrid just like I am. They’re coming here today, and I’ve instructed the warriors about their arrival. So I’m sitting inside my office, waiting for the mindlink from one of the warriors. I wander around my office, peering out the windows, and view the border, waiting. I’m not a patient person anymore, and I don’t like to be kept expecting. Yes, I was the one who beckoned them here, but I’m also their superior, which means that what I say goes. Not in a ‘force’ way, however.

Alpha, your visitors are here. What are our orders?

Tell them to stay where they are; I’m on my way.

Finally, something happens. I take off my clothes and shift before leaving my office. My members move out of the way when they see my extensive form run down the stairs, out through the front door. I’m at the border in only five minutes and change back to my human form without minding that I’m nude as the day I was born.

Hello, Blake, I say and look at him with a piercing gaze.

He falls to his knees with his hand over his cold heart and tears in his eyes. The other vampires follow suit, bowing down on their knees in the form of respect. Vampires and werewolves are related regarding this particular thing; they can sense their superior.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard of your return; I thought they were lies. But now you’re here in front of my eyes, Blake says in a cracked voice.

Blake and I got friendly throughout my visit to their clan; he’s my friend. Like the other vampires, he was there and saw me die; of course, it’s tough for them—mainly him. I bend down and take his face into my hands, smiling before embracing him.

You better believe it because I’m here, I answer with a broad smile.

It’s terrific to see you again, but I have a feeling that you didn’t summon us merely to say hi, he says with concern.

That’s true. But I’d preferably explain this in my packhouse, I’m still their alpha, and they won’t attack you unless I say so. You’re safe to step onto our grounds, I say to all of them who arise and follow me towards the house.

I shift into the giant hybrid I am and walk protectingly in front of them. A few wolves move closer, including growling; however, shut up when I bare my canines and growl back. They don’t have to like having the vampires on our turf, but they’re going to respect their alpha’s wishes, simple as that. No more of my wolves intervene or make any threatening advances towards my visitors. I turn back when we reach the house and let my visitors inside. Before stepping in after them, I spin around and look at the wolves who growled earlier.

Don’t you ever dare disrespect my orders again, especially not in front of my guests. If you doubt my ability to run this pack, you’re welcome to challenge me for the title after the visitors have left, I roar to make sure that all of them hear me correctly.

I get whimpers as answers; as I mentioned before, I’m not patient anymore. The vampires were summoned and welcomed here by not only me but also their beta, Luis. How dare they piss me off when they know of the consequences?

I’m very sorry about that. Shall we? I ask my guests and show them to my office.

There are six of them, including Blake. Neither one of them seems to be violent or hateful towards my people and me. As he told me when I was a prisoner, he and his people just want to live their lives in peace without disturbance, just like we want.

Feel free to sit down, gentlemen. We have lots to discuss, I say in my alpha formal tone.

You’re much more business-like now than you were before, Blake smirks.

Well, I guess that’s what happens when you die and resurrect. But what do I know? I answer with a smile.

What is it you want to discuss?

You all either saw or heard when King forced his blood down my throat, I say and wait for their nods. I died, as you know. But when I came back, I was a hybrid and a violent one.

I wait before I continue, letting the information process. They give each other uncertain looks, and I feel the tension from them. They’re afraid that I’m going to attack them or abuse them as Victor did, but that isn’t going to happen.

What is it you need help with? Blake asks after a few moments.

I need to learn how to control it. My need for blood is minimal, but it’s my need for blood by killing that needs to stop. A few weeks ago, I accidentally attacked my brother, and he almost died.

But you’re a wolf and a strong one from what I’ve heard. Your family, both mates, and brothers, are of high ranks also. Why wouldn’t they be able to help you better than we can? one of the vampires asks.

Because I have five puppies, three of them are hybrids, I answer with a sad voice. I recently gave birth to three little hybrid girls, and if I can’t learn how to restrain myself, I can’t teach them in the future. I need to receive control; otherwise, I might never be able to see them again.

The stillness return, and I let them think it over while looking out the window, pleading to the moon goddess that they agree to help me. I’d do anything they ask of me if I get my family’s safety in return. I want to be able to go back to my home, but I know that it may not be possible.

We agree to help you, but we have demands, Blake’s voice breaks me out of my thoughts, and I turn around to look at the men. And we also need to know yours in order to agree properly.

All right, let’s hear it, I answer and return to my previous position in the desk chair.

We want a full protection pact in which you promise that you won’t challenge us in the future or disclose us to others without our permission. We’ve got enough trouble finding a leader as it is, he says and rubs his eyes; the fatigue is hard to miss.

I, hybrid queen Aleida Mendez, with this promise to not attack your coven for as long as I live, I answer without hesitation.

Thank you, Blake answers with a smile. What’s your requirement?

I ask of you to teach me how to restrain the beast that forms me to a person I’m not and that you’ve got the same decency as I to guarantee not to hunt down anyone of my wolves. And I mean anyone. In return, in addition to what I’ve already promised, I offer you a place in my home and freedom to roam around my land.

They look surprised, knowing that my offer is more than they ever can dream of. I lift an eyebrow silently, asking how it’s going to be. Blake’s eyes turn bright red for a moment but slowly turn back to their natural color. I guess he’s sending some sort of message to their coven.

Our people are on their way here; we agree to your terms, we have a deal, he says and gives me his hand to shake.

I disregard the hand and pick up the letter opener from my desk drawer before slitting my hand open. Blake looks perplexed but soon understands that I mean business; nothing else than a blood pact about this can seal the deal for me. He does the same I did, and we shake our hands while our linked blood puddles.

We’ve reached an agreement; welcome to the Blood fangs pack, I congratulate the men who smile, fangs showing. Your whole coven have to promise the same thing you did; otherwise, they’ll have to go.

They know of the situation, and they want the same thing we do.

And what’s that?

You to lead our coven the same way you’re leading this pack.

You can hear a pin drop inside the room. I can’t have heard that correctly? Blake mentioned it before my death, but I never in a million years thought he was serious. A half-werewolf leading a vampire coven, that’s unheard of!

What? I ask, stunned by the honor they’re giving me.

You heard me loud and clear, Aleida. We all watched you fight Victor when you were a simple wolf, and it was admirable. I could feel that you didn’t only fight for your people and your life-you fought for us too, to help us be free. Every single vampire agrees to this; the only thing you’ve got to do is take the pledge, Blake answers sincerely.

But I can’t be at two places at once. How is this going to work?

Well, what do you say about a mixed pack? We’ll train the same way you do and hunt the same way you do. Neither one of us in the coven drink human plasma anyway; too many calories. Animal blood is more clean and pure.

Can I think about it? This kind of decision concerns the whole pack, and they have the liberty to tell me what they deem to be the best.

Of course, we’re here for a while anyway.

How many of you are there?

Except us, there’s twenty more on their way.

We have a few cabins you can live in; for the time being, they’re not renovated, but there’s electricity and water running.

That’s enough for us.

Do you eat regular food or just blood?


When the rest of your coven gets here, I’ll be explaining the schedule; until then, feel free to roam.

Good day members, I have an announcement to make. From today forward, there’s going to be vampires roaming on our lands. They’re allowed here because I invited them to help me regarding the problems I have, which all of you are aware of. Don’t dare to attack them; I have a blood pact with them, and they won’t attack any of you. Twenty more is on the way; also, we’ll be having a meeting at eight tonight; make sure to be there.

All wolves answer with a simple “yes, alpha,” and I return my focus to the men who haven’t moved away from their positions. I’m not angry at the members who snarled earlier because I know that it was instincts and nothing else. But they have to respect what I’ve ordered now.

What is it? I ask in confusion when they continue to stare.

What did you do? Blake asks with his brows furrowed.

I mind linked the pack like I usually do?

All at the same time?

Yes, I’ve done it since the beginning. What’s the big deal?

Good, that means that you’re strong enough to begin.

Begin what?

Your training. Prepare mentally, and meet us outside in an hour. Make sure to be determined.

What are you talking about? I ask, perplexed, feeling stupid right now.

Tell me, have you ever drunk blood?


As I thought, prepare well then.

I always prepare into my deepest parts; why would this be any different?

Because you’re going to taste blood for the first time, and we’ll teach you to control the blood lust in a safe enviroment.

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