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Casters and Enchanters

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In a world were Enchanters and Casters work together to create magic is a thriving young Caster named Viola. Ecstatic about her tenth year as it's when Casters and Enchanters get paired. However a simple admin mistake causes her twirling in dispaire where she now has to beg a sorcerer to partner up with her.

Fantasy / Romance
Maya Grey
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Chapter 1: Pairing up

I was up all night reading over some lightning spells. Not that Casters need spells but I figured it wouldn't hurt to know one or 50 spells by heart. Just in case my partner were to get stuck.

And speaking of which! Today's the day I get my partner. Well not just me but all year tens. I've been waiting 16 years for this day. To finally be able to go on missions.

I looked over at my nightstand clock. 4 a.m., no use going to bed now. Besides, I'm way too excited to go to sleep anyway. Instead, I tried on my year ten uniform. All full fledged Casters and Enchanters wear them. Well the only difference is that Casters colours are green and Enchanters are purple. My shirt of course is a long sleeved dark green, black skirt (above the knee) and a pair of black boots. I very much like the green button shirt. With is ruffled collar and silky feel. The boys sadly only have plain old cotton shirts.

For probably the 100th time since I've gotten my uniform i tried it on. I looked myself up and down in my mirror. I am quite short which is why my mother had to take in the hem of the skirt so that it wasn't below my knee. The green really complemented my dark auburn hair. As for my eyes they just clashed. Green on green will never work. I tied my hair up into a bun, as usual. I didn't want my hair getting in my way.

It was early spring, therefore the trench coat wasn't allowed yet. But that didn't stop me from trying it on as well. The full ensamble made me feel dark and mysterious. I tried different hair styles to see which gave a better effect. My hair, down seemed to the most mysterious. However, it would get in the way when on missions and such.

After tying my hair back up into a bun it was around 6 a.m.. Time really flew past while trying on my outfit.

My mother was right on cue with the bacon and eggs. I could smell my yummy, greasy crispy bacon from here. I was even starting to drool.

"Viola! Come down and have some breakfast!" Mother called. I rushed down to the bacon that I've been drooling for for the past few minutes. "I heard you prancing around your room all night. Did you have any sleep at all?" My mother was concerned. Me on the other hand. I was just enjoying my bacon.

"Well no. I was up all night reading spells." She looked at me with a raided eyebrow.

"Viola, you're a Caster. Why on earth would you need to learn spells?" She was right. Enchanters were the spellcasters.

Every Caster gets paired with an Enchanter and visa versa. These partners often end up working together for life. It's crucial I get paired with someone compatible with me. Luckily my school takes all things into consideration when pairing us.

"Well I thought learning spells would come in handy. Just in case my Enchanter gets stuck or panics during a mission." My mother pressed her lips together. She would usually do this when she doesn't agree with me but finds it useless to argue.

"Have some more bacon sweetie." She gave me two more slices of bacon. Which I quickly ate.

After breakfast I quickly went on my way. But doubled back when I realised I had forgotten my bag and books. To my relief mother was waiting there with my bag ready for me to take.

"Have a good first day!" I waved my hand up high without turning around as I ran.

It took me about 10 minutes to reach the spot Sam would often wait for me at. "You're late. As usual." She huffed with her arms folded to add to her annoyance.

"Yes yes I'm sorry. Shall we go?" She tried to maintain the frown on her face. But I could see by the twinkle in her light blue eyes that she was no longer annoyed.

She finally gave in and relaxed her face into a smile. "Yes but please stop making me wait. I hate it." Like every time. I promised that I'd stop but we both knew that was a lie.

We walked side by side. Talking about our excitement. "Who do you think you'll be paired up with?" Sam asked, full of excitement. Like me she is a Caster, so no hope for us partnering up. It's a pity. We've been friends since we were little. It would be the ideal partnership. "I hope I get paired up with someone from our class at least. Who would want to go through all the effort of introductions and small talk." I could visibly see her shrill at the thought of socialising. We have that in common I think.

"I know. But it could also be a little fun to meet some new people?" She vigourisly shook her head no.

"You know, I wish you were an Enchanter or even me. Then we could be partners. That would be ideal." She had a point. It would be tough trying to build a relationship with a stranger. Sam and I never really made friends outside the two of us.

We spent the rest of the way talking about our worries of making new friends. We were both excited and terrified. The only people we kind of knew were in our class. Even then we didn't know all of them.

We arrived at the front gates of the Academy. It's funny. I've been going to this academy for the past two years now. But this year it seems different. The gates seem more golden, the garden seemed more fragrant. Even the crowd of students didn't seem bad at all.

"Viola, do you think my hair looks fine like this?" Samantha held her blond ponytail over her shoulder. "I feel like I should change it up a bit this year." I smiled at her. She always had the same problem each year and each year she always kept the ponytail.

"I think it looks fine." I knew suggesting new hairstyles for her was useless.

"Why don't you try a new style this year?" She stepped behind me as we walked through the gate. "Maybe wear your hair down? You always have that tight bun. I get headaches just looking at you."

"You know it's to keep from getting in my way. I would just cut my hair but my mother would have a fit." Sam attempted to loosen my bun but I quickly stopped her.

"Fine. I won't. But you'd look so pretty."

We entered the front quad. With all the eighth and ninth years. They all looked at as with amazement, just like we did last year. They even made way for us as we made our way to the back quad. It was locked off by a gate that only tenth through twelfth years may enter.

At the gate stood one of the twelfth year prefects. Hopefully that'll be me, or maybe even head girl.

This was the first time for both of us being in the second quad. No lower grades were allowed here anyway.

The prefect let us in and gave us a map of all the classrooms. "How did you know we'd need these?" I asked a little annoyed.

"Its obvious." He snickered. We rolled our eyes at him as we walked passed.

"Oh by the way. I've forgotten to ask you. Which class are you in?" Samantha asked with her attention still on the map.

"Class 10B, what about you? I hope we're in the same class." A huge smiled formed across her face.

"Well so am I. Although we'd probably be spending most of the time with our partners though." That is true. We would have to get to know our partners as we'd most likely end up working together after the academy.

After following our maps we made it to our home room. There were some, somewhat familiar faces. Others not so much.

"Here, let's take these two front desks." Sam pulled me in a rush as if someone was racing her to those desks.

I looked around at all the Enchanters. One of them was to be my partner. I wonder who it could be.

The bell rang and everyone took their seats. It was rather strange. The whole time I was counting nine Enchanters and 10 Casters. At first I thought someone was running late but the bell already rang and they still weren't here.

"Good morning everyone." Mr Clive walked in. He was well known as the toughest and most strict teacher in the whole school. "Without wasting any time let's partner everyone up. When I read your name, join your partner."

I felt sad that Sam and I couldn't sit next to each other anymore.

He called out pairs. I didn't bother listening. I was waiting for my name. Both anxious and excited.
"Samantha Greene and Olivia Thatch." She got up to join her Enchanter. Lucky for me she just moved to the desk behind me. "That's all the partners I have here." Mr Clive said as he looked at me confused.

I looked around to see if there was an unmatched Enchanter. "Well this is unfortunate. Perhaps you're in the wrong class."

" I don't think so." I handed him my report with the class I was assigned to.

"That's strange. I'll go and see if I can sort this out. In the mean time everyone read chapter 1 in your magic lore books. There will be a quiz on that when I get back."

I sat back down in my seat. Envious of all the matches and here I am with none.

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