One True Queen

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Bekka Carpenter discovers her world isn't as it seems. Tork is split with those of Silver blood, and those with Red. When she discovers that her blood is Silver, not Red like she believed, a much larger mystery is unearthed. A tale of love, loss and betrayal.

Fantasy / Adventure
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In a world split in two, there is only one who can rule it all. There are only two known blood types.

Those of Red, are inferior. Known as the peasants and the poor of the world. They are forced to live using the scraps and trash thrown out by the ‘superior’.

Those who bleed Silver are the superior. The Royals, the Lords and Ladies. The Leaders of armies and groups. They sit on their backsides all day, every day using the same excuses to get out of living. The only special thing about them is their blood colour. Silvers call themselves Angels sent from Heaven.

Now blood is inherited, a family of Reds will have children of Reds. A family of Silvers will have children of Silvers. Even when Reds and Silvers mix, which rarely happens, the children will always be Reds. A Silver takes the minority of the world, yet rules it.

Reds have no objections to the Silver rule. Silvers are not Tyrants, but when the wars come, the Reds try to hide. That’s when their world collapses. Wars tend to be over who is the rightful ruler. They capture or kidnap Reds from ages fourteen to twenty to fight for them. Sometimes Reds sign up, but because it is a World Law, most children are forced to fight.

The date is Wednesday 24th of February, in the year of 2083 and a war has come around once more. A war for the throne...

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