One True Queen

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Chapter 9

As I pick up the fork, I attempt to scoop up a pea, but the fork falls from my hand and lands on the plate with a clatter. Lady Isabella raises her eyebrow at me is suspicion.

“Uh... Whoops... It slipped...” I say, chuckling nervously. The door flies open as I finish and a tall man walks in, striding with pride. His dark hair was styled and his dark eyes flitted around the room, landing on each filled chair until he reached the only empty chair. Beside me.

“So sorry I’m late. Continue.” He says in a velvety voice with an added purr. He sits beside me and holds out his large hand.

“Lord Thomas Barslow.” He says. Chloe leans forward and chokes when she sees him.

“Tommy?” She asks.

“Little cuz, Clo!” He holds up his hand to high five her but lowers it when he meets Lady Isabella’s glare. Elliot sprints in, in some kind of outfit that is quite similar to mine.

“Bekka... Olivia!” He stutters.

“Yes?” I reply.

“It’s your...” He trails off when his eyes land on Lord Thomas. I watch him in confusion before realizing what was happening. And in confirmation, Elliot lands on the floor with a thud. I leap up and take him into a nearby room, separate from the feast.

“Elliot?” I ask when he stirs.

“Wh... What’s he doing here?” Elliot stutters.

“Who, Lord Thomas?” I ask and Elliot looks straight into my eyes.

“No. What’s my dad doing here?”

“Your dad?!”

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