One True Queen

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Chapter 10

“Hold on... Your dad is a Silver?!” I ask him, stumbling for the words. Elliot shrugs his shoulders carelessly.

“I’ve never met him. All I have is a picture of him. I know no more than his features.” He replies.

“But... If Lord Thomas is your dad, then Chloe...”

“Yeah, I guess so... I’m related to the rat...”

“Elliot.” I snap, standing quite suddenly. I hear a sudden clatter from outside the door and my head snaps towards the sound.

“Someone’s been listening.”

“Oh strawberries.” Elliot replies. I hastily open the door and look down the corridor, both sides, but there’s no sign of anybody...

Chloe’s POV

Once I’ve finally caught my breath, I look up. I had to run, or they’d know I listened. They’d be suspicious and... Well... I don’t trust that Red. I know it was my idea, but I’m not sure it was a good one... I’m stood outside now, with the small river that gushes with fresh, crystal water and full with trout that swim within. The trees blow in the light breeze and a girl is crouched by the daffodil patch. The daffodils are still growing and are quite weak. The castle walls are... Wait... I turn back to the dafodils. Just as I thought, a girl is crouched by the daffodils. Her hands are placed around the weakest flowers, delicately poised to prevent damage to the plant. Her long hair blows in the breeze and her baby blue coloured eyes remain fixated on the flowers. Her clothes are tatty, torn and muddy. She must be a Red.

“What are you doing here? Reds aren’t allowed near the castle.” The girl jumps, accidentally hitting the plant, which immediately withers.

“Strawberries!” She snaps in shock, watching the plant with sorrow and then quickly snapping her attention to me, with narrowed eyes.


“Look what you made me do!” She snaps. I step forward, in fury. How dare she address a Silver like that!

“I would prefer you address me as a Lady.” I reply, displaying my fury and her expression softens. Her eyes, however, tell a different story. They flash with anger and surprise, and her smile seems false.

“Ah.” She mutters, noticing my attire.

“Lady Chloe Barslow.” I say and her eyebrows shoot up.

“A Barslow so close to the palace?” She snickers, amused.

“Who are you?” She opens her mouth to speak and then closes it. She adjusts her... clothes, and says,


“Well, Angelica, Reds aren’t allowed nearby the...”

“Yet I watched a Red enter the palace, only a matter of hours ago.” Angelica interrupts.

“It was authorized.” I reply calmly, matching Angelica’s bemused expression.

“I am allowed near the palace.” Angelica says to me. She picks up a sharp pebble and attacks her own arm.

“Wait, don’t hurt yourse...” I trail off when I see the blood trickling down her arm. Silver blood...

Bekka’s POV

“Maybe it was no one? Maybe we imagined the sound?” Elliot suggests, hiding the photo of his father. He just showed me, and I can see why he must have seemed to be a Red, for that was how he was dressed, but his features are undeniable. It is Lord Thomas.

“We both imagined the same sound? Unlikely.” As I say this, the doors crash open and Chloe enters.

“Great! Chloe, you’re here!” I exclaim and Elliot rolls his eyes, repeating my words in a sarcastic tone. But that’s when I notice that Chloe is not alone.

“Lady Olivia. Elliot.” Chloe quickly nods her head to us both before dragging the strange girl forward. This girl is dressed in a muddy dress that is torn from a few areas. Her hair is long and blonde and her eyes shine with an emotion that I don’t quite recognize. Markings coat her wrist, and from those marks are silver stains, from a cleaned wound.

“This is Lady Angelica.” Chloe says. Angelica’s expression changes at the sight of us.

“Lady Olivia and Elliot?” She grins. There’s a hint of harshness in her tone, but that could be my imagination...

“That is correct. It is quite pleasant to meet you, Lady Angelica.” I say, dipping down into a small curtsy. Angelica’s expression changes again, at the sound of the title. I step back warily but Chloe places a hand on my shoulder.

“She can be trusted. Angelica can help us with our mission.” Angelica smiles, but it doesn’t look genuine.

“I can help. Truly. Allow me to be of assistance. Your highness...” She says. The smile seems forced, as does the words. But nevertheless, Chloe says she can be trusted, so she must be trustworthy...

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