One True Queen

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Chapter 11

“Chloe. Are y...” Elliot starts, his eyebrows raised in suspicion, but Chloe interrupts.

“As sure as dolphins can swim.” She smiles. Elliot rolls his eyes, staring at Angelica.

“Doesn’t look much like an angel.” Elliot snarls, as if he’s read my mind. Angelica flinches. A Silver wouldn’t flinch at a Red’s snarls, only fire back with a retort or a call for guards, but Angelica remains silent. Elliot must have picked up on this too, because he watches her expectantly, but she makes no attempt to reply. Instead, she returns her attention to me. She smiles, but in her eyes is a glint of hatred, and fear.

“Your highness.” She mutters, bowing her head. She makes no attempt to curtsy.

“Lady Angelica.” I reply, with a little less uncertainty. Her eyes flash once more with surprise at the sound of her title. Chloe notices and pulls Angelica back. Elliot leans in towards me, and his minty breath hits me like a ray of warm sunshine.

“Cleaned?” I ask him with a playful grin and he laughs back,

“Princess told me to.” He chuckles in a small whisper. I flinch at his words. I’m a Silver now too. I’m a princess now. I know his words weren’t aimed at me, but I still take offense by them. He notices and his face drops.

“Sorry... I... I didn’t...” “It’s okay Elliot.” I whisper back.

“That girl... She may be Silver, but there’s something odd about her. She’s dressed like a Red and doesn’t seem used to her title.” Elliot says suddenly.

“I know. She’s a bit like me re...” I trail off as I say the words.

“I don’t think it’s possible.” Elliot whispers, taking my hand and a small shiver goes up my spine as I feel the warmth of his oddly soft hand against mine.

“Sorted your hands too?” I whisper playfully and he blushes, dropping hold of my hand.

“Sorry.” He replies.

“It’s okay.” I say, taking his hand again. Elliot’s face looks surprised, but it’s quickly replaced by a smile. He looks over at me and slowly removes something small from his pocket. It’s a little elastic band. He smiles and hands it to me. I grin.

“I can’t tie my hair back with those anymore. It might blow our cover.” I reply, and Elliot slowly wraps the band around my first finger.

“I offer my services to you, my Lady. But I offer myself too.” He whispers into my ear. He retracts his hand as Angelica and Chloe turn to us once more. Is it me, or was Elliot asking me out?

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