One True Queen

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Chapter 12

As I slowly make my way to my room, my fingers stroke the elastic band that sits on my index finger. It’s soft, clean and it’s red. Red. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be this significant, or if it was just chance. It’s like he’s telling me that I may bleed Silver, but on the inside, I’m a Red through and through. A guard rushes towards me with speed.

“Lady Olivia!” He calls. I continue to walk towards my room, and he calls again.

“Lady Olivia!” Oh, wait. I’m Olivia, aren’t I? I stop and give him a small smile.

“Yes?” The guard stops, and attempts to catch his breath. He fails.

“Le... Letter for... you... Your.... Highness...” He says, holding out a piece of paper. I take it and dismiss the guard, with the words,

“Thank you. Send my apologies to Queen Leah for missing the feast.” He leaves with a nod. As I open the letter, I read the words within.

Dear Bekka Carpenter,

Hi! I’m from the year 2021, and this must be a bit of a shock to you. Probably your great-great-grandparents are alive in my time XD Anyway, I want to ask you a few questions... First off, do you like Elliot? As in like- LIKE Elliot? Second, what about Chloe? Do you like HER? And also, how do you feel about being a SilverLol, don’t ask me how I know these. Ah, I’ve got to go! Hope you reply soon, Bekka xx Yours sincerely, Ari :3 PS: In 2021, we don’t have Silvers or Reds :)))

I drop the sheet in shock. Is this a letter from the past?!

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