One True Queen

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Chapter 18

“But that’s just a legend!” The woman protests and I snort.

“My parents are both Red, and I am Silver. I only arrived yesterday and everyone told me to be this new person who I know nothing about. A Lady who died. I cannot pretend any longer, because I am not Lady Olivia, and I don’t know anything about her.” I explain. The woman’s eyes are wide, and she signals for the cameras to stop filming.

“Amazing as that was, we can’t use that film. Queen Leah has strict instructions. I mean, we even brought your fake daughter over to see you for crying out loud! Why’d you have to make it difficult!” The woman huffs, as a small girl approaches. Her hair is platinum blonde, just like Chloe’s, and it flows just past her shoulders in a wavy ponytail that sits high on her head. Her eyes are blue, shining like the sea. Her skin is pale, but not quite as pale as Warrick’s. She wears a small red and black tartan dress and shiny black slip-on shoes. She flicks her hair back and smiles as she sees me.

“Hi. You’re my fake mum?” She asks.

“Yes. I think. My name is Bekka.” I say with a smile.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Elizabeth...”

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