One True Queen

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Chapter 19

“Elizabeth.” I breathe. The name is gorgeous. I can see that the Barslow family stick to the traditional names. Warrick clearly planned for her to sit on the throne, with a name like that.

“I am six. I’m surprised you guessed that correctly. No one knows my father though. I’m glad for that factor in my life.”

“Lord...” I start and she covers my mouth quickly. It takes me a second to realize that she’s stood on her tiptoes.

“Shh.... I don’t want people to know. How do you?” She asks. She removes her small hand from my mouth and her heels return to the ground.

“I saw him. Less than half an hour ago.” I say truthfully. He said tell no one... His daughter shouldn’t count, right?

“He told you not to tell anyone, didn’t he?” Elizabeth replies.

“How did you...?”

“You’re fidgeting a little.” She points out. I can feel my cheeks warming, and I can tell that I am blushing.

“Look, I hate my dad.” She says after a moment’s hesitation.

“Hate is a strong word.” I reply.

“Oh, well in that case... I hate my dad. My mum did too. I never really was around him. He always was trying to get my mum to take the throne without going to war, and I was always getting sent away with a governess to learn how to be a princess. It’s why I’m so much smarter than an average six-year-old.”

“Wow... A harsh life then?”

“When Mum died, my dad realized there was no other option so...” She didn’t even have to finish her sentence. I knew what she was going to say. It was about a month ago when Lady Olivia died. It was a few weeks ago when Lord Warrick called the war...

“Lady Olivia!” Elliot rushes out and Elizabeth smirks.

“Elliot?” I reply, and he blushes at the sight of Elizabeth.

“I see you’ve met Lady Elizabeth Lewis.” He says, little quieter. I nod and Elizabeth groans.

“Just say Elizabeth.” She replies to him.


“I don’t care if you are Red and you have to say ‘Lady’ to every Silver, I hate the title.” She protests.

“What did you want Elliot?”

“It’s Lord Warrick. Chloe says that Angelica has reported sightings nearby the lake.” I know Lord Warrick was nearby, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was nearby the lake. The lake was only ten minutes away. Elizabeth inhales sharply.

“We need to go right away.” She says to the woman who was waiting for us for the interview.

“But...” The woman protests, but Elizabeth pouts.

“Please. It is an emergency. My father has come across an ambush.” The woman sighs.

“Fine. But you must hurry back.” As we hurry through the gardens and away from the palace, I whisper to Elizabeth,

“An ambush?” And she shrugs.

“He probably would’ve caused it, instead of being the victim.” As we continue to run, Chloe, Rachel and Angelica join us, hurrying to the lake. As we arrive at the lake, we are all out of breath. We stop to catch our breath, Elliot, Elizabeth, Rachel and I recover first. Three of us having lived as Reds, we spent most of our lives running. We glance around quickly, but there’s no one in sight. We turn to Angelica, who has a wide grin on her face.

“Now!” She yells and she steps back as a large net flies out and lands on top of us. A few people take hold of us, tying our hands behind our backs so tightly that we cannot move them and trap us in a large metal cage.

“Chloe! You said we could trust her!” Elliot snaps at Chloe.

“I... I... Sorry...” She whispers.

“Well sorry isn’t getting us out of here. Every single heir of this country is here! It’s practically a free waltz for Warrick now!” Elliot growls angrily. Angelica snorts.

“We aren’t supporters of Lord Warrick Barslow. We hate the monarchy, after what they did to us.” She snaps to us. Some more people emerge from the bushes, arrows aimed at us. They’re clothes are all similar to the clothes the Reds wear. But some have stained Silver blood on their wrists, ankles, arms and even their cheeks. There are so many Silvers, all who are like what I was. A Red-Bred as Warrick said. But they all know they are Silvers... So...

“It is time the leader decides what to do with these.” Angelica states loudly, and the Silvers behind her nod in agreement. A croaky voice sounds behind them, and the groups part to allow an old woman make her way to us. Her hair is grey and wispy, her face is wrinkled.

“You captured Silvers?”

“Indeed.” Angelica replies.

“Well done young child.” The elderly Silver replies.

“Thank you Hagatha.” Angelica responds, bowing her head and allowing this Hagatha woman to come to us.

“You Silvers have mistreated our kind for centuries, ever since I told the first Silver king who came to power of the one true queen. The young queen who can restore peace to our realm. He mistreated all Red- blooded, and when he could not find the glorious girl who we have tried to find for many centuries, he believed we tried to ruin his land. He ruined his own land by wishing to keep his crown. He killed ruthlessly. Red-blooded have never lived in peace since, and our kind have suffered far worse. There are not many of us left, most of us live in hiding. There is one who lives in the high ranks of the Silver society. We have captured many Silvers for how they mistreated us, and shown them what it is like for us.”

“But... Who are you....?” Chloe stutters. She could’ve pointed out that I was this one true queen that they have tried to find, because that could’ve saved us. But no. Hagatha obliges to answer Chloe’s question anyway. She indicates to the others first.

“They will be heading to our dungeons.” She says to those who stand behind her, and she turns to Chloe once more.

“We are the Silver witches...”

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