One True Queen

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Chapter 1

“Bekka! Where are you?!” My mother yells. We are Reds. My mum fought in the last war while she was pregnant with me! But now another war has approached and we need to hide.

My siblings are a similar age to me. My brother is one year younger than me. He’s nearly thirteen. I’m fourteen tomorrow. Just a day away from the war. My sister is fourteen already. She’s fourteen today. She’s my twin sister, but she was born at 11:59pm on the 24th of February, whilst I was born at 12:06am the next day. You might think that’s a weird thing to say, but it’s a fact that saves me from the war an extra day. Nevertheless, my mum is still panicking. Poor Rachel has to spend her birthday in the war... That’ll be me tomorrow...

A loud bang sounds on the door. Tyler jumps at the sound and run into our mother’s arms. Rachel sprints to the cupboard and grabs a little basket, fills it with apples and lace, two small silver coins and runs out the back. My mother opens the door, and sure enough, there stands two Silver officers.

“Hello officers, what do you want?” My mother says innocently. The Silver officers stand up tall and recite words like they’re in a play and they’ve only just learned the lines.

“As you are aware madam, another war has arrived on our doorstep. Of course, you have a choice to which side you support. Either you can support the side of Queen Leah, or Lord Warrick Barslow.” My mother inclines her head and says,

“I am forever loyal to Queen Leah, kind sirs. Now if that’d be all then...” My mother starts to close the door, but one of the Silvers places his hand in between the door and its frame and says,

“Just one moment. We are aware that you have two children who are ready for the war.” My mother shakes her head.

“You are mistaken.” The officers frown.

“The penalty for refusing service to the service is death. We say again, you have two children who...” “I have one child who is fourteen. One is still thirteen years of age.” The officers blink.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience. I believe they were twins? Were they born on different days?” “They were.” My mother inclines her head.

“Please accept our apologies. The younger twin may stay. We will take only the older twin with us.” I see Rachel coming down the road with her fake shopping basket, and I see the officers looking at me.

“I believe you should come.” One says, taking my arm.

“I’m the younger twin!” I say.

“We have pictures. We have a Rachel here, and a Bekka. You are Bekka?” I nod and the officers continue to escort me outside to their truck.

“It says here that Bekka is the eldest twin. Rachel comes in at that moment.

“Sorry officers, I was just shopping for my family. I’ll be with you in a mome...” She trails off when she sees the officers taking me.

“Mother, what’s going on?” Mother’s eyes brimming with tears.

“I should’ve told you...” She whispered as they begin to lead me away.

“Tell us what?” Rachel asks and Mother takes one last look at me and says,

“Bekka’s the oldest twin...” And that was the last time I saw my family together…

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