One True Queen

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Chapter 21

It takes a while, it seems like hours have gone by as we sit in silence, waiting for Chloe’s return. Finally, Chloe gingerly enters the cave, a confused and shocked expression on her face.

“What happened?” I ask her and she blushes.

“My mother. She’s a Silver Witch. I am.” She says eventually. She demonstrates as she creates a small flame in her palm. The four of us gape at the tiny fire. Chloe nods, unsure.

“I told them that you are the one true queen. They want proof.” She says finally.

“How on earth can I prove...?” I start but Chloe points to Rachel.

“They have to power to recognize DNA, at least Hagatha does. She wants to test it out. To test the Red lineage in you both.” Chloe explains. Elliot stiffens.

“I’m not letting that woman near Bekka.” He snaps.

“You can trust her.”

“Like we could trust Angelica?” Elliot snarls, but to my surprise, Chloe does not react. Instead, she turns to me.

“It’s up to you. Stay here or trust that they will use their magic to determine the truth and your freedom.”

“I am happy for their magic to guarantee our freedom.” I say quickly and Chloe nods.

“One more thing. Elizabeth, Hagatha wishes to see you.” She says, freeing Elizabeth from her chains and leading her out.

“Why is she following them?” Rachel finally asks.

“Maybe she’s got with Angelica now.” Elliot snarls. But a horrific thought enters my mind. If the time comes, when we have to leave the witches behind, will Chloe come with us...?

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