One True Queen

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Chapter 22

Chloe’s POV

It hits me with surprise as I realize that they won’t stay. Bekka has a kingdom to rule, Elliot and I have a queen to advise. But my newly found power is strong and untamed. I don’t know how to control it... As I lead Elizabeth to Hagatha and close the door behind her, I begin to consider my options. I could go with Bekka, destroy my brother and help her rule Tork. I even have a chance of being at her side, romantically. I want that so badly, and if I stay, I may never get the chance. But if I go, I may never have that, the dream that appeals to me so much. Elliot seems closer to Bekka than any of my chances. Or I could stay, tame my powers, let them grow, stay with the witches and be with Angelica. I love them both, but I do know that my love for Bekka is stronger than my love for Angelica. The door opens suddenly and Elizabeth steps out. I straighten my posture and ask her the obvious question.


“They told me I have magical blood in my veins but I don’t own the gifts that would make me a witch.” My disappointment is obvious. I may not know Elizabeth well, but she’s still a familiar face.

“She wants you again.” Elizabeth says after a moment’s hesitation. Angelica takes Elizabeth, guiding her back to the prison cell and I enter the room again. It’s a small room crafted poorly. Small sparkles glisten from the wood, proving that magic was used. Hagatha sits on a tree stump, high enough to be an actual chair and she smiles.

“Chloe.” She says, as if we’ve been best friends for years.

“Yes?” I reply. In court, it’s easy to speak to the leader. We have clear titles. Either a Lord or Lady or you are King or Queen. We always address people by their titles. Here, it is different. I don’t know what titles there are! Hagatha speaks again, her voice croaking.

“Have you decided yet?” She asks.

“Surely we should focus on finding the truth?”

“Tomorrow I will find out. My magic is not strong enough, since I have already used my power. Let me tell you a story of the Silver Witches.”

“I already know the story of the one true queen.” I point out but Hagatha shakes her head.

“When the Silver king decided that we were lying, threatening his kingdom, he tried to kill us all. Many were wiped out, the rest built a new life. We had our own leader. We called her the Queen of Witches. She was the most powerful witch in our coven. It is told that her descendants are just as powerful and no other witch can equal their strength.”

“That’s you?” I ask. After all, Hagatha is their leader.

“I am an Elder. This made me their leader, but I am not a Queen. My power was strong once, but it has never equalled the powers of the Queen.”

“But you are the leader.” I protest.

“The Queen of the Witches would not last, due to childbirth issues, sacrifices or fatal mistakes. I am the oldest witch. But my power does not accept the position that they have ordered me to take. It cannot handle the amount of magic that this position requires. This is why only the descendants of the Queen can rule.”

“So who is the Queen? What happened?”

“A Queen went rogue. When her mother died, she thought that her powers were a curse. She still respected her tribe, of course. She chose that she would be more useful as an undercover spy. She told us of her child, a child who carried her magical blood, and she brought the young baby to us. But, alas, it held no gifts. We feared that the witches had no queen, no king.” Hagatha sighs.

“Are you talking about my mother?” I finally say, and Hagatha nods. “Isabella lengthened her name to fit in, but she will always be Queen Bella. The Spy Queen. But she has never accepted her role. When she married George Barslow, her child inherited his non-magical DNA.”

“But still had the magical gene?”

“Of course. This is why we checked Elizabeth. You said she was his daughter.”

“So Warrick was the child?” Hagatha nods.

“Her firstborn. We had since lost hope. Isabella gave us updates, information. When she told us of her new child, we thought it would be a repeat. Not worth the risk. But here you are. Magical abilities that only our Queen can own. The one true queen of the Silver Witches...”

“I’m the Queen?!”

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