One True Queen

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Chapter 23

“We understand if you don’t want to take the position. You weren’t raised to be queen.” Hagatha points out, but I know better. It’s all my mother ever taught me. She raised me to rule. I just assumed it was meant for Tork, not her people.

“I... I...” How can I leave Bekka?!

Bekka’s POV

The chains rattle as Elliot shuffles over to me.

“Bekka, you shouldn’t trust these witches. They’ve imprisoned us.” He mutters.

“But if they’ve been searching for the one true queen, then why would they harm us? They haven’t harmed Chloe, so they must be somewhat trustworthy.” Angelica enters at that moment, Elizabeth in tow.

“It’s okay. You aren’t the first we’ve come across.” She whispers to Elizabeth as she replaces the chains.

“You can leave with them if they are proven to be who they say they are.” Angelica leaves with those words.

“Elizabeth. What happened?” Rachel asks her. Elizabeth looks surprised. Rachel and Elizabeth don’t know each other well, but no one knows my sister well, no one except me.

“My father has magical blood. He wasn’t magical, but he’s passed the gene to me. Like him, I carry the gene but don’t possess the powers.” She says finally after examining my sister’s expression.

“We need a plan.” Elliot says firmly.

“We have one.” Elizabeth replies and Elliot laughs.

“Not for how to get out of here. What to do after.”

“Well, if we’re proven to be telling the truth, which should happen, it will be tomorrow. Hagatha has told me that the powers of the true leader of the Silver Witches is too powerful and too demanding for her own powers. It isn’t a good sign.” Elizabeth reports.

“What does that mean?” I ask.

“Well, Hagatha is old. She’s outlived many Silver rulers. Her powers are fading, and I assume that’s what is keeping her going. I think she’s dying.” She replies softly. Hagatha is dying? Of course! It makes sense! She’s incredibly old, since the first Silver king. So she clearly lived before then too! And the tribe needs a leader, and her powers must be running out, draining. She has a croaky voice, like she’s dehydrated. But maybe it’s not dehydration because of water. What if it’s dehydration because of magic?!

“Even so, we need a plan.” Elliot frowns. All eyes are on me, so I nod.

“The five of us will go back to the palace. No doubt, being a day late and not done the interview, many will notice our disappearance. We will get some food, drink, sleep. Then we will strategise for what comes next.” The other three nod in unison.

“Agreed.” Elizabeth nods. Rachel places one of her hands on my shoulder, the chains rattling at the movement.

“You’ll make an excellent queen.” She smiles softly. But I see a small glint in her eye. A glint of sadness, of envy. She doesn’t think she’ll stay with me. She thinks she’ll be thrown out.

“And you’ll make an excellent advisor.” I smile. Her hand falls off my shoulder and Elliot grins.

“Another Red to our team? Let’s invite another Silver to make it even. I never thought I would say this about a Silver, but I like her.” He says, nodding to Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth. Do you want to join my team of advisors?” I ask her and she nods happily.

“I’d love to!”

“Great! Urgh, I’m quite hungry.” Elliot grins, and a sudden rumble occurs beneath us, shaking the ground violently. One of Elliot’s chains break off the wall and Angelica runs in with panic.

“Who did that?!” She screeches, looking directly at Elizabeth. But that’s when I remember...

“Hold on... Your dad is a Silver?!” I ask him, stumbling for words. Elliot shrugs his shoulders carelessly.

“I’ve never met him. All I have is a picture of him.I know no more than his features.” He replies.

“But... If Lord Thomas is your dad, then Chloe...”

“Yeah, I guess so... I’m related to the rat...”

So if I am correct, does this mean that Elliot could have powers too? Was it Elliot?

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