One True Queen

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Chapter 26

“Girls. You claim that you are twin sisters, one Red and one Silver. We will soon discover the truth.” Hagatha says softly. I see it in her eyes, she wants it to be true. She doesn’t want to waste her magic on false pretences. It feels like a tickle, but the pain grows as her power enters the bloodstream, Everything goes black...

“Your majesty? Your majesty?” Hagatha’s voice wakes me, Rachel stirring beside me.

“Hagatha?” I ask, my eyesight blurring.

“Sorry. My magic was denied. It wouldn’t allow me into your bloodstream, which caused unconsciousness.”

“What on earth is going on?” Rachel asks, but her mouth doesn’t move. Hagatha holds her hand out to a girl nearby. A girl who stands in the shadows, with a white mouse on her shoulder. I remember Luna, but I don’t know where she went. Chloe performed the spell. Chloe’s magic flows in my blood.

“Your friend was the only person who could perform the spell. We guided her through it, but she made a small mistake. The two of you have a small bit of magic in your blood. It’s rare, but we call it Twin Telepathy.”

“Wait so...” I start and the witches nod.

“The two of you have similar DNA. You can hear each other’s thoughts and speak to each other in your mind...”

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