One True Queen

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Chapter 27

“So you can hear me Bekka?” Rachel asks, her mouth remaining still.

“Yes. Can you hear me?” I think back and a small murmur of confirmation sounds in reply. Hagatha’s not wrong.

“You will be able to use this gift to your advantage.” Hagatha tells us. This is when I notice the dark circles under Hagatha’s eyes. She’s draining. Elizabeth was right.

“Yes. But we need to go Bekka.” Rachel tells me mentally. I think she’s mentally smiling, but I can only tell by her mental tone. Maybe her singing will be better in her head? I wouldn’t count on it though. But she’s right. We need to go.

“Elliot? Elizabeth? Rachel? Chloe? Are you ready to go?” I ask. Three of them nod, but the fourth member of my team hesitates.

“Can I talk to you?” She asks and I nod. The others leave, until I am left alone with Chloe.

“What’s up?” I ask, dreading her answer.

“You have a responsibility, as a queen.” She says, and I nod.


“But I do too. This is my kingdom. I am the Queen of the Silver Witches.”

“You’re staying...” I skip ahead of her speech, realizing suddenly. The dread that I hoped would never have to surface. She’s leaving us. Me.

“I want you to know that you will always have the Silver Witches on your side, and you will always have my love.” She nods reassuringly.

“Goodbye Chloe. Goodbye Luna.” I say to the small mouse, poking out of her pocket. The mouse squeaks in response. I turn, and leave the witch camp with the remainder of my team...

When we finally arrive at Queen Leah’s palace, it seems quiet. Too quiet for an afternoon. Too quiet for anyone keeping an eye out for the missing heir.

“What’s going on? There should be more people...” Rachel confirms my thoughts in her own head. Even an outsider knows how busy this palace should be... A young girl, about twelve years old, runs up to us, panic written on her face. She sees us and I instantly recognize the red elastic band that circles her wrist. A Red servant.

“Your majesty! My Ladies! And Lord.” She curtsies, speaking too hastily to notice the Red bands on Rachel and Elliot’s wrists.

“You must leave at once.” She says, before she’s risen.

“Why?” Elliot demands.

“Lord Warrick has invaded the palace. He’s imprisoned Queen Leah. He’s after you. The Queen ordered me to alert you, to tell you to run the second you returned. You must flee to Harnesk. Lady Isabella will meet you there to protect you. Run!” She yells before running back into the palace. So that’s what we do. We run to Harnesk...

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