One True Queen

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Chapter 28

“How… How far... far have we… we run?” Elizabeth pants. I look behind us, but the palace is still in view.

“Not far.” I reply and Elizabeth groans.

“It’s okay Lizzy. We’ll be safe soon.” I reassure her and she stops in her tracks.

“Lizzy?” She asks as we slow to a sudden stop.

“Sorry. We have to move...”

“No, I like it.” She smiles.

“Awesome. But we need to get a move on. Warrick can’t see us or he’ll know where we’re headed.” Lizzy nods and we set off once again. Rachel’s voice sounds in my head. She’s a little further ahead than us, acting as a telepathic bodyguard, warning us of any dangers ahead.

“Bekka. Quickly. You must change course. The Camaranian Royal Carriage is passing through on the way to Harnesk.” I scan the forest quickly to find another way out, but the only route to Harnesk is the way we are headed. Rachel seems to realize this.

“Strawberries. We’ll have to wait.” She says. I shake my head.

“We can’t wait, or Warrick will see us.” I say to Rachel.

“But if we advance, the Camaranians will capture us. Especially with Elliot with us.” And then the idea comes to me.

“It could work. But we’ll have to be careful Bekka.”

“I know. They won’t recognise me, because I never completed the interview.” I reply. Elliot and Lizzy look back at me.

“What’s going on?” Elliot asks.

“Camaran.” I reply. Elliot freezes and Lizzy stops beside him.

“What will we do then?” She asks.

“We’re going to them.” I reply confidently.

“But...” Elliot starts.

“It’s either Warrick or Camaran. I’d rather take my chances.”

“Bekka! Look out!” The sudden warning comes as quickly as an arrow hurling towards my head. I duck and the weapon sails over my head.

“What’s going on Rachel?” I ask.

“The Camaranians are under attack. It looks like a couple of Reds. And...” Her voice cuts off suddenly. Is she dead? What happened?

“Rachel? Rachel?”

“Bekka. The Red gang leader... Come quickly.”

“Run guys, quick!” I run, and the others follow my lead. As we enter the clearing, joining Rachel at the edge of the narrow gravel road, the Camaranians are gone but staring at Rachel is the Red gang. And standing in front of them all is their leader. A huge grin sits on her face as she sees me.

“Bekka.” She says. Then her eyes land on Elliot and her expression warms.

“Elliot.” Elliot steps back in surprise.

“It’s true... You are alive...” He whispers. It’s Isla…

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