One True Queen

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Chapter 30

“Izzy? As in, Lady Isabella?” I ask.

“Most likely. Princess Jasmine seemed close, and the Barslows have had some kind of connection to the Silver Witches...” Isla replies.

“They are Witches. At least, they have the gene. Some possess the powers, whereas others just carry the gene.” Rachel informs her.

“We have two Barslow descendants here. This is Lizzy Barslow. The daughter of Warrick. She hates him as much as we do, maybe more.” I introduce and Isla leans down to shake Lizzy’s small hand.

“Nice to meet you Lizzy.”

“Same.” She replies hesitantly, and when her hand is released, she wipes away a small stream of blood that is still trickling from the scratch.

“Let me heal that.” Isla offers and Lizzy smiles.

“I’ll be fine.” She replies.

“And the other Barslow?” Isla prompts, returning her attention to me, and I signal to Elliot.

“He’s the grandson of Princess Jasmine.” I say. Isla frowns.

“Grandson? But... Jasmine was only thirty or so. She has three kids, none are of age for kids. How?” “My father was young when he met my mother, and I guess it was a fling. Silver and a Red always makes a Red. With the Barslow’s magical gene, I guess that’s what I got from him.” Elliot answers. Isla nods.

“You’ll be looking to go to Harnesk. Warrick invaded the palace. Lady Isabella has told us to clear your path from Camaranians, I will accompany you, alongside Lucy and Tirus.” She points to a boy behind her who looks about ten years old.


“The rest will stay behind.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I reply and Isla nods. My team, with our newest members set off to Harnesk. A fairly simple journey. Until we arrive...

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