One True Queen

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Chapter 31

It had just been a day’s trip of painful walking to Harnesk. Just one day. We walked in silence, an awkward silence that lasted the entire journey until we met her. She seemed surprised to see us. Lady Isabella Barslow.

“Where is my daughter?” She asked first, staring at me.

“She’s taken in her role in the Silver Witches-”

“You know?”

“Yes. But can you tell us about Jasmine-”

“The knowledge you seek won’t come from me. My sister and I were close but we weren’t close enough. She was valued by the Camaranians. They were not happy when their own guard killed her. Princess Jasmine is respected here, especially by her fiancé. You seek haven here, and I can help. But you must stay low and...” But Lady Isabella is interrupted by trumpeting.

“Strawberries! The King is here!” She yells, trying to drag us away but Isla stands her ground.

“Let them come.” She hisses, but even Tirus sees sense and blocks me from view.

“I’m sorry Isla, but we have a priority now. We have a queen to protect.” He whispers confidently. Lucy nods in agreement and takes cover too. Isla finally nods but it’s too late... It was quick. We were forced to stay hidden. Tirus was holding his hand over my mouth to stop the horrified sobs from escaping, whereas Lucy tried to restrain Elliot.

It was painless for Isla, but painful for all of us watching as Isla’s body lay lifeless on the ground... The journey became an awkward silence once more, even without Isla, Lady Isabella walked with us in the same silence we had on our way. As a small cave appeared in our view, Isabella finally speaks.

“Her life won’t be the last, Lady Olivia.”

“My name isn’t...”

“I know. My son wouldn’t declare war if his wife still lived. I have given you my loyalty, but I ask one thing in return. Your name.”

“Bekka Carpenter.” I reply hesitantly.

“Then own it. Queen Leah had the right idea but how can you rule if you don’t know how to act. You are Bekka, the one true queen. And the prophecy told us that the one true queen will save us all. How can you save us if you only follow the will of all the Silver nobility?” She has a point. I am not a normal Princess. I am a Red-Bred. I am a Carpenter. But the night wasn’t over... We had barely settled when we heard the chatter of approaching Camaranians. Isabella knew they’d kill us on the spot, we’d have no chance. So we did the next best thing for survival. We turned ourselves in as Red and Silver Witches. And we were brought for audience with the King...

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