One True Queen

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Chapter 32

“Red Witches and Silver Witches? What a day!” He chuckles and I have to hold back a choke of disgust. But a sound certainly leaves my mouth, luckily seeming like a cough. But it’s enough to attract his attention to me. His grey eyes are soulless and dark, matching his grey hair. The King of Camaran. His grin broadens as he looks me up and down in glee.

“My, my what a treasure.” He says clearly. I can feel the sickening feeling of my heart thumping.

“Your highness.” I reply through gritted teeth, forcing a bow, but this doesn’t stop him.

“What delights can you perform?” He asks. Rachel’s thoughts pound in my own head, cursing the man in front of us, feeling every sickened emotion that I feel myself.

“Tell him Bekka. Survival is key.” Her voice whispers, but I know better. With knowledge of our power, we lose a potential advantage and he gains spies to useful to lose. Spies that he will do anything to keep. So I say the first thing I think of and ignore ever protest Rachel sends my way.

“I offer no power, my king. But I request mercy. Anything.” I reply. His grin broadens.

“I have a son, in need of a young and beautiful wife.” And although his words should make me sick, I am grateful he didn’t take me for himself. I don’t nod, but he takes my silence as accepting the ‘offer’ and moves on to Elliot.

“And you? You’d better have powers or I will kill the lot of you.” He snaps and Elliot nods.

“I have the normal powers of a Red Witch.” He replies calmly. The others nod in unison, except Rachel who stands beside me.

“I own no gift too, sir. And like my sister, I beg for mercy.” She says. I know it pains her to say the words as much as it pained me. His men just killed our childhood friend, and that’s something we can’t take back.

“Then we will wed you to the Prince’s brother. No treasure shall be missed.” Treasure is how he describes a woman. But as the others are dragged away to their unfortunate new positions, the King grins wickedly.

“I know who you are, Bekka Carpenter...”

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