One True Queen

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Chapter 34

“Well? How do you know me?” I say as he closes the door to what seems to be his bedroom.

“Rebecca. You’ve changed.”


“I... I haven’t seen you for years. Only when you were a baby actually.”

“You’ve seen me before?” I stutter and he blushes.

“You don’t know...” He picks up a pen and paper and starts to write down some letters. As I lean over to see, I notice that the letters form names. Mary Grays and Gregory Grays. Connected by a line. He then writes some letters underneath their names. Silver Witch. He’s writing a family tree. Connected to that line are three lines. The first name is labelled Jonathan Grays. Then another name. Isabella Barslow. Isabella has a brother? And then Jasmine Barslow. He adds Silver Witch underneath Isabella, Silver underneath Jonathan and finally, an Red underneath Jasmine. Jasmine was Red blooded? But then, connected to his own name and Jasmine’s, he doesn’t write Lord Thomas Barslow like I expect, but instead an unfamiliar name. Rebecca Barslow. Rebecca... He finally adds another Silver underneath.

“You are my daughter, Rebecca.”

“But... Elliot is Thomas’s son... And he’s...”

“Jonathan’s son. There’s no Elliot in the Barslow’s family tree.”

“But... My sister... My mother...”

“Rebecca, Rachel and Tyler. My three children. All three were adopted because of their blood colour. How did you find each other?”

“I...” “Your mother... Is Jasmine alive?”


“Is... Is...”

“I... I don’t know...”

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