One True Queen

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Chapter 35

“But the wedding... Marriage... If you are my dad then...”

“It won’t go ahead.”

“But your dad...”

“I will help you. You need your friends, and you will get out of here. I promise that I will do everything to help.” I nod.

“Is Jasmine alive?”

“I don’t know...”

“Then we shall find out together.” He nods. Only a few hours later, I have tracked down most of the team. Tirus, Lucy, Isabella, Elizabeth and of course, Rachel. Only Elliot remains. But my dad approaches me before I can find him.

“Rebecca, we need to go. Now.”


“It’s our only chance.” He replies. I have to leave Elliot... I almost disagree but Rachel’s voice fills my head. I try to shake it away, after hearing the words

“I’m sorry, but we have to go.You have to leave him Bekka. He will understand. The kingdom is more important than one person.” The voice makes me shiver but I know she’s right, so I nod.

“We’re here, so it’s this tunnel here.” He pops open a strange hole in the wall and my friends start to duck through it. But a familiar voice rings through my mind. A voice which doesn’t belong to Rachel...

“Don’t leave him. Elliot is needed.” It sounds like...

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