One True Queen

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Chapter 36

“How are you in my head?” I ask her, an odd chill going down my spine. The reply is instant.

“We share DNA. And it is my magic flowing in your veins, don’t forget.” Chloe’s voice is as light as ever. She knows we’re related... Maybe she found it when she performed the spell. Maybe that’s why Hagatha’s magic was denied, but Chloe’s wasn’t...

“You’re right. I didn’t try it, until now. Hagatha only just realized. But Elliot, you need him. We can talk later. Find Elliot.” The voice, her voice tells me to go against everyone else, but it’s exactly what I want to hear. So I follow it. I turn, and I run.

“Rebecca!” My dad, The Prince yells. But I don’t look back. Guards shuffle along the hallways, and yells fill the hallway. I try to shuffle along too, hiding the sound of my feet running around. I know I can’t be found. Elliot... Elliot... Where could he be...? A slave? A server... servant... Of course! A cook, cleaner. Who better than a pretty face, with powers? But where could the servant quarters be? As I run down corridors, past doors, I suddenly realize that I am being followed. And as I turn to face the men behind, I am met by guards. Guards who don’t seem nice.

“You are the one the King wants in the dungeon. Rebecca Carpenter.” The leader exclaims and I stumble back in shock.

“I... What?”

“You really think that the King of Camaran would want an heir of Tork breathing? Especially one who can’t marry his son, one who is useless. Every heir is useless to him. Only your head is worth something to him now. A hefty price from King Warrick. A King who will be disposed of soon.” The guards take my hands behind my back and drags me to the dungeon.

“You’ll lose your head by sunrise, in front of the King.” The guard says whilst locking my dungeon door.

“Bekka, don’t worry. You will find Elliot before you lose your head. Have patience.” Chloe tells me.

“Bekka! If you ever escape, if you survive, tell me.” Rachel replies. And I am left to sleep on a stone cold floor, waiting for my doom. The doom that will occur at sunrise.

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