One True Queen

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Chapter 37

It may be incredibly dark down here, but I know it’s not dark outside. There’s a small window and a small light floods through it. Marching sounds and I know they’re coming for me.

“I will be here until your last breath.” Chloe tells me, and I nod, even though I know she can’t see it. Sure enough, the guards unlock my cell and drag me to my feet, forcing me to walk towards the throne room. It seems larger than before, and the King is impatiently tapping the arm on his throne.

“Well then. Don’t take all day.” He groans. They force me onto my knees, forcing my head onto a wood block. A man approaches, an axe in his hand, and I close my eyes, bracing myself for the King’s order for the weapon to swing.

“Bekka, I’m sorry. It was my fault...” Chloe tells me.

“Bekka. There’s something Mum told me, before I left her forever. I feel you should know before you die. Mum isn’t a Carpenter. Mum’s name isn’t Maria. Her name is Jaz Grays. Otherwise known as Jasmine Barslow... She is alive Bekka.” Rachel says. A solitary tear falls from my eye and I know. I’m ready for my end. I’m ready to die. I hear a weapon unsheath and a piercing scream is let out. But it isn’t mine. A pair of hands pull me up, dragging me out off the wood block. So I open my eyes, but I can’t see a face, because it is hidden behind a dark and long hood. As we run, he drags me into the tunnel that the Prince showed me.

“Who are you? Why did you save me?” I ask this stranger. He doesn’t reply, but instead faces me and gently kisses me. Normally, I would pull away but I remember the same minty breath, and the same soft hand that slides into my own.

“Is that reason enough?” He asks when he finally pulls away, after what seems like hours. His hood falls down and I know I’m right. It’s Elliot.
“I love you Elliot.” I whisper and he smiles.

“I love you more...” He’s come back to me. And I won’t let him go again...

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