One True Queen

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Chapter 38

“What happened?” I ask him and he grins.

“I may or may not have chopped his hand off.” He chuckles.

“Seriously?” I ask with my eyebrow raised.

“Of course. Did you not hear the childish scream and see the lump that previously attached his hand to his wrist?”

“I didn’t, no.” I laugh, wishing I saw it.

“Bekka! There’s a problem.” Chloe suddenly pipes up.

“What’s up Chloe?”

“I was working on a spell to stop your execution, but it went wrong.”

“What did you do?” I ask seriously in my head, and Elliot studies my expression carefully.

“Talking to Rachel?”

“Chloe.” I reply and he looks confused, but doesn’t ask.

“Chloe. We need to get out of Harnesk. What did you do?”

“It’s not just me and Rachel, Bekka. Now anyone who has the Barslow DNA can hear our thoughts, talk to each other in our heads... But only when we choose to.”

“Does this mean that...”

“Warrick can too...” That’s when I realize. Elliot can’t hear my thoughts. Which means he definitely isn’t a Barslow. It may be the smallest of good news from this, but it’s something. After all, now our biggest enemy can hear our thoughts, seek out our weaknesses and foil our plots. And that is the opposite of good news...

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