One True Queen

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Chapter 39

The thought stings. Maybe I could guard my thoughts... He doesn’t know we’re related...

“Bekka. We have to run.” Elliot snaps, and I refocus. He’s right. We just chopped off the King’s hand. We’ll be wanted. We’re criminals and we need to escape Harnesk. And we can’t beat Warrick from here. Those guards said King Warrick... That means he’s already seized the throne. But whether he’s killed Queen Leah or not is debatable, and I want to save her if she’s alive.

“Bekka, we’re waiting at the end of the passageway, but you need to hurry. Guards will be everywhere after what Elliot did. Tirus is holding up a shield.”

“On his own? He’s quite powerful...”

“Prince of the Red Witches. Tirus is the Prince. That’s why.” That makes sense... Elliot and I start to make our way down the tunnel, when suddenly I hear guards close on our trail.

“I can hide us, but my magic isn’t strong enough.” Elliot says, panicking. Chloe’s voice pipes up.

“Use your magic. You’re a Barslow Bekka. Help Elliot.”

“What if I don’t have the powers?”

“Wouldn’t you rather take the risk.”

“No.” I reply to Chloe and she laughs in response.

“Just think of something or someone you want to protect.” So I picture Elliot’s gorgeous flushed face and Rachel, I think about small Lizzy and the powerful Tirus. Even Lady Isabella and Lucy. Even my mother, my father and Isla. The hope that I could protect her. A sudden warmth flows through my blood, and I shiver in satisfaction. But the warmth leaves quickly, projecting into a shield that I can just about see. I stretch it easily so that Elliot and I are both stood inside the warm dome and Elliot’s eyes are wide.

“You have powers Bekka!” He exclaims.

“Not just any power. That’s Queen of the Witches power. Your power is as strong as mine and Tirus’s. Jasmine’s gene was stronger than my mother’s. But it turned her blood Red, instead of giving her powers. That’s why two Silver Witches had a Red child. But she had the One True Queen. It makes sense that her child is magical...”

“What about Rachel?”

“It’s quite interesting. A Witch has a pet called a familiar who shares and strengthens the Witch’s powers. Rachel is like that, I think it’s because you are Silver and Red. But is there something special that signifies that?” I automatically think to the bracelet I gave Rachel for her birthday. It feels like years ago... But that was silver and red, entwined...

“Then I am right. Together, you two are unstoppable. And with that token, no army of Witches can get in your way. Keep it safe. There’s no One True Queen anymore Bekka. Two True Queens. One split into two. You are to rule together. Twins together forever...”

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