One True Queen

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Chapter 3

“You! Git o’er ’ere!” An old looking man cries. He must be the General. Another Silver. I wander over to the old man and he yells in my ear, “You are a warrior! You are strong! You are going straight into battle! Queen Leah needs more soldiers on that field! Now!” I nod my head in obedience and I scurry over to where the weaponry is. I’ve never even held any weapons before! I take a little dagger, holding it at the wooden hilt and placing it in a little slit in my torn jeans to secure it. I take a small pistol and place that in my oversized pocket. I’m sure that’ll be enough. So I run to the action... A girl eyes me from across the field. She grins and moves towards me with a gun in her hand. It’s like one of those moments where cartwheels and backflips are used for awesome fight scenes. I used to hope that I’d be able to be one of those people. Now’s my chance, my time to shine. There’s just one problem. I can’t do any of that stuff. So instead, I drop to the floor and do a pencil roll. No one can beat a pencil roll! Except for my opponent, who immediately cartwheels over my roll. Of course she can do all of that stuff! But I leap up as she aims. This would be where I do a roly-poly to avoid her shots, but my style is simple. I duck as the bullet flies overhead, I do a star jump and the bullet flies in between my legs and then I run at her to punch her in the face. Oh yeah! And as my fist connects with her face, her head doesn’t move and OUCH! That seriously hurt! As I shake my hand, which causes more pain, I duck again before realizing that she didn’t attempt to shoot me.

“Oh, I thought you would’ve shot then.” I say to her and she laughs.

“I’ll shoot you now if you want.”

“No thanks.” I reply and she shoots and I step to the right. She does a backflip and as she does so, I manage to sneak forward and take the gun from her hand as she kicks me in the face. I land face first in the mud. I stand up quickly and carefully aim her gun to face her. Her hand flies to her pocket and withdraws a small piece of shiny metal and throws it. It lands firmly in my wrist, causing me to drop her gun. I pull out the knife without looking at it and throw it to the floor. The girl stumbles back in surprise.

“I... I’m sorry... I didn’t know...” She mutters.

“What on earth are you talking about?!” I ask and I see Chloe from across the field, staring right at me with wide eyes. She runs across, nimbly dodging the bullets and daggers that are flying around the place and grabs me.

“What are you doing Chloe?! You don’t just grab people from the war!” I yell at her over the deafening sounds of bombshells going off. She drags me off the field and into a safe area. Or remotely safe anyway. She gapes at me in surprise.

“You never told me!” She says, her eyes still wide, grabbing a bandage.

“Never told you what?” I ask and she looks straight at me.

“You didn’t even know?!” She squeaks in shock and points to my wrist. My bleeding wrist. My blood is quickly pouring from the knife wound, and as the shiny liquid falls from my wrist and lands on the grass, I stand up in surprise.

“How’s this possible?!” I ask loudly. My blood... It’s silver!

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