One True Queen

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Chapter 40

“We gotta run.” Elliot whispered, and I grin. The warmth is flowing in my blood, refusing to let go. And I refuse too. The magic doesn’t falter, and Elliot tries to pull me along, so I follow through. We run, and I carry the shield with me. As we emerge at the end of the tunnel, we fall backwards suddenly as my shield collides with Tirus’s.

“Bekka!” Rachel’s arms wrap around my shoulders.

“Rachel. We... We talked only minutes ago.”

“But it’s not the same as seeing you, silly. You’re a Witch. A Silver Witch. But we should practice our power at some point.”

“Jasmine... She’s alive...” My dad whispers. Rachel ignores him, and continues to talk to me.

“Bekka, we found out the first king of Tork’s name. King Reginald Barslow. Warrick has a right to the throne...”

“But so do we. Warrick’s claim is not as strong as ours. We need to get out of Harnesk though. Now.” I reply to Rachel and she furrows her brow.

“What’s the hurry?”

“I’m sure you heard my thoughts. Elliot chopped off the King’s hand.” Everyone turns to stare at Elliot in surprise.

“Then we must make haste to take the throne.” Lady Isabella says, and I realize we aren’t all here. Someone is missing... I glance around the group of us. Tirus, Rachel, Isabella, the Prince, Lucy and Elliot. But someone’s...

“Where’s Lizzy?” I ask and a few of them look away.

“Bekka... She died.”


“She died, saving...” Rachel continues, but she’s interrupted.

“Me.” With a small saunter, she walks to us. But I could recognize that walk anywhere, that voice, that face. Elizabeth’s life wasn’t in vain. She saved my mother... Princess Jasmine Barslow...

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