One True Queen

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Chapter 41

“Mum?” The grin on her face is wide. Too wide. A face I don’t want to see...

“Bekka. Rachel. How are my beautiful girls?” She holds out her arms for an embrace, but my feet remain firm on the grassy ground. But the Prince takes the gesture, tightly wrapping his arms around her waist.


“Philip. It’s been some time.” She replies, her eyes softening.

“What happened to Lizzy?” I ask. My mother’s eyes harden at the thought. Not in pain. In hatred. In anger. And the emotion is aimed at me, but not because of me...

“Lizzy. The small child? She saved me.” She says bluntly. But something doesn’t seem right.

“But where is she?” I ask. Rachel said she’s dead, but...

“Elizabeth. Lizzy. Are you alive?" I ask. I guess, by some measures, I am grateful for Chloe’s mistake. At least I can determine if she is alive.

“She died. They killed her.” Her eyes land on Tirus and Lucy and her eyes darken some more. She looks nasty. Evil even.

“Bekka- Help me.” Lizzy’s small voice squeaks in my head and I have to force myself to restrain a smile. She’s alive...

“Who? How?” I ask her and I can tell she’s growing uncomfortable. But she’s been lying to me for most of my life. She’s the master. But I know now, that she is lying. So she’s got Lizzy...

“The Silvers. Warrick’s army. It was quick though.” She says through gritted teeth and glances back to Tirus. Tirus blushes.

“Princess. We owe you our gratitude for our freedom.” He bows and she waves the motion away.

“Prince Tirus. How is your sister?”

“She’s dead. The Camaranians killed her.”


“I saw it.” He interrupts my mother, but she doesn’t seem convinced.

“She helped me get here. She literally just left me when I saw the rat- Elizabeth.” She replies and Tirus stumbles back in shock.

“Isla’s alive?” He whispers.

“Isla’s your sister?” I ask in the same tone.

“She’s alive?” Elliot whispers. My mother nods slowly and I know that we are all shocked. My father is alive. Princess Jasmine is alive. Elizabeth is alive. Isla is alive? Is anyone actually dead?!

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