One True Queen

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Chapter 42

“Where is she?” Tirus asks my mother, Maria, Jasmine. Whatever name she wants to use.

“She went into the woods, returned to some Red Witch gang.” She replies and he nods. Even I don’t doubt that. My mum’s a liar, but that was no lie.

“Lizzy. Where are you?” I ask her and wait patiently, pretending to be shocked. I mean, I am, but...

“Some dungeon. Maybe Dad’s-” But her words have been cut off.

“You sly girl.” A familiar voice snarls. She’s controlling her expression carefully, but hatred fills her mental voice. My mother.

“Get out of my head.”

“That little girl is a traitor. She’s Warrick’s daughter, did you know that?”

“Yes. I did. I’ve known since the beginning. And she’s loyal to me.”

“Don’t trust anyone Bekka. A bit of advice.”

“Then why should I trust you, Mother?” I snap back and I am met by silence. Mother’s worked it out already.

“We need to get a move on if we are going to have even the smallest chance of a surprise attack.” Elliot points out, but he seems better than when we watched Isla die. Or nearly die. How did Tirus manage not to scream at his sister’s death though?

“Then let’s go.” I reply. with a stray glance to my mother, but her eyes are shooting daggers to me. There’s no love in our relationship. There’s never been love. Only lust. Lust that was disguised as love. She knew I was the one who would blow her cover, bring her identity to the surface. But she was wrong. I didn’t discover her identity. Rachel did. But I get the brunt of her hatred.

“I will end you Bekka.” She growls.

“I thought you were forever loyal to Queen Leah.” I snap back, repeating the words she said to the guards who came for Rachel, and me.

“But you know the truth, don’t you darling?” And that’s when it hits me. It hits me like a slap in the face, with the continuous after-burn. She’s a liar. She’s been lying all my life. She lied to the guards because they knew. She’s not forever loyal to Queen Leah. She’s forever loyal to-

“Surprise.” And the one word seems like a cue as the Torkian army runs through the forest, the trees and bushes, all armed.

“Surrender to King Warrick.”

“Mother!” I screech and everyone swivels to face her and her evil grin is on full dislplay.

“You tricked us!” Elliot squeals. A tear falls from Rachel’s cheek and the quietly sobs.

“I trusted you Mother. You captured Elizabeth, didn’t you? Camaranians didn’t kill Tyler... You did.”

“Tyler’s dead!” My brother.... Dead?

“And yet, you still trusted me against your better judgement. My family turned me away. Izzy left me to die.”

“I didn’t-” Isabella protests but she falls quiet.

“You did. So I joined forces with the man who saved my life. I suggested a strategic marriage with Lady Olivia. Then I had her murdered, passed it off as an accident and suggested that he should declare war. I knew Queen Leah’s forces were weak. And I knew Bekka would go. I hoped she’d die on that field. She always knew something wasn’t right. I killed Tyler, he knew too much. I’ve only just discovered this lovely tie to all the Barslows. Technically, I shouldn’t be able to talk to you guys, since we married into the family. But you are related to the young Witch who caused this. She’s a Barslow, therefore all who share Isabella’s DNA can also read each other’s thoughts. After her little mistake, I captured her. And that little rat of a traitorous daughter. And now, you guys.”


“Submit to arrest.” The leader of Officers snarls, pointing his gun at me.

“We submit.” I whisper and they lead us to the palace, in chains and shackles...

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