One True Queen

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Chapter 43

“We meet again.” He snarls with a wicked grin.

“You worked with my mother.” I spit at him. Lord Warrick.

“She thinks I saved her. I didn’t need to. She has Witch blood. Every Witch has three lives.”


“Why do you think I survived the trenches? How your brother survived your mother’s dagger?”

“Tyler is alive?”

“He’s with me. He’s under my protection. He’s quite powerful you know.”

“Free my brother now Lord Warrick.” I order.

“King Warrick.” He says, pointing to the sharp ring of burnt metal and ash. His crown.

“The crown doesn’t make you a King. The people’s support does.”

“I have the people on my side. When I deliver your mother to the Camaranians, I’ll be Tork’s Saviour King. The King who eradicated the threats to the kingdom.” He grins again, certain of his plan.

“Does my mother know what you plan to do? How you plan to betray her?”

“Betrayal is a pretty word. A word I have worshipped. With my wife, with Elizabeth. And now with Lady Jasmine.”


“She is not wed to Prince Philip. She is no princess.” I open my mouth to argue, but I have no argument. He isn’t wrong.

“She’s been helpful, but she is useless now I am on the throne.”

“I agree.” A deep voice says in the shadows. His skin is pale, like the Barslow trait. His eyes are dark brown, so dark that it seems black. His lips are thin and pursed and he stands straight, with a sense of authority. It suddenly occurs to me that I have never actually met Lord George Barslow. Or even heard much about him...

“I used to be a King, you know.” He whispers. His dark eyes are cold, beady and greedy. I flinch, but he doesn’t care. I’m a worthless Red-Bred in his eyes. A threat to their throne.

“Lord George.” I say through gritted teeth and he chuckles in a low tone. A chill goes down my spine as he does so.

“I am not called George. That is the name I go by. I am a Silver Witch. I use my powers to sustain my life, ready for my throne, my crown and my kingdom. I am King Reginald Barslow.”

“The first Silver King....” I whisper and he chuckles.

“The first discovered Silver. And it’s all my sister’s fault.”

“Your sister...?”

“Agatha Barslow. Although she goes by the surname Bolmes now. I believe she has settled for the name, Hagatha.”


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