One True Queen

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Chapter 44

“Hagatha... What an odd choice of name.” Lord Reginald chuckles, but I barely hear him.

“Hagatha’s your sister?”

“And she created Silvers.” He chuckles. King Warrick takes my silence, my shock as an advantage to him and Lord Reginald shoots me with a ray of lightning, flinging me against the wall, but I feel no pain. Instead, a warmth fills me. It’s like I’m absorbing the power. I stand up again and they exchange glances. King Warrick beckons forward a young, familiar boy. Tyler. His knees are shaking uncontrollably and his eyes fill with fear and regret.

“Tyler!” I call, and he refuses to meet my eyes.

“Tyler James Carpenter. He has identified most of your group. Bekka Aria Carpenter. Rachel Joanna Carpenter. Elliot Harold Johnstone.” Lord Reginald grins, clapping my brother on the back and he flinches at the evil man’s touch.

“You know what to do, Tyler.” King Warrick whispers with a wicked smile. Tyler nods, and his eyes finally land on mine.

“Ten minutes.” I hear him say, his little voice in my head. He doesn’t make much of an attempt to talk to me, just with this short warning. What does it mean? What’s happening in ten minutes?

“Now.” Lord Reginald whispers, and Tyler’s hands spark tremendously, causing me to fly backwards again, cracking my head against the wall behind me. Silver blood coats the wall and starts to dribble down to the floor quickly as I land with a thud. But again, the power only warms me, instead of hurting.

“The One True Queen has been defeated, before she even sat on the throne. I have power. You have nothing.” King Warrick grins and a small squeak of an answer leaves my lips.


“What was that?”

“You don’t have power. You count on others who do. Your father. My brother. Heck, probably even Chloe and Elliot, Lady Izabella and Tirus. But you don’t.”

“Neither do you.” But as he says this, even he is unsure. So I let it all go. All the power that buzzes inside of me leaves, and I shiver as the warmth leaves, but instead, I let loose a storm of lightning, stronger than Tyler’s. Neither of us tried, we unleashed our power with ease. Tyler grins.

“It’s time now Bekka.” And I stumble back in surprise as the door blows open. Was that me? Or Tyler? But no. At the doorway, she stands there with her hair flying behind her and her shining eyes laughing.

“Your defence is as weak as the Camaranians!” She giggles. King Reginald grasps at Tyler, but he nimbly dodges the lunge, and disappears, reappearing almost instantly into my cell.

“You fool!” The men cry as Isla’s large army infiltrate the dungeon. Tyler clutches at my hand and jumps. I am in a vortex of swirling colours, which ends almost instantly. Now we are stood in another dungeon cell. Rachel stands instantly, Tirus beside her. Tyler runs up to Tirus, giving him a tight embrace.

“Ti!” He squeals.

“Ty!” Tirus replies in the same tone.

“Hi?” I offer and Rachel laughs.

“They’re together Bekka. They planned the whole thing. Tyler reached out to Isla. We can run.” Rachel explains.

“No.” I say and Tyler nods.

“There’s no point. Everywhere you go, there are allies. But always enemies. You need to take the throne. She can help.” Tyler points to the cell opposite. Her silver hair is short and wispy, her face is as kind as I remember. Queen Leah.

“Lady Leah.” She corrects, as if she read my mind.


“Lady Leah Lewis.” She chuckles.

“It sounds lovely...” I whisper and she laughs.

“I wish it was under different circumstances.”

“I thought...”

“He wanted me to see you dead. Or maybe the other way round. But your brother is right. You need to act now. It’s now or never.” Lady Leah croaks.

“How?” I whisper and she laughs.

“Prince Tirus, Princess Isla. Queen Chloe. Elliot. Rachel. Agatha Barslow. Lady Isabella. Angelica. Elizabeth. You have your allies around you. Use them.” She tells me.

“They’re meeting us outside.” Tyler confirms. He unlocks the cell with the flick of his hand and the door flies open. Lady Leah’s too, but she doesn’t move. She’s too weak.

“Go. Run.” She croaks and I nod. I give her a curtsy and she slowly stands. She replicates the action.

“Queen Rebecca.” She says. It was the last thing I ever heard her say to me... The reunion of our group. Chloe, her skin was just as pale as I remember, her hair still platinum blonde, hanging around her waist, with Luna sat on her right shoulder and Angelica is standing at her left side. Agatha aiding her other side. Tirus and Tyler stand side by side, with Isla and Rachel in front of the Red Witch gang. Lady Isabella and Lizzy smile at me, hand in hand. And Elliot stands beside me now, taking my hand.

“It’s now or never.” I say clearly.

“For the One True Queen!” Isla cheers.

“For Rebecca!” Tirus cheers.

“For our chance!” Tyler cheers beside him.

“For Tork!” They cheer simultaneously.

“Now or never.” I whisper to myself. Some of these people in front of me could die today. Let’s not let that be in vain. It’s time to end this war. It’s now or never. For Reds. For Silvers. For equality. For Tork.

But it wasn’t exactly how I expected...

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