One True Queen

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Chapter 5

“What the Sil.... Uh... What the um...” I struggle to find a way around the offensive term we Reds... I mean the Reds use to express shock. We have always used ‘What the Silver?!’ But obviously, I can’t. Chloe raises her eyebrow and Queen Leah laughs.

“It’s so refreshing to talk to the youth of today.” Queen Leah is surprisingly nice. The Reds have always wondered what she’s like.

“Queen Leah, we’ll have find a cover story. Some reason why she inherits the throne, but why she’s Silver. No one can know that she was born and bred as a Red.” Chloe says seriously.

“Oh, of course. Let’s see... Your name is Olivia Lewis. You are my long lost niece, my last relative. My sister died last year as many know, and as many know she had a daughter called Olivia, but no one knows, except me, that Olivia died last month. You will be Olivia. I’m sorry we can’t provide you with an alias that uses your own name.” Queen Leah says with genuine sincerity. I nod slowly. Chloe grins. “She’ll need to be introduced to the other Silvers, and the rest of the population. And she’ll need advisors.” Chloe says quickly, listing off her fingers.

“Easy. We’ll host a party tomorrow, and a citizen introduction, on all broadcasts, the following day. And as for advisors, I feel like you two are quite close. Chloe?” Queen Leah asks, but Chloe shakes her head.

“I’m hoping for... something more.” She says, winking at me. Queen Leah frowns and looks at Chloe. “She needs reliable advisors Chloe. You are the only Silver I trust, and you know about this situation. For now?” Queen Leah asks and Chloe nods obediently.

“Of course. And we should bring in a Red advisor. To speak for the Reds. We can really bring in both perspectives with an advisor on both sides.” Chloe suggests and Queen Leah smiles once again. “Lovely suggestion. Do you have anyone in mind?” Queen Leah asks me, and I open my mouth to suggest my sister, Rachel, but Chloe interrupts.

“Not a family member of course, it could give too much away. It’d have to be someone who’s on your side, Queen Leah, not my brother. And someone we know, who doesn’t know us very well. And someone who can speak firmly for the Reds with strong beliefs.” Chloe says decisively. I look to Chloe in confusion.

“Who?” I ask. Chloe nods to me and says,

“Guard?!” And a Silver Officer rushes in at the call.

“Lady Chloe Barslow. Queen Leah. Lady... Uh...?” He says, bowing his head, before reaching me and stuttering.

“Lady Olivia Lewis.” Chloe prompts and the Officer nods.

“Of course. Of course. What do you desire?” He asks. Chloe allows him to stand up straight before asking,

“Please can you find a Red called Elliot Johnstone? I believe he is currently fighting in the war for Queen Leah.”

“Elliot?! He hates Silvers!” I protest and Chloe dismisses my words.

“Of course he does. But he is what we need. A Red advisor, on Queen Leah’s side, with firm beliefs for Reds. Someone who doesn’t know us a lot, but we know enough. He’s perfect.”

“There’s no such thing as perfect...” I mutter and Queen Leah smiles.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine. How hard can he be?” She asks. But she spoke too soon...

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