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'In war they were born, in war they would perish' a quote of the Eodasen How to save a medieval magical world? Take four techno savvy 23rd century Earth girls, put them on said world. Tell them to save you. They were orphans, banded together as sisters they were all the family they needed. Fate saw fit to separate them in a new world, a world full of new dangers. Prepared for any eventuality except what they faced they each have to find a new way to be. Powerful enemies holding untold power and expectations from people claiming to be friends. The only thing they can trust in is their bond, yet even that seems separated by time and space. WARNING This book has multipleP.O.Vs

Fantasy / Scifi
T.J. Kash
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The birth of the five realms.

In war they were birthed, in war they would perish. (A quote from the Necromancers of Eoda)

Being a summary of the birth of the five realms by the Lady of Flames, a traveler from the world of Terra, at the height of what became known as thewar of Seraphin.

Seleucia was a world governed by the laws of magic. Magic rained down from the heavens with the life giving water, soaked into the ground, grew in the plants as they took it up and was expelled into the air. It defied the laws of gravity so that none even knew what they were. It enhanced the laws of physics so that it was all that was known.

Thus, the people of the world were also magical, all the creatures the scientific race on earth had long termed myths, and others they had never heard of, existed on it. Such diversity existed on Seleucia, and the proud inhabitants reveled in their differences.

But as has been seen on many a world, pride in diversity, while admirable, inevitably leads to conflict. Someone always believe they are better than others, even as some come to believe they are taken for granted, or should be more recognized.

Once such matters take root war breaks out and Seleucia was no different. The magical land drank of its peoples’ blood, its air stank of it as the rivers ran red. No people across its three continents were spared of death, and soon the wars were all about bitter vengeance and nothing else.

On Ealoris, one of the three continents, five individuals had the foresight to see the death of their peoples and decided to band together. With ruthless efficiency they subjugated the rest of the continent and divided it into five kingdoms under their rule.

Named after the conquerors the kingdoms became Luarra to the mountainous north, where the ice rarely melted. Segara for the waterways to the west, Erynth took the eastern kingdom with Sabbia for the deserts of the South. Which left Uana at the centre of the realms.

Fashioned after the elements they were indeed realms more than kingdoms. With the middle kingdom being the realm of the spirit, where the most magical lady Patria Camion Uana, promised her descendants would put the magical wellbeing of the five realms above all else.

The four males gave their oaths to uphold the rights of all the races, to mediate between them. To ensure that they favoured none above the rest, they promised their descendants to marry into one of the other races in each generation till the end of time.

To help with selecting the ideal bride, and magnify the magic of the royal families four swords were forged. The Andaii, those the earthlings would call phoenix shifters, wove impossible metals into swords. The Livrae, elves, imbued them with nature’s magic while the Aunetar, dwarves, forged the swords. All the magical peoples added something of themselves into the swords, such that they became the most powerful artifacts on the world.

Sworn over the swords, and woven with the magic of the four races of dragons, the oaths were unbreakable and would see the end of the royal family that broke them. Secure in the continuation of their races, the peoples left for their new kingdoms.

What lady Uana chose not to reveal, and only the most ancient of dragons perceived, was the cost of the wars. The magic of the land had been tainted by the violence and bloodshed, such that magic as it had been, was dying. Unless they found a cure for it, their people would perish, for without magic neither the world nor its people would live.

To this they dedicated themselves.

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