Legacy Inherited

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Kadir 1

A/N While some of the cultures in this book may be similar to those on earth, they are not meant to be like them, unless the people are earthlings.

For anyone who thinks there should not be any male sirens try http://www.colorado.edu/classics/exhibits/GreekVases/essays/200637tsirens.htm.

His silver eyes dispassionately surveyed the city below him. Its domed and spired buildings rising in architectural splendor, a contrast to the wild sandy vista surrounding it. Wide corridors separated the tall buildings, to give the city a pristine look that was certainly unique to it, enhanced by the snowy sandstone it was constructed from.

Even with the magic used to minimize the effect, the walls tended to glare with the full force of the noon sun. Kadír’s eyes though, endured it without effort, something he had his eclectic heritage to thank for. He surveyed the city with the intensity of a predator waiting for his prey to reach his limit, or perhaps one guarding his territory.

Restless, his eyes traced the nearly empty streets before him. Taking in the movements with the keenness of a dragon. There was a discrepancy between the number of people to be seen, and the size of the city, someone unfamiliar with it would think it nearly deserted. But as one of the three lords of the city that was the Sabbian centre of power, he knew better.

Tunnels traced the cobbled streets of the city, airy and well lit, at this time of day they would be full of citizens avoiding the high sun. Every home, store and office had a basement door leading to the underground streets. Market stalls littered them, just as they existed above for those races that could withstand the fiery heat of the Sabbian desert.

He was restless, angry even. His stillness that of a volcano about to erupt. Frustration raged in his heart, impotent fury he could not logically unleash, leaving it to eat at his every waking moment. His silver gaze flung about his domain, the sprawling, rich metropolis that was the envy of many, his endless prison.|

He was a man, damn it, with a man’s need to carve his own path, but that was not his lot. He was a pampered prisoner in the opulent Axothra palace, a victim of the other two Lords.

If only he didn’t understand their points. Unfortunately, though Kadír was rebellious, he was intelligent enough to see sense. What galled him though, was that his cousin had had to attend a meeting he should have gone to. True, Sanaa was just as overprotected as he was, but he should have gone instead of her. Why had they decided to send her?

“I hear you’ve been sulking since I left.” The devil’s voice sounded behind him.

“I’m a Prince,” he stated in his most stern voice. “We do not sulk.”

Her laughter, more lustrous than her speaking voice, thanks to their grandmother’s heritage, rang through the air. He was tempted to join her, even smile, but he would not encourage her, the little baggage had ways to see even that.

“What do princes do then?” she teased.

“We brood.” he replied, his mood already lighter.

“Well stop brooding, cousin dear. I may have inadvertently brought you something.”

“Inadvertently?” he queried.

“Yes,” she drew out the word, holding him at the edge of curiosity for a moment, just because she could. “I brought you a woman.”

Those were the last words he would ever have expected from his cousin. She knew how he hated the hopeful parade of young women, who came to be tested by the flaming sword for his bride. Even though his bride would be drawn by it against all reason, they still came in hopes of being chosen.

He wasn’t ready to settle down, and the giddy young women, who went to great lengths to get a glimpse of him, annoyed him to no end. Even though Sanaa knew he availed himself of them, she was too well bred to bring him a woman of pleasure. Which left a potential bride, surely she would not do that to him?

“Sorry, I did not just hear you say you brought me a woman?”

“Inadvertently.” she agreed.

“Enough of that blasted word!” he declared as his mood darkened once more. He turned to glare at her, something that proved to be a waste.

Sanaa sighed at that, Kadír rarely got cross with her. “Do you think so little of me that you would believe I would burden you, where you do not wish?” She waved him off when he would have answered. “I found one your father believes to be of the prophesied four, a curly haired one. He has already done some rudimentary tests on her, and she bears the flame. Which would make her your destined bride.”

It was undignified, he knew, yet he could not help himself, his mouth hung open as he was struck speechless. What could he say? How was he supposed to feel? A curly haired one, rumoured to hold such power as had never been seen on Seleucia. Stronger than even the D’Aner women, descendants of Patria Uana, were, than any woman who had ever existed.

How could such women have gone unnoticed for so long? No one was born with curly hair, for her to be one of the prophesied, she had to have been born with it. Her and three others.

Sanaa’s brow went up in that lazy arrogant way she had. “Are you trying to catch flies?”

Kadír snapped his mouth closed and his face became resolute. “Take me to her.”

She rolled her eyes then laughed, “How princely of you cousin, I will forgive you, seeing as you’re in shock. But next time you speak to me in such a tone, I shall have to do something about it.”

He grinned at her, then gave her an elegant bow. “My apologies princess.”

“Shut up.” the twitching of her mouth softened the words. “She should be with your father by now.” He lifted a brow at that. “She was unconscious when we got here and with the time I took to tidy up, she should be done with all that nonsense.”

“Yes,” he said dry toned. “We all know how long you take at that.”

She affected a pose that enhanced her Siren qualities “Darling,” her voice would have enthralled him, if he weren’t immune to her. “I am, after all, a princess.”

“Oh, shut up.” he mock snapped.

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