The Alpha's Breeder

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Nine : The Final Verdict

Most of the girls in the room had their mouth wide open, foam literally pouring out as they looked at me in both shock and disgust.

Some were probably disturbed over the fact that the savior of their kind, the ‘Breeder’, happened to be me.

I currently had dried throw up all over me, my hair is in disarray with twigs and leaves stuck in it while my makeup was half melting off of my face. And I probably smelled like piss. I bet the whole image probably made them recoil in disgust.

If they let me use the bathroom prior to this whole event, I could have cleaned some of this up and saved them the trouble of having to smell my body odor, throw up and piss.

But they chose not to so it’s not my fault that I look like a literal train wreck.

I do admit that I don’t look up to par but just seeing them cover their nose was a rather hard slap to my ego.

Even I was sorta disgusted at myself at this point in time.

I mean, I don’t even see why these two Alphas were even fighting for me.

It makes no sense.

Was the urge to save their kind more important than spending the rest of their lives stuck with me?

The two guards, that flanked my side, dragged me into a chair in front of the old men and right behind the two Alphas.

I couldn’t help but be kind of thankful. At least they hadn’t deposited me onto the floor like some kind of sacrificial item.

“I found the Breeder a couple of days ago.” Jared explained, “She works for the human government and was experimenting on our kind when my pack found her and brought her back to my land. I found the Breeder first; therefore, this woman is mine.”

The feral growls that rang out in the crowd were literally terrifying to hear since it was mostly aimed at me. I understand their anger since I would also be extremely upset to know that the person who was experimenting on my family and friends was right in front of me.

I swallowed the thick lump in my throat and could feel my nails dig crescents into my palms before lowering my head down to block out the sight of everyone.

If they weren’t going to kill me before, they are definitely going to kill me now.

I duly noted that Jared totally forgot the part where he told his men to kill me off after chasing me through the forest in a sick and sadistic way. And only chose to save my ass because I had some sort of Breeder mark.

“Quiet!” one of the councilmen bellowed when all the angry growls subsided in response. “And you, Alpha Eros? Does what you informed us of hold merit?”

“Yes,” Eros said with voiced conviction.

His handsome face was a stony mask full of mysteries to me. What did Alpha Eros tell these crazy old men?

“Although you have found the Breeder first, Alpha Jared, the right to the Breeder is only given to you once said Breeder has no mate or if said mate has died; therefore, putting you in line first for breeding rights. However, from what Alpha Eros has informed us of, that is not possible being that this Breeder is Alpha Eros’ true mate. Under the Lycan jurisdiction law 1099, the Breeder belongs to Alpha Eros of the Silver Moon Pack.”

True mates?

What the hell just happened?

My mouth promptly clicked shut and I looked around to see the shocked look on everyone’s face, mine included of course.

The whole hall had become quiet to the point that I could hear a pin drop.

Jared had a rather calm expression on his face but, by the way his chest heaved and fingers clenched and un-clenched, I could tell that he was not going to take it lying down.

Jared looked like the type to slaughter me first before letting anyone else have me.

Why do I felt like a piece of marbled meat inside of a tiger’s—wolf’s den.

“We were also informed that you, Alpha Jared, have crossed the boundaries and breached the peace treaty between the two packs which would have automatically voided your contract; however, Alpha Eros has decided to waive the small event under certain circumstances. In order to avoid any further incursions, we order you to remove your pack and self from these lands within the next hour. Any who dare remain within the lands will be dealt with at Alpha Eros’ command.” The authoritative voice boomed out as Kent and Jared’s Beta cowered slightly at the powerful order.

“Beta Toren, please escort Alpha Jared and his men off of our land,” Eros stated. Beta Toren and the rest of the guards quickly took charge and started to herd the group out.

Just before Jared was led out, he purposefully walked closer to Alpha Eros and said, ”It’s not over yet.”

To say I was creeped out was an understatement because right after that, he sent this bone-chilling glare my way.

His eyes were glowing with rage and resentment. It was as if he wanted to swallow me whole or kill on the spot.

I sat back into the chair with my head down, dumbfounded at the turn of events when he finally turned on his heels and left.

“Alpha Eros, as jurisdiction may preside, in order to deem your words meritable, we require that you mark, mate, and pup your Breeder before the next six full moon cycles and our return,” the old man continued to say.

I could actually feel Alpha Eros’ eyes burning like lasers through my head.

“If by that time your Breeder is not mated and pupped by you, we may repeal our final decision if further proof is not given.”

Truthfully, my brain was having a serious meltdown. I could not process anything that was being said.

“As our numbers have started dwindling, we are glad to know that you will be the main contributor, Alpha Eros,” the dark-haired council member stated, watching me rather creepily from the corner of his eye.

I swallowed down the urge to shrivel into myself.

“Congratulation, Alpha Eros. We will await your contribution,” another council member stated rather joyously.

Most of them congratulated him as if he had won the biggest lottery in the universe while I could only sit stone still in my seat.

What in the world is going on?

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