The Alpha's Breeder

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Ten : Insulted

Regardless of my opinion, what the council stated was my induction into the Silver Moon pack.

And I have no idea how I am even going to get out of this mess. The only thing that I can hope for is to be rescued by the government, but that seemed rather impossible.

Our group of researchers was hardly known for our work. We could easily be replaced, and I doubted that the government would want to take any risks by sending out hunters to save us.

Why would they waste precious resources when they could just hire other scientists?

I sighed dejectedly, looking at the bathroom in the corner of the room that I was currently in. After the whole ‘court hearing’, the guards deposited me here.

This room did not have any windows either, and the only redeeming point was the bathroom. I’ve used it twice already in fear of having this privilege taken away.

Although the shower was literally calling my name, I didn’t want to blow my cover or make myself seem more appealing in any way.

I have no makeup to cover up afterward if I happen to wash off all of the waterproof makeup still practically glued to my face.

If I want my virtue to stay intact then I need to remain as disgusting and barf-worthy as possible.

The stench of my body odor and puke is going to be a great deterrent if that Alpha wanted to get anywhere close to me. And I know for a fact that Alpha Eros is most likely repulsed by me to even think about laying a finger on my body.

Therefore, getting ‘marked, mated, and pupped’ is not going to happen.

With a deep relieved sigh, I plopped myself onto the bed and laid back as my eyes started to close on its own accord. All of the high stress and anxiety was putting a strain on me.

I will get some rest first and then decide on what to do later.

At least that was my plan until I heard the guards outside the door guffawing loudly. I surmised that they were standing by the door since I could hear every single word they said.

“I thought that Breeders were immortal! But she’s just so...old,” one of the guards said.

“Can you imagine trying to pup her?” The other guard chuckled after his station. “I feel so bad for Alpha Eros!”

“Let’s gift him with a brown bag for the mating night!”

Then, they both laughed some more at the ‘hilariousness’ of the situation.

I had to keep reminding myself that they were werewolves and that attacking them would only make matters worse. They would kill me faster than I could get my hands around their throat, and I don’t want to put myself in that kind of position again.

It sucks to be human sometimes—all the time.

Eventually, they quieted down, chortling here and there until someone else passed by. They greeted this person before I could hear the door unlock.

My heart was literally beating out of my chest when the door swung open. At the sight of a fairly elderly woman entering, I immediately let out a breath after knowing that it wasn’t Alpha Eros.

Her nose immediately wrinkled when her gaze fell on me, blue eyes widening in slight shock before she regained her composure.

“You reek!” she exclaimed.

Her tone almost seemed like she was reprimanding me, and I found myself not offended because what she said was true.

Before I could reply, the sounds of the guards outside laughing could be heard after her admission of my stench.

I floundered aimlessly and could feel my cheeks heat in embarrassment.

I quickly swallowed down what was left of my pride and dragged my body upwards. With my left hand, I smoothed down what was left of my hair in a way to make myself look a little more presentable.

“We can’t have you be presented to Eros like this! Come, you must take a shower!” she ordered as if I was a child of hers.

I was swiftly yanked to my feet by a hard hand that almost caused me to trip over my own two feet. She practically shoved me into the bathroom with the strength of a grown man instead of the petite elderly woman that she was.

I totally forgot that she was also a werewolf with enhanced abilities.

“N-No!” The words quickly left my mouth and I crossed my arms over my chest. I might’ve looked like a 5-year-old to her, but I couldn’t get myself to care at this point.

“Why not?” A rather annoyed look made way onto her wrinkled face. Her calm demeanor changed into an incredulous and eerily authoritative one that made me quickly question my answer.

I suddenly realized that there was definitely some scary similarities between this old woman and Alpha Eros. They both carried a very strong and prominent aura full of dominance and authority. Just that glint in their blue eyes was pretty alarming.

“Because I am really hungry and sleepy,” I reply shakily, clutching onto the bathroom sink like it was my lifeline.

“I’ve already started dinner. Once you finish your bath, the meal should be done and you can sleep right after,” she said, glancing at me with narrowed eyes as if daring me to question her answer.

“And I need makeup,” I voiced.

“Makeup?” She had an inquisitive expression on her face.

“Yes. Foundation and lipstick and concealer an—” I listed off of the top of my head, trying to buy time hopes that she might just drop this ludicrous idea of having me bathe.

“Alright, I will go see if some of the other girls have some.” She acquiesced, swiftly turned and left after casting one last glance my way.

My shoulders slumped.

I promptly kicked the bathroom door closed and locked it.

I proceeded to drop my head into my hands.

What the hell am I going to do?

The steam from the shower was fogging up the room before I finally decided to take my shower, throwing my extremely dirty clothes onto the floor and rubbing my skin raw until I realized that I did not have any clothes to change into.

I avoided touching my face in fear of rubbing off the melting makeup and quickly wrapped the towel around my waist, slowly walking back and forth in the bathroom while gnawing on my lower lip.

“Here’s the makeup,” the old lady called after knocking on the bathroom door.

I unlocked it and peeked out, quickly grabbing the plastic bottles, different lipsticks and floral dress from her hand.

There was this strangely knowing glint in her eye that makes me sort of apprehensive for even opening the bathroom door.

It was as if she knew something that I didn’t.

“Thank you,” I softly called before slamming the door in her, slightly surprised, face.

Of course, she would choose a really floral sundress with thin spaghetti straps that exposed a majority of my shoulders and neck.

It had a decent length that ended at my knees but this dress was definitely not my choice of clothing style.

I generally wear rather loose and baggy clothing to hide my figure. My closet mostly consisted of black and gray’s. And I, definitely, do not own anything this girly or floral.

A part of me thought that this was really pretty but the other part of me hated how pretty it was. I’m full of contradictions since I can’t wear the things that I want in fear of being found out.

And I’m always way too paranoid for my own good.

Well, at least it’s not too revealing.

When I glanced at the mirror stationed on top of the sink, I had to contain the screech of horror at seeing what my face looked like after the whole escapade.

My God!

I can see why everyone had such a strong reaction.

To say the makeup was melting off of my face was an understatement. Mascara had flaked everywhere on my cheeks, mixing in with the thick layers of foundation I usually wear. My brick-colored lipstick had transferred all around on my chin and parts of my cheeks.

I literally look like a nightmare come to life. If children saw me they would cry.

And the embarrassment was quick to make me want to hide away somewhere until everyone forgot about me.

With a large inhale of breath, I slowly washed my face free of the makeup and grime on my face, watching the sticky substance float down the drain. It was pretty hard to take off since it was waterproof.

By the time I cleaned it off, it was almost 15-20 minutes later. My hands were shaky from nerves and hunger, but I quickly applied the makeup until it coated my face in thick cakey layers.

The foundation was almost a shade or two off and made me look rather ghostly but that didn’t matter. Since I don’t want to make myself look ”good" in their eyes, I continued to cover up my own features until I became unrecognizable and finished with a thick layer of lipstick.

I feel almost refreshed now that my skin was no longer coated with dirt and debris along with my own puke and sweat.

I unlocked the door and walked out.

From the corner of my eye, I could see the old lady bent over the bed with a blue spray bottle in her hand and a deep frown on her face. After noticing me, she set the bottle down onto the nightstand in an innocent gesture not to offend me further.

My eyes narrowed.

Is she febreezing the spot that I laid on?

“You smell much better now, dear,” she said with a rather relieved smile brightening her face as her body relaxed somewhat.

“Thank you,” I replied awkwardly.

“Now let’s get to dinner, Eros is waiting for you,” she said, stepping closer towards me

I took a step back, evading her outstretched hand.

Her words kept revolving around in my head, replaying like the words from a horror movie. And I couldn’t help but panic again.

Why would he be waiting for me?

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