The Alpha's Breeder

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Fantasy / Romance

Eleven : Alone With Alpha Eros

My cheeks had long lost that slight blush from the shower and instead had gone even paler in comparison to the makeup I had applied onto my face.

I know for certain that I don’t want to see Alpha Eros right now because God knows what would happen to me if I did.

For one, I am definitely not ready to face him.

What am I supposed to say to a male who is supposed to ‘mark, mate, and pup’ me?

I don’t know how to react in such a situation.

“Let’s go.” The old woman urged after turning to me and noticing that I haven’t moved an inch.

“I-I can’t,” I dryly retorted, straightening my back and staring her in the eyes as my lungs heaved in panic.

“You can’t?” she repeated, testing the words and possibly testing me as well with a rather sharp look on her face.

“I don’t think I’m suitable for being a part of this pack. I’m the last person you want to be staying here. I...I...There’s a lot of people in your pack that want me dead. Please, just let me go.” I quickly pleaded, nervously pinching the fabric of the dress in my hands.

"Honey, let’s get this straight. You will not be leaving here since you are now the Alpha Female of this pack. Although there are many that are... upset with your background, I’m assured that they will keep their boundaries. If not, Eros will protect you, so do not worry,” she replied calmly, almost too calmly as if she knew that I was going to refuse.

My lips pinched tightly into a thin line.

“But if you are to even think of running, Eros will catch you before you can even step off of the territory and if need be, he will hunt you down. You do not want to see him in Alpha mode as it will not be good for your mortal body when he forces you to submit,” she cleanly warned me and finished off with a click of her tongue.

I wanted to correct her that my body was virtually immortal now and has been for awhile but that was information I am going to with hold for as long as I can.

“Once Eros room is finished being remodeled, you will be moved there for your mating ceremony and once the deed is completed, it is a done deal.”

There will be no ”deed" that will be done.

Absolutely not.

To be honest, I prayed that whoever was remodeling the room was going to break their leg, arm, finger---whatever so that I wouldn’t have to be relocated into that cursed room.

I would rather take my chances out in the wild or even getting into a body of water filled with piranhas.

“I have been in your shoes before so please take my advice on the matter. You will only end up hurting yourself, dear,” she caught the crook of my elbow and proceeded to slowly drag my slightly resisting body with her.

I knew that she only trying to help but I can’t imagine becoming a part of this pack, or even becoming the Alpha’s mate.

Not in a million years would I ever imagine myself in this kind of position.

She shook her head and sighed as if I was a lost case.

The guards all glanced at me with this slightly comical expression like they wanted to burst out laughing again but chose to refrain in front of the old woman.


They do not know how to be tactful at all.

“We are here, dear,” the older woman said before opening the slightly familiar looking oak doors that stood rather tall and imposing in front of us.

Holy crap.

That was really quick.

I was too busy cussing those two guards out in my head and totally forgot about everything else.

Without any warning, she swung the door open and I could smell the sweet mouthwatering scent of delicious food as it drifted my way.

Saliva started flowing like mad in my mouth and I had to swallow repeatedly in order not to choke on my own spit.

The older woman gave me a reassuring smile before shoving me into the room and out of the doors way.

I stumbled and stepped foot right into the room before coming to a screeching halt when I came face to face with Alpha Eros.

He was standing by the giant work desk with a book in his hand, head tipped upwards and eyes narrowed on my face. I tried to avoid looking him in the eye but that was rather hard to do when looking at someone’s face.

Unintentionally, our eyes met.

I clenched my jaw and had to hold back a shiver when all the hair on my body stood on end.

Everything about him screamed out to me how dangerous he could be.

His electric blue eyes seemed to glow in the dim lighting even more now that I actually got the chance to study him.

It was almost like they were shooting magnetically charged electricity at me.

Awkwardly, I dropped my gaze.

I could still feel his eyes on my face like two beaming lasers that made my cheeks burn hotly in embarrassment.

From the corner of my vision, I could see his eyes drift from my face onto my bare shoulders and finally my neck.

And there seemed to be some sort of knowing glint from his eyes before he looked me in the eye again.

I’ve never had anyone stare at me for this long before. Most of the time they give me a once over, grimace or frown before going on their way and never looking back twice.

My unruly and ugly appearance is that hard to swallow.

It was too embarrassing and unnerving to be studied so closely, like someone was picking you apart and making judgement about all the ‘ugly’ parts of you.

I don’t even think that the light foundation would be able to hide my nervous blush now.


The old woman gave me another gentle shove before I finally managed to get my legs to start moving again.

I feel like I wouldn’t be able to eat with a predator in the room no matter how hungry I am. A nauseous feeling quickly settled into the pit of my stomach and I wondered if I can keep the urge to throw up down again.

Strangely, this feels like my last meal on earth.

“I will leave you two to eat and chat now,” she said rather cheerily. I desperately gave her a look that clearly begged her to stay.




She smiled widely, completely ignoring my pleading look with eyes absolutely gleaming with some sort of glee and mischief.

She even had the audacity to wink at me before closing the door behind her with a slight wave of her hands.

And after the door completely closed, it was complete and utter silence.

There was only one word that can be used to describe the silence in the room right now.


He didn’t say anything and I felt as if my mouth had been stapled shut with at least 7 staples. I couldn’t get a word out in order to ‘break the ice’, not like I wouldn’t be a stuttering mess in front of a handsome man--werewolf-- like him.

Under his intense scrutiny, I shifted from foot to foot while sweating bullets.

Eventually, I shuffled over to the table prepped with delicious looking food and took a seat on the cushioned chairs.

It was too awkward just standing there being analyzed by his predator like gaze. It gave me goosebumps all over.

In the end, I decided to try to stuff my mouth full of food so that I wouldn’t have to converse with him.

Which was a terrible and rude idea but it was the only one I could come up with.

Just as I reached over to grab a fork to pick at the steak, he closed the book and dropped it onto the table with a rather loud resounding clunk.

I didn’t dare glance up due to my nervousness but I can clearly hear the sound of his foot steps coming closer and closer.

My heart was this close to beating out of my chest.

Just as I thought he would take a seat across from me, the sound of his footsteps came to a sudden halt right by my chair.

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