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The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Twelve : Liars

I finally managed to grab the fork and stab the steak before reaching for the knife.

It took everything I had to not look back up at him.

I don’t know if I was imagining it or not but I felt like I could feel his breath flutter the hair at the crown of my head while his body cast a shadow over my face.

It didn’t look like he was going to move away until I looked at him so I decided to obey the call of impulse and tipped my head back.

I attempted to glare at him but just seeing his face made me recoil into myself submissively when all I really wanted to do was scratch his eye balls out and flee like a frightened animal.

He looked much taller and scarier from this angle yet I couldn’t get myself to look away from him this time and I had no clue why.

“What is your name?” Eros asked me as I was tempted to just let him wait it out before finding out that I will never tell him.

That icy look on his face made me decide otherwise though.

“Asuka,” I blurted out after that stern look he gave made me verbally vomit again. I have no clue why I gave him my co-workers name. It must have been a spur of the moment thing.

Strong hands reached out before long fingers gripped my chin with a slightly tense hold and angled my head upwards to stare him straight in the eye.

It definitely tingled where his hand remained against my flesh and my heart had sped up to an abnormally fast pace.

The fork clinked against the porcelain plate when I quickly dropped it to grab his hand in case his claws decide to sink into my flesh.

“I can smell your lie, mate,” the animalistic glint in his eye made my stomach churn uneasily. I knew from research that with the werewolves’ enhanced hearing they are the closest possible living version of the lie detector. Werewolves can hear the change in heart rate and smell the acrid scent of nervousness and sweat that is expelled when a person is lying, no matter how good of a liar they are.

The urge to tell him to shove it was quickly swallowed down with the rest of my pride since I really didn’t want to die at the moment.

Terrified would not even describe how I feel right now.

“I do not take well to being lied to, especially not from you. Now tell me your name,” he ordered with a slightly narrowed gaze on me.

I guess there won’t be any lying for a while.

“Emi,” I muttered, pushing a lock of hair from my face to notice that a chunk of the foundation had dried on it. “It’s not a lie. My name is really Emi, short for Emira,” I bit out.

Eros strong grip on my chin finally loosened before tapered fingers glided across my cheek.

I could tell that his hand almost sunk into my face because of the thick cakey layers of makeup that coated my skin.

It hadn’t quite dried yet because of my rush in application.

His frown was almost noticeable when he inspected his fingers to note the foundation that had transferred onto it when his hand had almost stuck to my face.

“Must you coat your face in so much of this?” his voice sounded slightly annoyed, irked and bothered by my attitude.

I didn’t say anything, deciding to play dumb for now until I can find a good escape plan.

All I have to simply do is play it off and act like I want to be here until my escape falls through.

“Yes.” I stated in finality with a pointed stare at his chin since I lost the nerve to look him in the eyes.

"Deceit does not look good on you, mate.” His eyes flashed in annoyance with a slightly displeased curl of his lips.

“Don’t call me that!” I stated in exasperation, my dull nails biting into his wrist as I glared up at him. I will draw blood if I have to.

Perhaps all the stress got to me but I definitely feel a little more angry and this is where I am drawing all of this confidence from.

“I will call you by the title that you deserve, mate,” he replied with a curve of his lips into one of the most good looking of smirks that I have ever seen.

I felt an angry growl burst from my throat when he had the audacity to look entertained!

“Impressive,” He simply looked amused at my anger and that seemed to make me feel even more pissed.

Stupid Alpha’s and their stupid arrogance.

I have a fork and I am not afraid to use it!

“I’m not your mate, or hell, even your pack mate!” I cried out, pushing my chair back and attempting to shove him out of my personal space but just like I expected, he was as solid as a giant immovable boulder.

At this point, I am beyond frustrated.

Being kidnapped then starved for a couple of days before being chased and threatened to be killed is not a good way to start the week.

I’m so upset with the situation right now I have no clue what to do.

“Calm down.” He ordered as if his words would have that kind of effect on me.

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared up at him before spitting out the word I learned to regret later, ”No.”

“I am getting the hell out of here and you can calm the f*ck down yourself!” I stated, pushing pass him and heading straight for the door.

As if escaping was going to be that easy.

At least I tried.

Just before my fingers had grazed the knob, I was tugged forcefully back by the crook of my elbow.

The momentum and force of the pull caused me to trip over my own feet until my face plastered itself onto his hard chest, limbs flying akimbo.

The white shirt he wore was completely ruined the moment my face touched it.

The bright pink lipstick created a giant smudge across the seemingly flawless white shirt, while the light foundation seemed almost brown once it touched down.

I can only imagine what half of my face looks like now.

Almost like a hell cat, I tried to get out of his arms but they were like strong vices that failed to let me go. Biting and scratching yet getting nowhere.

The adrenaline rush was definitely kicking in.

“You will not be leaving and that is final, little mate,” he growled out and I noted that my growl was just a slight childish cough compared to his.

“Do you understand?”

That terrifying snarl on his face coupled with that growling tone of voice startled me enough to clear the haze of anger.

All of that fake bravado spilled out of my body in torrents until I was trembling again like a leaf in the wind.

“I will not repeat myself, Emira," his arms tightened around my waist, holding me flush against his much taller and stronger form until my breasts were pressed flat against him. I could definitely feel the flexing of his muscles against my body, coiling and uncoiling like a snake ready to strike.

I couldn’t help but shiver as he called out my full name with his sinfully deep voice.

“Yes,” I hoarsely whispered like a lamed animal.

"Good.” His body relaxed almost instantly at my admission, at my willing submission.

Somehow, I finally remembered learning that Alpha’s do not take ”no" for an answer. Anyone who dared to go against their wishes died faster than they could even breathe in their last breath.

What have I done?

Of course my stomach chose exactly this moment to make itself known with a horrendously rude growl of its own.

He frowned deeply, before dragging my un-resisting body back to the table and into the chair again.

“Eat.” He ordered before handing me the fork and taking a seat across from me.

I was no longer in the mood to eat but I had to force myself to since he was giving me a rather deadly glare that seemed to gleam with some sort of hidden punishment that I would not enjoy.

Just as I was about to pick up the knife to start cutting at my steak, he reached over and grabbed my plate, quickly replacing it with his own.

I paused momentarily, glancing down at the neatly cut bite sized pieces before me with no clue what to do.

He was either really quick or I was really slow.

“Thank you,” I muttered under my breath before taking a couple bites of the food.

I know how to be thankful and voice my gratitude even if it was towards the man who is keeping me captive.

I duly noted that he only started eating once I had properly started on my meal, making sure that I was doing as I was told.

Truthfully, I have a feeling that this meal was going to be a once in a lifetime memory that I will never forget.

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