The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Thirteen : Hand Fed

The next ten minutes drawled by.

I tried my best to eat but the awkwardness of the situation and his steady gaze made it very difficult to continue the meal.

The steak tasted good but the nervousness and anxiety wouldn’t go away. How can anyone eat with someone staring them down?

With a purse of my lips, I slowly laid the fork down onto the plate and watched as a frown made way onto his lips.

“You need to eat more, Emira,” he urged, although I felt some hidden emotion in his words that seemed more like an order than a suggestion.

My eyes narrowed.

“I’m full,” I stubbornly replied as if I wasn’t talking down to the Alpha of this pack. You could say that my nerves were making me come off a little more arrogant and confident than I actually am.

And perhaps, I may regret this when I wake up with an arm missing tomorrow.

“You will finish the rest of your meal,” he stated calmly, jaw slightly gritted, probably from my bitchy attitude.

My lips pressed into a thin lip and I considered throwing the plate into his handsome face to see what his reaction would be.

It seemed that no matter what I did or how bad my attitude is, he was willing to resolve all of it in a calm matter.

But I’m not going to let him get his way.

Because he’s going to have to reconsider calling me his “mate” and making me his Alpha Female before long.

And I can’t help but wonder that if I am really the Breeder then wouldn’t I be able to make my own decisions on who I want to mate?

Shouldn’t I have the right to pick and choose my own life partner without the help of some ‘Moon Goddess’?

I am my own person and I don’t belong to anybody other than myself.

Thank you very much.

“N----” I was halfway through saying that word when I was quickly dragged out of my chair.

Before I could even comprehend what was going on, I found myself swiftly deposited onto his lap and securely fastened against him.

His hard chest was pressed tightly to my back while his arms wound around my waist in a loose hold that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get out of.

At the sudden turn of events, my lips slightly parted in surprise.

“Let me g-----Umph!!” I tried to speak when a forkful of medium rare steak was shoved into my partially opened mouth.

In order not to choke, I had to forcefully bite down on a chunk of meat and quickly chewed in hopes of getting my words out.

Each time I try to talk, he would use that as an opening to shove the chunks of steak into my mouth!

“The pup will need nourishment since you are too thin right now,” he murmurs against my ear and I could feel my ears become extremely hot in response.

His warm breath tickled my neck, brushing against my sensitive skin ever so lightly. I tried to shrug to get rid of the strangely erotic sensation but with how close we were, it was impossible.



What pup?

“I’m not going to-----Umphff--” He once again feeds me a forkful of food before I could even finish my sentence.


I’m going to eat the damned thing and get it over with. And right after, he’s going to feel my wrath!

Almost the whole steak later, he’s finally satisfied with the amount of food that I consumed. My stomach is aching from being filled to the brim yet I can’t do anything about it.

I’m so upset at the moment that steam could literally be coming out of my ears.

Before I could blow up in his face, I grabbed the glass of water and chugged it down.

A rather scathing look had made way onto my face when I turned my head to him and said, “Look here you bastar---”

I didn’t manage to finish my sentence because he suddenly leaned in close until our noses almost touch.

At that one sudden movement, I somehow lose all coherent thought.

Even up close he was damned near perfect.

“You were saying?” He playfully remarked.

I could feel my cheeks burn hotly while my hands start to sweat like mad.

Even my heart was beating like a drum in my chest in both mortification and sexual awareness of some sorts.

He seemed to emit so much charisma and masculinity that it made someone inexperienced like me become easily mesmerized by him.

Since we were sitting so close, I could smell his warm scent and feel his every inhale and exhale against my face and hair.

Just the thought of us being so intimately attached made my cheeks burn hot and steady.

“Y-You...I...” I stuttered, feeling at a loss of words for the first time.

Too close!

He is too damn close to my face!

“I what?” Eros grinned down at me. Even sitting he was over a head taller than me, still.

I pursed my lips and didn’t reply.

“Now that we are both full, let’s get to bed.” He pulled me up to a standing position yet my limbs felt like jelly, making me incapable of completely standing straight.


The way he phrased his words made it sound as if we were going to go to bed...together.

Which we are not and will not.

Not if I can help it anyways.

“I-I can go myself,” I stuttered, removing myself from his arms when he suddenly grabbed my wrist and dragged me back against him.

As if he can tell that I was going to try to run again, Eros suddenly bent down and looped his arm underneath my legs.

I was easily lifted off of the ground in a matter of seconds.

My stomach churned and I prayed that I didn’t throw up again.

“I will take you,” he stated before walking out of the room and taking a right instead of the left from where I had come from.

And I found myself gobsmacked in the face by reality.

“You’re going in the wrong direction!” I cried, crumpling his shirt in my hands and tugging.

As if he was going to turn back with my mediocre attempts.

“We will be returning to my room,” he replied, steadily walking as if he didn’t have me in his arms, almost as if I didn’t weigh anything to him.

Didn’t that old woman say that his room was currently being remodeled?

“I thought your room was being remodeled, shouldn’t you wait until it’s finished?” I sharply questioned, kicking my legs and flailing my arms.

I attempted to crawl my way off but he had a very tight grip on me.

“It has already been finished 30 minutes ago,” he replied matter-of-factly.

As if noting my incredulous expression, he continued by saying, “We are werewolves. We are much quicker and more efficient than the average human.”

During my struggle, someone walked out of one of the rooms and saw my flailing limbs waving around. The young teenager immediately turned back around. He looked ready to close the door when he said, “She’s ug---er hard to look at and she has attitude? Man, you got the short end of the stick, Alpha.”

The teenager glanced at me before shaking his head and closing the door as if he was reprimanding me, the adult, for bad behavior.


“You will cease your useless struggling and childish behavior, Emira,” he glanced down at me with a slightly annoyed expression on his handsome face.

I gave him a glare of my own in return.

It was obvious that none of my childish attempts made a difference because he continued his steady pace.

He tread up a set of stairs with me in his arms and I seemingly wilted against him in defeat.

Before I knew it, Eros opened a set of expensive oak doors to a room, that I could only assume was his, and closed it with a muffled click behind us.

Aw shoot.

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