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The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Sixteen : Mine To Protect

Eros’ eyebrow arched high in question at my slightly, scratch that, completely weird movements and physical position.

My cheeks started to heat up in embarrassment but I managed to swallow that down before I could do anything stupid in protest. Hopefully, he doesn’t point out how weird I am being.

He picked up another set of documents on a night stand next to his right hand side and glanced back in my direction. A glint of acknowledgement and understanding flashed somewhere in the depths of his beautiful blue eyes.

I shrugged down the strong urge to shiver under his rather animalistic perusal of my body from head to bared legs. The room felt strangely cold and hot at the same time, if that is even possible.

Perhaps cold from the slight breeze in the air and hot from Eros’ unshakable staring. Doesn’t he feel the need to blink?

I’m tired just from watching him watching me.

I know for sure that there’s no way I can deal with Eros right now if he decides to become some pheromone induced animal and attack me.

"Come to bed," he finally states, lifting the sheets on the opposite side invitingly as I contemplated my fate if I did crawl into his bed.

I can’t figure out if he would be a gentleman and keep his hands to himself, stay on his side of the bed or pounce on me.

Perhaps I should give him the benefit of a doubt. He hasn’t done anything to me for me to feel animosity towards him compared to a certain group of chauvinistic assh*les that man handled me and choked me nearly to death.

The multiple wounds across my flesh are great proof of that.

I can think of several occurrences where Eros could have really caused damage to me because of my rather childish behavior, yet he chose not to. He hadn’t hit me nor has he raised his voice at me like he could have.

Werewolves aren’t really know for having a such a calm cool demeanor, they tended to be rather hot headed and easily angered so I find Eros to be quite different from what I expected.


I will trust him unless he proves otherwise.

I grind my teeth together and glare almost in warning at him before slowly approaching, afraid to encroach on his property in case it would trigger his feral instincts or something.

My shoulders a rather tensed, hands still clutching the front of the white shirt with a death drip, and back obviously still hunched over. Eros chose to disregard my weird behavior and not comment on it.

Thank goodness.

I shuffled over and turned my back to him and realized what a stupid idea that was. The experience I managed to get from analyzing werewolves for so long is, never turn your back to the predator.

Even injured werewolves can do more damage in their defensive stage than uninjured ones.

I swiftly turned my head and analyzed his relaxed posture. He hadn’t really moved from his spot ever since I left the backroom.

Perhaps this would be a really good time to talk to him about a compromise. He doesn’t look too hard to approach right now.

“Alpha Eros, can we talk seriously for a minute?” I slowly turned to him, watching him from the corner of my eye.

He hummed a response that I could only assume was approval before he set down the pile of documentation onto the night stand and turned to me.

Electric blue eyes are really staring at me straight in the eye again and I seem to have lost my train of thoughts in the process at the handsome face mirrored in my vision.

The corners of his sexy mouth seemed to lift into a really handsome smirk at my somewhat embarrassing reaction to facing him.

I tried to keep a serious expression on my face to fan down the burn of my cheeks to my chagrin.

“Are you really sure that we are ‘soul mates’? Because I’m really childish and old and...I have a really bad temper and several other really bad habits like licking the spoon after applying peanut butter on the bread and using that same spoon to spread jam after contaminating the jar. Er---I’m getting off topic. What I mean is would you really want to spend the rest of your life with me?” I attempted to start, wracking my brain for ways to get my point across, which is ‘let me go’ and ‘I am not you mate’.

“You are better off letting me go. There are so many beautiful looking woman out there that are much much more suitable than me. I mean sometimes mistakes are hard to avoid when deciding something like this, not that I’m saying that you made a mistake or anythi---” I continued to ramble on and on, glancing ever so slightly at his hardening facial expression.

“I make no mistakes, mate. I am sure you are my mate, my Alpha Female, mine," his words seemed to leave no room for any discussion.

I bristled slightly in anger, “And what if I don’t want to be ′yours’? I’m a living breathing human being and I don’t take well to the idea of being your personal property, Alpha Eros. I belong to myself. No one else.”

“You do not understand, mate,” he seemed to be displeased with my fuming countenance, “You are not and never will be my personal property. When I say that you are mine, I am also yours in every sense. We will carry a very symbolic relationship of yin and yang, of equality as mates. One cannot exist without the other and vice versa, as it should be.”

It is obvious that he is trying to persuade me to bend to his will but I’m not that easy to sway.

I was still currently trying to process what he was saying without realizing that he somehow managed to migrate from his side of the bed to mine.


Wait a minute.

I think I just saw a hint of his naked hip and a firm rounded buttock. The sound of a loud explosion went off in my head.

He sleeps naked?

What are the odds of that?

I am tempted to rip my own hair out in frustration. It was either that our throttle Eros for his vain behavior.

At this point in time, I am thoroughly distracted away from the conversation and onto Eros’ nakedness.

“You are mine to protect, to provide and to care for until the day I cease to exist. Even then, I will make sure you and our pups are properly protected and cared for but know that such a day will never come. ” he explained in a laid back manner, long tapered fingers brushed across the expanse of my hot cheeks in a fairly light touch almost longingly.

“I can protect and provide for my own self. I have done so for a majority of my life and I can continue to do so without you,” I argued back, “and can you move back a little bit?”

My cheek twitched as I ignored the sudden itch of heat that his touch ignited.

He chose to ignore my request, “You can, yes. I do not question your abilities. But as your mate, I wish to protect you, not because of obligation but because I want to.”

“There are many benefits to becoming my Alpha Female, Emira. For instance, I am a monogamous and traditional man. I will never cheat on you like your human counterparts. For me there will only be you, my pride and honor demand that the same will be said for you. I do not share well with others,” his strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me even closer towards his sculpted body.

When you are sitting this close to someone so Godlike like Eros, the temptation to sin is at least 1000 percent higher than normal.

I could definitely feel the outline of his arms, the heat his body emitted was very relaxing and I am really tempted to lean all of my body weight against him.

Eros tipped his head downwards, lips brushing against my temple as I completely froze at the foreign feeling of being in his arms and his lips touching my skin.

My skin tingles rather pleasurably and I feel something building up inside of me, asking for something yet I’m not too certain what it is.

I’m certain that I am being seduced right now.

The room seemed to have heated up to the point that I could feel my pores opening from the warmth.

“I will not and can not ever leave you behind. Anything that you want I will grant, other than letting you go of course. Do these parameters not please you?”

Although there have been some slight stumbles and near death experiences but I can say that I am a very hardy person that will not just lay down and die that easily.

But it is nice to have that extra protection and backup, yet it is not enough for me to trade my life and freedom away like that. For all I know, his words could all be lies to get me to fall face first into his trap.

His breath fluttered a lock of my hair as I attempted to pull away but realized he had somehow manipulated me into laying fully onto my back.

“I will not take anything away from you, Emira. Not even your freedom to do as you please,” he murmured with such sincerity and truth that I felt my heart skip a beat.

His body creates a shadow over my face as his arms cage over my form, leaving me with a vision of nothing except for him.

Eros’ lips lightly brushed against the corner of my mouth and this jolts me out of my thoughts.

At this position I suddenly realize something very important that I seemed to have forgotten after being distracted my Eros.

My nipples!

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