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The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

**Seventeen : Enthralled

“Don’t I have a say in any of this?” I worriedly asked, hands immediately coming up to cover my chest but he was just a tad bit faster.

Tapered fingers caught my wrist and manipulated my arms until they lay above my head, forcing my back to arch upwards slightly with sparks that scattered across my flesh.

At this position, my breasts jutted upwards for all to see.

The t-shirt could barely cover anything up at this time and I knew he could see what I have been trying to hide. Eros’ eyes drifted from my own eyes down towards my breasts and I could feel my face burn like the sun.

If my boobs could blush they would probably be blood red right now.

Eros’ eyes seemed to darken to a deeper shade of blue, pupils slightly dilated as he stares at my breasts without blinking.

“There is no pretending, mate. Your only option is to accept me as your mate and Alpha. Or...I could find other pleasurable ways to persuade you,” He finally drawls out the words in a very husky seductive tone, holding me captive at the start.

His sex appeal was no joke, especially for a person that has no experience whatsoever like me. Other than seeing fake replicas of an intimate union between the two genders on the TV screen, I had no other prior experience with a man, none the less one of his caliber.

I do know the scientific procedure of how both genders perform coitus but applying it to yourself seemed to be the really hard part to swallow.

I suppose having hands on experience is a lot more eye opening than book experience. Yet I’m not too sure if Eros and I being the specimens would be a good thing.

“It has taken me far too long to find you. How could I let go of you?” he rumbled softly as if in contemplation, “How could I reject the best part of me?”

His voice is deep and velvety with a husky undertone that seems to become even more heated with every word he speaks. I find myself completely enthralled by his longing tone of voice.

It’s really hard not to wave the white flag and just admit defeat but I didn’t want to throw in the towel so easily.

I know that I’m being completely stubborn and prudish but this is my life and freedom that is being gambled!

I manage to free a hand from his and I’m assured that he let me because there is no way that someone of his physical stature would even let the prey move from his grasp.

I pushed at his naked chest, attempting to move him off but he didn’t budge in the slightest. Eros seemed to move in even closer until our chests seem to touch.

I blushed as the tips of my breasts rubbed against the hard muscles of his chest, jaw clenched tight at the sudden tingles that erupted from such a sensitive area. Swallowing down the urge to panic as a moan almost made way out of my throat, I push a little harder against his hard chest.

He seemed to be amused by my feeble attempts to dislodge him.

“I will give you time, mate. But it does not mean I will stand by and watch you without attempting to...entice you,” he rumbled out with this really sinfully erotic voice that caused my heart to stumble.

My mouth went dry. I think he already got me where he wants me.

Eros’ cold nose slowly skimmed across the surface of my neck, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. Before I could say anything, he placed a soft burning kiss against the crook of my neck and shoulder, tongue lazily lathing across a certain spot that caused me to tremble unconsciously with shivers wracking my form.

He repeated the action several times, all the while watching my trembling reaction.

His sharp canine slightly glides across the surface of my jaw and I could feel delicious tingles cascade down the expanse of my body to form goosebumps across my skin.

“You smell delicious, mate,” he whispers out against my ear, teasing me as I open my eyes to watch him smirk in a completely pleased way. His warm lips leave a delicate kiss against the surface of my ear and nipped at the skin lightly before lapping against the sensitive area.

A breathless gasp manages to leave my throat as I immediately clamp my free arm over my mouth.

What an embarrassing sound! I could tell that my cheeks were probably the color of tomatoes right now. A warm feeling wells in my abdomen like liquid heat and I could feel the need for something that makes me squirm in unrest, yet I am unable to decipher what it is.

I think things have gotten out of my control really quick.

He stoops back slightly to analyze my face expression with that darned sexy smirk on his face that holds my complete attention.

I don’t know if it was on purpose or not, but Eros swiftly moves his arm upwards and I could feel warm tapered fingers brush innocently across the tips of my breasts before catching my free arm and pulling it upwards to join my other arm.

His warm mouth kisses across my chin, briefly ghosting across the corner of my mouth before the lightest of a kiss pressed onto my lips before he pulled away.

I bit down hard on my lower lip to stop myself from making any strange embarrassing noises. My breath is coming out in pants and I could hear my heart pounding in my head.

“But I will not take you unless you wish me to, mate. No matter how tempting you are,” he smirked down at me before completely removing himself from my body and resuming his previous spot on the bed.

What a tease!

I huff and roll over to my side after glancing at him from the side of my eye. It’s not like I wanted him to continue...right?


After all, I can’t just give my body to him without really loving him.

Strong muscled arms caught my waist and tugged until I laid comfortably against his warm chest. I guess I wasn’t the only one with bodily reactions to his teasing because I could feel something really hard prodding against my butt almost like it had a mind of its own.

I am going to trust his words that he wouldn’t touch me unless I want him to.

My head seemed to suddenly want to shut down now all of a sudden. The feeling of safety and warmth seemed to make me really sleepy now, almost like being under the suns warm light rays on a nice spring day.

My head laid back against his arm as I sagged into his chest and I could hear this really comfortable contented rumble in his chest that seemed to lull me to sleep. The sound was not quite like a cats purr, or the growling from anger, it was something that seemed oddly comfortable and relaxed.

The rumbling vibrated against my back and it seemed like nothing in the world could trouble me or him right now.

I will analyze this more later but for now I chose to brush it aside as sleep covered my vision in black.

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