The Alpha's Breeder

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Fantasy / Romance

Twenty One : Meeting Zanthos

Eros had left with Toran a while ago when he had appointed a young girl to be my tour guide of the place.

I really appreciated the fact that Eros wasn’t going to escort me. It would be a lot harder to discover any escape routes with him around. If he realizes my intentions to run away, I’m assured that he would renovate this whole pack house like he did his room.

And that would be a scary sight to see.

“I’m Rora. Like Aurora but just ’Rora. I’m honored to meet you.” Rora was very bubbly and liked to smile a lot. I wish I was as energetic as she was, but I don’t think I can be as bright as she is. Rora looked to be 13 or 14 years old with a bright innocent smile on her face and light blonde hair cut short in a bob.

“You can just call me Emi,” I reply.

“You’re really pretty,” Rora complimented out of nowhere with a nod of her head as if to justify what she just said.

“Thank you.” I slowly followed her. I could tell that I already liked her. What girl wouldn’t like it when she gets compliments? Come on.

Rora seemed like the type of person to speak her mind and truthfully answer everything unlike most people out there.

Like me for instance. I tend to bottle up my feelings and kept most of my thoughts to myself, which was completely opposite of her.

She introduced me to most areas of the pack house before moving to the gigantic sized dining hall that seemed to like some sort of venue for weddings and parties. I can only imagine how many people are in this pack of theirs just by the size of this dining hall.

Glancing around, I almost jumped at the sudden appearance of a man by the door. His back was leaning against the oak while his hand was holding a cigarette to his lips.

He looked a lot like Eros but with a more mischievous and dark feel. Dark brown hair and handsome aristocratic features that resembled Eros by almost 40 percent really surprised me.

They aren’t twins are they?

Eros never said he had any siblings, not that I asked.

I obviously knew nothing about Eros.

“You reek of Eros,” the mischievous male said, scrunching his nose in distaste and glancing at me with his head tipped upwards. His dark blue eyes seem to stare right into my soul and a smirk colored his thin lips.

Goosebumps were quick to gather onto my skin. His stare seemed to move from my face down to my body and back up.

My face twitched.

I was tempted to slap him for his rather blatant and pointed gaze at my assets.

I could already tell that he was nothing like Eros.

“Which is a good thing, Alpha Female,” Rora said softly, head bent down submissively to this man as if he held a higher position than her in the pack. Rora looked like she was scared of this man.

When I glanced downwards, I noticed her hands were trembling. Her whole body seemed rather stiff and taut.

Who is he?

“I’m Zanthos, Eros’ brother,” Zanthos introduced, right hand coming out towards me with a cheeky grin that seemed to darken his face. I don’t know why but I’m reminded of Hades and Zeus from the Greek mythology.


Should I shake his hands?

I guess I hesitated too long because he reached out, grabbed my hand with a tight grip and shook it a couple of times.

“You’re a lot hotter than what all the pack members have been saying. Which is kind of sad that such a beautiful girl like you will be mated to Eros,” he said with a flirting tone of voice. “Do you want to be my mate instead?”

I didn’t quite know if he was teasing or not but I felt oddly uncomfortable at his piercing stare, which seemed to be shooting out signals telling me to say ‘yes’.

He was still holding my hand and I could feel my skin crawl.

With a sharp tug, I managed to get my hand back from his. I slowly rest my hand against my dress and rubbed my sweaty palms onto it, trying to get rid of the feeling of his skin against mine.

“I’m fine, thank you,” I reply courteously, ignoring his pointed look of disappointment.

I have mixed feelings about Zanthos. He appears to be much more than what meets the eye and I really don’t want to get to know the real him because I’m afraid of what I would find.

“Since I don’t smell his seed on or in you, feel free to change your mind, Emi.” He grinned cheekily and swung his arm suddenly swinging on my shoulders. His entire weight was pressed against me.

I’m not even going to ask how he knew my name because that is not creepy at all.

Note my sarcasm.

And, truthfully, I had a feeling that he has been following us since the beginning, probably after Eros left.

After shrugging for the third time in an attempt to dislodge his heavy arm, he still wouldn’t let go of my shoulder. Rora was glancing at me with this rather pitiful look as if she wanted to do something but was unable to.

“Can you please remove your arm, Zanthos?” I bit out the words through clenched teeth, finger nails biting into my palms.

I was tempted to punch him for his presumptuous ways, but I didn’t know if he would take the offensive and punch me back. I don’t think I could take the brunt of a punch from a six-seven foot werewolf.

Perhaps I am just over thinking it, but I feel like he is a very dangerous person.

“I like being this close to you, Emi. I feel like I’ve known you my whole life!” He replied, warm breath fluttering the hairs on the top of my head.

This is what I mean when I say typical Alpha male behavior. Arrogant, self centered, forceful, and rude. They act as if females had no standing whatsoever and took whatever they wanted when they wanted. They don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and it looked like Zanthos is the prime example.

Thank God Eros was not anything like this. I don’t know what I would do if he was.

“That’s nice, but I don’t feel the same way so remove your arm,” I ground out, stepping forward only to have him pull me back to his side. This time, even closer than we were a moment ago.

I’m really just this close from kneeing him in the balls if he doesn’t quit. I’m sure it would hurt the same way as it would for humans.

It has to.

“With a little bit of time, I’m sure you will,” he said mysteriously with a dark and slightly malicious smirk.

“Zanthos, are you teasing Emi already?” The older woman from before came strolling into the dining hall.

I felt Zanthos stiffen. He glanced at me from the corner of his eye before a bright and innocent smile, that obviously did not reach his eyes, bloomed on his lips.

I immediately used this as a chance to get away from him. He didn’t resist this time when I peeled his arm off of my shoulder.

Zanthos looked like he listened to her, almost in a respectful way.

It caught me off guard.

“You caught me, grams,” he laughed.

Zanthos’ eyes never strayed from my face with a sharp and taunting glint.

Talk about two-faced.

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