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Twenty Four : The Little Things

“What are you thinking so hard about?” Eros’ warm breath fluttered the strands of hair on my head when he spoke, startling me with his proximity and sudden appearance.

My thoughts have, once again, pulled me away from reality. I had not even realized that Granny Ada had cleaned up the plate and cup almost an hour ago.

Everything felt as if it was out of my hands.

It was weird to be tossed into this mess and forced to accommodate myself, like a sponge ready to soak up information and continue living. Although the environment had changed, I have not.

No matter what, I continue to breathe and live.

The person making the decision is me. Not anyone else.


I looked up at him through my lashes, contemplating the words that were revolving in my head like a prayer, ready to drive me insane at any moment in time.


That one simple word felt like a bomb dropped into the ocean, causing the calm waves to form giant tides and sweep the shore clean of everything.

I regretted it the moment that word left my lips before my mind could catch up. If I could slap myself, I would have. But I’m not fond of pain or embarrassing myself in front of Eros by proving to him that I am a psycho.

Not that I haven’t embarrassed myself enough in front of him.

And I know for certain that my cheeks are probably a bright shade of red now. I was mentally berating myself for saying that.

Why in the world did I say that?

“I like that you’re more forward than I am, Emi.” He chuckled, thin lips quirked upwards into a handsome smile that made my heart race. His blue eyes were staring into my own with this look of utter adoration. And I couldn’t help but feel flattered.

What did I do to deserve him and his adoration?

Did experimenting on his kind make for a good impression?

I’m joking again.

“I mean about what the council said,” I muttered, feeling as if I am digging a deeper hole the more I tried to explain and becoming tongue-tied in the process.

Eros suddenly swept a hand across my blushing cheeks. Then, I could feel his entire body tense.

His hands froze midway across my cheeks, long tapered fingers rubbing against the delicate flesh.

That slight quirk of his lips became stiff, and his eyes darted from my hands to my shoulders, as if there was something on there that I couldn’t see.

I could tell that this invisible substance bothered him because his brows immediately furrowed tightly together in response.

“Stay away from Zanthos, Emira,” he warned. His tone of voice was soft and his words sounded like a suggestion, not a demand or a command, leaving me feeling as if my opinion actually mattered to him.

He could smell Zanthos on me.

“I know,” I reply off the bat because it did not require thought to know this. I’m guessing that it wasn’t my imagination when I said that Zanthos was a lot more dangerous than he looked.

“Do you want me to go take a shower?” I ask cautiously, glancing at Eros through the veil of my lashes.

I knew from research that werewolves were very territorial creatures that didn’t like others touching the things that they considered theirs. Zanthos probably did it on purpose to irritate Eros.

It was petty how he was willing to go out of his way to make Eros mad at every chance he got. It probably made him feel better about the whole Lillith situation.

“You don’t have to,” he replied with a tight smile on his lips.

His warm hands were quick to catch my own, leading me into the bathroom and right in front of the sink.

I tipped my head to the side in question when he stood behind me, strong arms wrapped around my body like a cage of human flesh.

Eros’ front was attached to my back, hot breath brushing against the skin of my sensitive neck in every inhale and exhale.

The sparks were quick to scatter across the surface of my flesh, leaving goosebumps, like a trail of fire, all over my body from where our skin touched. My heart was already racing just from this simple contact, almost ready to jump right out of my chest.

Eros could probably hear the rapid beating of my heart because the corner of his mouth slightly lifted into a roguish smirk.

He cleaned my fingers rather thoroughly, softly and gently rubbing against my skin, as if he was afraid to injure me if he used too much strength or force. I lowered my gaze, afraid that if I stared any longer, he might just take my soul right out of my body.

He was everything in a man that I could possibly want and it was tempting to be in his presence. Every single action that he made seemed to make my heart tremble, made me lose the sense of reality and everything else around me. He treated me so good and I could tell it wasn’t because he was just trying to get me to mate him.

This is what made it impossible not to like Eros. Who in their right mind could hate him? Other than Zanthos, of course.

My fingers closed around his, my eyes slightly downcast when he cleaned the water from my hands with a dry towel.

After the thorough wash, he cleaned off my bare shoulders with a wet towel to remove Zanthos’ invisible scent that I couldn’t really smell. He was very patient. In fact, I have never met anyone as patient as him.

And it surprised me.

When I looked up, I was dumbfounded at the image that reflected back in the mirror. From our position, it looked as if he was hugging me from back, head tipped downwards to look at my fingers.

I could see the way his lashes fluttered, covering his bright blue eyes as he looked down. His cheekbones seemed to glow in the light.

My heart stuttered a beat.

Just when I thought he was done, Eros suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, stopping me from turning around to face him. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion when his head descended to my shoulder and I couldn’t help but follow his every action with my eyes.

I have to admit that it felt slightly erotic, watching myself in the mirror while Eros was doing things to me.

That didn’t sound right but I didn’t know a better way to phrase it.

At this point, my breath became baited. White sparks covering my vision when his warm breath touched the crook where my neck and shoulder met.

This sense of anticipation settled in the pit of my stomach, and I could barely swallow down that sudden lump that formed in my throat.

Eros’ teasingly stopped almost hair's breadth away from my skin, looking straight at me through the mirror. The hot sultry look made me completely spellbound by him and my stomach tightened with excitement.

Then, his hot mouth pressed against my hypersensitive skin. My eyes closed on instinct, lips parted and a gasping breath escaped while my fingers dug into his forearm.

My mouth had gone completely dry. I was sure that if Eros wasn’t holding me up, I would have embarrassed myself and fell to the floor.

The feeling was nothing I could ever describe.

Like rain on a hot desert after a long and terrible drought.

Like the feeling of being shocked until my whole body trembled in a pleasurable and uncontrollable way.

There were tremors that wracked my body at just that one simple touch, and I couldn’t do anything other than stand there and take it. It left me, almost, mentally incapacitated.

Is this how it is for true mates?

How could they stand these chaotic sensations?

I was already melting into a puddle of goo with just one simple kiss. Could you imagine what would happen if we actually mated?

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Why am I even thinking of mating with Eros?

That thought pulled me back to reality and I managed to weakly open my eyes when I felt Eros’ tongue brush against my pulse. The pink appendage lathed my skin with just enough pressure to make my knees weak. Then, he lightly bit down and sucked, just a tad bit, harder.

Just the sensation of his mouth closing around my skin was enough to make me want to cry out. I swallowed another mouthful of air to try to keep my silence, pinching my lips tightly together.

Before long, my head fell to the side, breasts heaving at every harsh intake of breath.

Eros’ hands slid from my wrist, upwards to my arms and to my bare shoulders. His long fingers easily pushed the straps from my dress and bra down my shoulder until it dangled at the side of my arm.

I swallowed thickly.

His hot lips kissed downwards, leaving a wet trail glistening in the light.

“Aa...” I couldn’t contain the slightly breathless and gasping moan, not even realizing that it had come from my lips.

It echoed in my ears, resounding against the bathroom tiles. I could feel my entire body heat up in embarrassment.

Glancing upwards, I could see myself leaning completely against Eros’ taller form, head tilted over and resting against his chest.

My cheeks were flushed a pretty shade of pink, eyes slightly hazy and mouth slightly parted

Was that really me?

I couldn’t see Eros’ face, but I had a feeling that I wasn’t the only one affected by his teasing.

From the mirror, I was left with a vision of the top of his head and his tall nose bridge as he kissed along my shoulder, nipping lightly here and suckling the flesh there.

Before long, all of my senses were filled with him.

His touch.

His scent.

His kisses.

Eros’ lips rubbed against my neck and shoulder for almost another millisecond before he completely pulled away.

He was grinning at me with this rather lazy expression on his face as if he was the cat that had eaten the canary.

Not yet, Eros.

Not. Quite. Yet.

“Lunch is probably ready,” he said with a rather husky and low voice that sounded much more seductive than normal.

The entire sensual and romantic atmosphere was completely destroyed by his random words.

Screw lunch!

Who cared about that right now?

I swallowed down the words I really wanted to say and could feel my cheek twitch in frustration.

To say I was disappointed was an understatement. He made me aroused with just one stupid kiss then ruined the atmosphere by talking about lunch.

My eyes narrowed.

Eros is really good at this. He’s doing damn well at seducing me. I was actually tempted to give in, tackle him to the floor and have my way.

That’s what I thought in my head, anyways.

Instead, I didn’t say a word and let him lead me out of the room without a protest. I was also pep talking myself into not strangling Eros right now.

After several seconds of quiet thought, I came to one conclusion.

Eros needed a taste of his own medicine.

And I will be more than happy to give it to him.

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