The Alpha's Breeder

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**Twenty Six : Pay Back

Warning : Explicit sexual content ahead. Proceed with caution.

“Out of curiosity, how old are you?” I asked Eros one evening out of genuine curiosity.

Werewolf age is very difficult to pinpoint.

You can’t judge their age just by their face like you do humans. It would be impossible because their life span was much much longer than a regular human’s life span. Some live for thousands of years, or even longer. As scary and impossible as that sounds, it is possible.

“Close. Over 900,” he finally replied, gauging my reaction with that handsome curl of his brow and lips.

Did I mishear that? Did he just say he’s over 900 years old? Eros is probably older than my whole family tree.

“How is that close?” I glare at him from the corner of my eye. “You’re old.”

I wrinkled my nose in distaste while combing out my messy head of hair. Glancing into the mirror of the new vanity he had someone bring yesterday, I watched his eyes follow my movement.

Ever since I ‘moved’ in with him, the room had changed quite a bit. I would like to think that there was a more feminine feel to it now.

“I’m actually in my prime years.” He pursed his lips, pretending to be offended.

I doubted he was with that sinfully decadent smirk on his lips.

Prime? If 900 is considered prime years than I don’t know anymore.

“What about Granny Ada or Rora?” My curiosity got the better of me. How old would Granny Ada be if she was his grandmother? Over 1000 years old right?

“Grandmother is over 1800 years old and Rora is over 100, barely a pup.”


That really explains it now.

“I bet it gets long. What do you do all these years to stay sane?”

It probably gets very lonely, especially for someone who has lived for hundreds of years like him. I don’t know what I would do if I actually lived that long. There is only certain things that you can do before you become bored, like playing monopoly for so long that you want to get into jail just to stop playing.

“Continue living. But I have you to keep me company now. And I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with,” he said.

I could hear a hint of loneliness and longing in his voice that wasn’t easy to discern.

It is obvious that my human life span pales in comparison to his. I’m not too sure what the life span is for a breeder, but I know that if Eros and I were to permanently mate, I will acquire his long life span.

What I mean is that once he marks me, our souls will bond together, making us become one. With this bond, it also changes my mortality, making me as immortal as he is. This is a rather scary thing for many humans who become mates with werewolves. Because, they will live to the day where they will see all their family and friends die off, one by one.

It’s a rather depressing thing.

You gain immortality yet you lose loved ones over the long years.

In a sense, it was give and take.

I peeked up at Eros through the veil of my lashes, noting how he sat slightly rigid in the bed, blue eyes a shade darker than usual.

His piercing stare was persistent and scorching on my back.

I pretend not to notice and continue to comb through my hair; even though, I had been combing it for almost 5 minutes now, just to raise up the anticipation.

But, by the tent in the silk sheets and his predator-like gaze, I was able to discern his currently aroused predicament.

Today was the day for my payback.

I needed to teach Eros that he can’t tease a 30-year-old virgin and get away with it.

I was dressed in his white dress shirt because I remember reading somewhere that men had a thing for women dressed in their dress shirts.

Eros got off at just the sight of me in his clothes so I’m sure that it wouldn’t hurt to give him the fantasy that most men wanted.

The shirt came to mid-thigh because of how tall Eros is. It seemed more like a dress on my frame, hanging off of my bare left shoulder with the sleeves folded upwards to uncover my wrist and forearms.

I had purposefully left two buttons unbuttoned, leaving the fabric gaping open at the front and exposing my entire cleavage along with a portion of my waist.

I didn’t bother to wear a bra either.

Since the shirt was white, he could see a rather blurred image of my nipples framed against the smooth fabric when I lifted my arms and smoothed my hair behind my back.

If this doesn’t get him panting like a mess under me then I don’t know what will.

I gave him an innocent smile before sauntering over to the bed with a lazy swing of my hips, trying to be as seductive as possible.

And, as expected, my butt hadn’t even touched the bedding when he had already pulled me over to his side.

His strong arms encircled my waist and his head buried into the crook of my neck and shoulder. I could feel his hot breath pillow against the sensitive skin of my neck. At just that small exhale, all the hairs on my body stood on end.

I became as stiff as a rod, unsure if I would be able to tease him when my bodily actions betrayed what I wanted to do.

I had to keep telling myself to keep calm but it seemed impossible when it came to Eros.

Eros’ strong hands palmed the flesh of my naked thigh, teasingly stroking the skin until I was a quivering mess.

The intensity of the sparks, that erupted on my flesh, was like fireworks in the sky, mesmerizing and heated.

It was obvious that I was easily affected by him. Just the lightest of touch or the sound of his voice was enough to make me aroused.

It’s not fair.

Why was I always the one looking like a hot mess after he was done playing?

Why can’t I be the one playing with him instead?

With that thought, I managed to push him off and onto his back.

My legs swing up and around his waist until I was fully situated on top of his hard stomach. His body heat penetrated through the thin cotton of my panties, making me swallow down the urge to moan at the sparks that had unexpectedly erupted against such a sensitive area.

Feigning calm, I tipped my head towards him and stared down from above.

He seemed slightly startled at my bold move, his eyes becoming even darker than it had been moments earlier, hinting his true feelings towards my daring approach.

He liked it.

Eros parted his lips to say something but I stooped down, rested my palms onto his hard naked chest and stopped him just in time with a hard peck onto his full mouth. From this angle, I can see his pupils dilate when my tongue stroked languidly across the seams of his lips. I could taste mint and a taste that was solely Eros on my tongue. I couldn’t help but like it.

“That’s not a real kiss, Emira,” he said, his tongue darting out to lick across the area where my tongue and lips had been.


It was just a peck and a lick.

I knew that he was trying to egg me on, possibly to see how far I would go. But I am not afraid to show him I mean it this time.

Just the thought of making him lose control was making me become even more excited. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins like mad.

As I leaned over, his hand secured the back of my neck and pulled me downwards until our lips completely sealed together. The kiss had started out slow, just a smoothing of his lips against mine. His hot tongue lazily probed at the parting of my lips, heating my skin with the tingling sensation that made my stomach muscles clench. I hesitantly opened my lips, letting Eros’ unique flavor fill my senses until I was blinded by all of him.

Our tongues tangled together, brushing sensually against one another until I was easily defeated by him, forced to retreat to let him nibble and suck on my bottom lip. Even the wet sounds of our lips meeting were loud to my ears, making my cheeks flush in awareness, yet I couldn’t help the pleasure that coursed through my body at how erotic it was.

“Mmm...” The slight strangled moan that left my lips was almost involuntary. And I found that I couldn’t control myself at this point because Eros was kissing me so passionately with that talented mouth of his. Under a matter of seconds, I was a trembling boneless mess on top of him. I felt as if all of the air had been stolen from my lungs.

The feeling of kissing Eros was a lot more intense than I had ever thought that it could be.

The pleasurable sparks made me close my eyes on impact while the satisfying sensation left my toes curling on its own accord.

It felt right to be kissing him as if the place that I belonged was right in his strong arms.

I wasn’t too sure how long we were kissing like this when he let me pull back for air. My cheeks were extremely hot, burning and warm to the touch.

Eros leaned his head upwards to catch my mouth again for a second kiss and I immediately turn my head away, denying him. Instead, I slowly, teasingly kissed along his brow and cheeks with butterfly kisses.

I was actually competitive for once.

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Emira,” he murmured with a sensuously deep and low voice that made me shrug a bout of shivers that threatened to wrack my body. I ignore his words, lowering my head to kiss along his high cheekbones and sharp jawline, trailing down his neck to bite the skin of his Adam’s apple and tug. His entire body trembled and it seemed like his Adam’s apple was a really sensitive spot. I, of course, take advantage of this by sticking out my tongue and mapping his flesh with my mouth, nipping and biting until his neck was slightly red from my teasing.

“You’re not the only one who can tease, Eros,” I reply.

My fingers moved from his chest to slowly trace out every dip and curve of his abs. Then, I lightly circled the flesh around his hard nipple with my pointing finger.

If he can make me a quivering mess with just a kiss then I want to make him beg underneath me.

His breathing had picked up, increasing in intensity until he was panting. His Adam’s apple rapidly bobbing as he swallowed. His hot palms quickly found place on my waist, squeezing and releasing the flesh with his tapered fingers. Even his muscles twitched underneath my palms, tense and rigid from how hard he was restraining himself.

I left a wet trail from his neck down to his collarbone, nibbling lightly against the sensitive flesh. I could hear his harsh intake of breath when I purposefully lowered my mouth close to his hard nipple and breathed out. The sparks seemed to suddenly scatter all over my body when his large hands cupped my ass, long fingers squeezing the delicate flesh through the cotton of my panties. I could feel myself become wet between the legs from just that one action.

“Remember your promise, Eros,” I reminded him before moving myself downwards in order to get away from his hands. My fingers trailed over his nipple, rubbing the sensitive flesh with light pressure, and his entire body jerked at the sudden contact.

His chest moved rapidly up and down, mouth slightly parted as he breathed.

I wiggled my way down his abdomen until my butt bumped against his hot and hard erection. It momentarily blocked my way. At the slight contact, I jerked upwards and tried to act calm.

This was a lot harder than I thought it was.

To cover my embarrassment, I pressed my mouth against his collarbone, kissing across the flesh before parting my lips and enveloping his nipple into my mouth, gently biting down after circling my tongue around it.

By now, Eros was panting heavily, fists clenching and unclenching.

I had to stifle a snigger unless I burst out laughing.

I can only imagine the turmoil he must be in right now.

Returning to the task at hand, I kissed my way down his abs, worshiping the toned and hard muscles with my tongue and teeth until I could feel him tremble at the sensations.

As I slid further down, I almost smacked myself in the chin with his erection. The size and length startled me at first glance.

This is the first time that I have been given the opportunity to properly analyze Eros’ penis.

I would never think that there would be such a day.

But here I am.

Staring at it.

Face to face.

Well...face to penis.


That didn’t sound right.

“It’s really big,” I murmur to myself, not quite realizing that the words had passed my lips.

In response to my words, Eros’ body stiffened, muscles bunched tight under the palms of my hands. And then, he was panting even harder.

I’m guessing he took that as a compliment.

Ignoring him, I went back to inspecting his phallus.

I’ve seen his shaft before in its normal flaccid state and it was already rather impressive in size. Now in its fully aroused state, I am sure that it should be illegal.

It was rather long with a mushroom shaped head and dark veins popped up on the surface that seemed to move by itself as blood was pumped through. I noticed that it seemed to throb and become a bit larger at my close inspection.

All in all.

It’s kind of ugly.

"Emira,” he ground out through clenched teeth, his cheeks holding a bit of flush on them. I could see the sweat drip down from his temple and onto the pillow.

His left hand entangled itself into my hair, sliding through the silky strands to anchor my face towards his cock, but I brace my hands onto his thighs, keeping myself from falling face first into his aroused flesh.

Slightly irritated, I shoot him a glare for interrupting me before biting his thigh to reprimand his actions. It had the opposite effect on him than I had thought. Instead of angering him, it seemed to make him even more aroused.

“Don’t rush me, Eros,” I bit out before parting my lips to blow hot air on the engorged staff, and I noted how it twitched involuntarily in response. Pre-cum was quick to slowly drip down in a sticky line that shined from the light.

I lowered my head to inspect it.

Just before my lips touched the sticky liquid on the tip of his penis, I pulled back completely. The disappointed whine that left his throat could not be missed.

My head raised from his lap to look at his aroused face. His canines shined in the dim lighting and sweat collected on his furrowed brows, giving him a wild and sexy look that I have never seen before. I could even see the veins popping out on his forehead.

At this point, I could feel my chest inflate with satisfaction like a rather pleased cat.

“I’m sleepy.” I gave him a wide innocent smile and try to swing my legs off of his waist. I almost made it to my side of the bed when his hand had caught my ankle. He dragged me back over his body with little to no effort. My scenery spun for a split second before I found myself underneath him, where I really didn’t want to be at the moment.

He had easily rolled us around until the one on top was him.

Eros was crouched on top of my body, hard shaft poking me in the stomach every time he breathed.

This time, he was looking down at me with this sinfully hedonistic smirk on his perfect lips and I could feel my heart sink to my stomach.

“It’s my turn, Emira.”

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