The Alpha's Breeder

By taytay91 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

**Twenty Seven : Back Fire

The air was completely heated with this sensual and sexually arousing feel to it, making my breathing a bit raspy at every inhale and exhale. His head had dipped down towards my face, kissing my flushed cheeks with hot lips and making me still on the spot when the electric shocks scattered all across my face like bright sparklers.

“Y-You’ve already had a turn. Several turns,” I carefully reply, making a move to untangle his hands from my hips but he refused to relent and I doubted that I could up seat him with my measly skills. Unless he wanted me to.

I can’t deny the fact that Eros is easily able to diverge my attention with that tempting and sinful mouth of his.

"Emira, you can’t play with fire and expect it not to burn,” he murmured against the corner of my lips, hot breath warming my flushed cheeks with every word that he spoke, “And I want to do more than just burn you.”

My mouth was extremely dry at his statement and I barely had time to swallow that lump in my throat when his lips pressed against mine, making my entire body tense and then turn to putty as we kissed deeply, tongue sliding against one another slickly.

Eros’ left hand had found its way into my hair, rolling the long locks between his tapered fingers. He lightly cradled my head upwards to angle my face closer to his for easier access, hot tongue probing the inside of my mouth before sucking hard on my tongue before releasing. My breath was coming out in harsh pants, fingers curled into the bed sheets and back arching lightly at the intense sensations that bombarded all of my senses.

The sensory overload was more than enough for me at the moment. I could hear my blood rushing through my ears, heart pounding in a tattoo of rhythm that I couldn’t control.

And the fact that my panties were probably soaking wet already was an understatement.


It was.

“You smell so good, mate,” he huskily murmured against my neck. Eros was kissing down my face with each word purposefully, mouth trailing from my lips to my chin, grazing the delicate skin with his canines that gave me a rather lethal and dangerous feel to them.

His lips gravitated towards the sides of my face before sucking the lobe of my ear into his mouth, sucking the skin lightly before biting down with slight pressure and then, pulling slightly harder.

Automatically, goosebumps erupted all across my arms and legs as if I was cold.

And I hadn’t even realized that the other buttons of the dress shirt had come undone with the help of his other hand until a hot palm had cupped a full breast and squeezed. By then, I was dragged back to reality.

My entire body was exposed to him.

Where did my panties go?

I made a move to close the fabric but Eros had caught my wrist, dragging both of my hands above my head and holding it down with one of his.

After that, his head had descended to my collar bone, biting the delicate flesh and kissing his way down until I could feel his hot gaze on my breasts, as if he was trying to memorize what they looked like.

I swallowed thickly, biting down on my bottom lip when he squeezed the round globe of my breasts almost experimentally, molding it in the palms of his hands. I couldn’t contain the sharp inhale at the pleasurable contact. My nipples were already extremely hard and poking into the air, trembling as the skin of his palms grazed it from time to time sending a trail of fire straight to my core.

Eros leaned over again, dark hair tickling my chest when his lips kissed all around my breasts, every where except for the hardened peaks that longed for his touch. He was obviously trying to tease me as long as he could until I was squirming underneath him, panting and moaning like a mess because of his touch, or lack thereof.

Then, he paused, lifting his head to stare at my face, which I could already tell was probably bright red and extremely aroused. His beautiful blue eyes were dark in color, giving him a rather dangerous and beast like feel while sweat was dripping down from his chin to his neck.

The slightly wicked curve of his lips showed a hint of his sharp canines as he looked up at me and then, almost too slowly, his head lowered towards my right breast, blowing hot air on the sensitive peak.

When his mouth closed over the pebbled nipple, I swear, I could see bright lights flash in front of my eyes.

The sensual moan that I tried to swallow down had managed to crawl out, low and seductive even to my own ears when it left my lips.

At this point, I found that I couldn’t deny Eros.

When he pulled and bit down on my nipple I couldn’t help but arch my back as if I was offering myself to him and moan wantonly underneath him. I was trembling like a baby lamb as he continued to play with my breasts, hot mouth attached to my right breast while his hand squeezed and pulled on the nipple of my other one.

Before long, his warm hand had traveled southwards, moving past my belly button until his knuckles brushed against my sensitive mound and a strangled gasp left my mouth right after. He easily parted my thighs to situate himself in between because all my limbs were like jelly.

I felt extremely exposed in this embarrassing position but I couldn’t find the will to resist.

Eros was staring intently at me and I could feel my lower stomach clench tightly at his hot and feral gaze.

He paused.


Staring at the area between my legs and I could feel myself get even wetter, if that was even possible.

Was this what it felt like when I was messing with him? Because the anticipation and wait feels awful!

Of course, I knew he was teasing me again, lightly touching my quivering lower lips with the pads of his fingers and then the skin of his knuckles.

“You’re so wet,” he whispered against my skin, breathing hot air in harsh puffs and making me shiver at the intensity of his gaze.

The sensation was almost too much and I could feel more wetness coat my inner thighs when his fingers lazily circle around my lower lips before finally rubbing the slick flesh with his middle finger. The pressure was light and teasing at first, slowly parting my flesh and rubbing in an up to down motion until he found my clit. Just as his thumb rubbed against it, my entire body jerked and I was quick to lurch off of the sheets, a breathless moan leaving my mouth when he covered my lips with his and caged my body down.

The friction from his fingers was unbearably pleasurable.

“I want to mark you, Emira,” he said against my mouth, finger teasing my entrance and smearing the slick juices across his long digits.


What mark?

What’s he talking about?

It was obvious that my mind was completely muddled at the moment and the only thing I could think about was his heavenly fingers and the pleasurable sensations that he was creating.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, his long finger had slowly parted the flesh and pushed inside through layer and layer of delicate muscles at an extremely frustrating pace. I was quivering at the strange sensation, watching him as he pulled his finger out only to watch it slowly disappear back inside of me. The action was repeated at different intervals until I was a breathy moaning mess with my thighs parted widely to let him have his way with me.

The only sound I could hear was of our harsh breathing and the wet sounds of his fingers leaving and entering my flesh. My eyes had rolled back into its sockets when he added another finger, picking up in rhythm until I was writhing and moaning a broken stream of his name.

I felt hot.

Too hot.

It is like I was standing right next to an inferno with no water in sight.

And I could feel myself start to climb an invisible mountain.

“Let me mark you, Emira,” he whispered, fingers moving slightly faster and faster inside of me.

He was cheating.

I bit down hard on my bottom lip, swallowing a gasping choke of breath and tried to think straight while his fingers worked my heated flesh.

The possibility of pregnancy was enough to make me think twice and seemed to be the only thing stopping me.

I was tempted, I really was tempted to say yes but I thought about what could happen. The consequences of that one simple word that could take everything away from me.

I shook my head frantically, a strangled moan making it past my parted lips and could see the sparkle of his sweat as it dripped from his chin and onto my breasts, sliding against my skin and leaving a burning trail in its wake.

My fingers gripped the sheets, breasts heaving as I started to climb the invisible slope, hips gyrating in a motion to get away or come even closer. I don’t know anymore.

With two fingers pumping inside of me, his other hand had gone back to fondling my breasts, rolling the firm nipple between thumb and forefinger until I was crying beneath him.

Finally, when his hot mouth enclosed around a swollen nipple and bit down, palm rubbing against my clit in circular motions and the fingers inside curled, it sent me off of the ledge.

I was sobbing my release, crying like a broken dam at the terrifying sensations that wracked me wave after wave. My thighs clamped hard around his waist, back arching into a curve while my toes curled into the sheets.

It was an out of body experience that left me trembling on the sheets.

It was terrifying. The feelings of being out of control. Completely and utterly enraptured by him, for him.

I’ve never felt anything that terrifyingly good before and I doubted that I would ever feel it again without Eros’ touch.

Eros was still panting heavily when he kissed my sweat soaked temples, murmuring soft words of comfort, body completely covering my still trembling one before I could feel him push my thighs further apart and to their limit.

Just when I parted my lips to speak, loud knocks on the door immediately interrupted the moment.

The knock---beating on the door had managed to drag me out from the climax induced high.

I couldn’t even process the words that came from outside the door but I did recognize that annoying voice. Probably would have recognized it anywhere.


It was Zanthos.

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