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Twenty Eight : Gone

Freaking Zanthos was standing outside of our room. He was saying something about hunters being on pack grounds and that Eros was needed urgently.

I glanced at Eros, who was still on top of me. His erection was poking against my thigh, leaving a warm and wet trail of pre-cum on the surface of my skin.

It seemed slightly fishy that Zanthos was the one to come to the door and tell Eros the news instead of Toran.

Why didn’t anyone mind link Eros instead of letting Zanthos creepily show up here?

Wouldn’t that be much quicker and more efficient?

More and more questions seemed to bombard my thoughts. But, I know for sure that Zanthos is up to something.

And whatever it is, it’s not something good.

I think Eros thought the same thing I did because his eyes had flashed silver to show that he was probably mind-linking someone to confirm Zanthos’ information.

Before long, Eros breathed out a sigh under his breath.

“I’ll be back in a little bit, Emira. You should sleep first,” he said. He leaned down and pressed a soft and delicate kiss against my warm temple. His lips lingered rather longingly against my skin before he pulled back.

Eros went to the bathroom to clean up and dressed rather quickly after that.

For some reason, I didn’t want him to go.

I pulled the covers over my entire body, including my face. The doors opened and closed to signify that Eros had left with Zanthos.

I don’t know why but there was this nagging feeling in my gut like lead was settling at the bottom of my stomach. It made me anxious and nervous for some really weird reason.

I got really jittery all of a sudden. Sighing, I grabbed some new clothes from my closet and went into the bathroom to shower off all of the sweat on my skin.

As the minutes trickled by, the feeling seemed to worsen, as if foreshadowing that something was going to happen. And I would have no chance to do anything or protect myself from it, no matter how I thought I could or how hard I try.


Biting down on my lower lip, I quickly stepped out of the shower with this antsy feeling welling up inside of me. I shakily dressed in a pair of joggers and a grey t-shirt. I was thinking that if something did go down, I would at least be dressed to run for my life.

That thought makes me pause.

Just as my fingers grazed the door handle, I stopped and pulled back.

It was almost like the feeling of watching a scary movie and screaming at the TV trying to tell the main actor/actress not to open the door because we all know that the psycho is on the other side waiting to kill them.

My heart suddenly started to pound rapidly in my chest and adrenaline rushed through my system without any reason or rhyme.

Although I just took a shower not even 4 minutes ago, my back was completely wet with sweat.

I swallowed down the sudden lump in my throat and cautiously stepped forward to lock the door when it suddenly slammed open with a sharp crack. The wood door smacked me in the face rather painfully and blinded me for a split second before hitting the back wall loudly.

My entire face hurt like hell. Tears filled my eyes rapidly while my ears were ringing piercingly in my head. I absently wondered if my nose was broken because it sure hurt like it was.

I reeled back. Bright lights flashed in my vision only for a second when a white cloth was slapped onto my face. It blocked off my eyes, nose, and mouth.

Before I could stop myself, I heavily inhaled. And the extremely strong drug was dragged into my system. I nearly choked at the strong burn down my lungs. I tried to cough it back up but with the cloth so heavily forced onto my face, I ended up choking pathetically as my vision started to go blurry.

Screaming for Eros wasn’t even an option because the only noise coming through the thick fabric was unrecognizable, even to my ears.

All I could think to do was try to keep myself conscious by biting down on my tongue until the metallic taste of my blood filled every corner of my mouth. With a grimace, I starting punching randomly in front of me but to no effect. It seemed to hurt me more than the offenders.

I struggled to detach their arms from my body, choking behind the cloth due to lack of air.

Before long, thick muscled arms caught my flailing limbs and held them painfully down by my side. I gritted my jaw and started kicking wildly, uncaring that my actions were useless.

I tried.

I really did.

But yet it was useless.

My entire body slowly lost its strength. I could feel myself become flaccid like strings of noodles before I fell back against a hard chest.

By then, my vision turned into a mist of black.

When I regained consciousness, I noted that I couldn’t open my eyes. My entire body felt like lead, heavy and immovable. Then, I noticed that I was being transported along by a couple of men. I knew that there was more than one of them, and they were not regular mortal beings because there was no way that they could have entered Eros’ pack house if they were.

I am also sure that they were not hunters.

Because, from my deductive thinking, I knew that they had to be werewolves, possibly members of Eros’ pack.

There was no way anyone else would be able to get to me unless they were trusted members of the pack. I have to applaud them for being brave enough to backstab Eros. And I’m sure that some kind of punishment would be coming their way soon.

In this kind of situation, the only thing I could do now was pray that they weren’t going to do anything depraved to me.

My mind was starting to conjure several grim and terrifying situations that I have seen before in the movies.

But I can only hope that it was not the case.

The group of people set me onto the floor with my back flat on the cold tile. The dirty ground underneath me smelled like urine and dirt. I was extremely grossed out but couldn’t really move at the moment to get up and run for it.

I have no way to protect myself.

Then, I started to panic when I realized that no matter how I tried to move, I couldn’t. My hands remained flaccid on the dirty ground and I could not open my eyes.

They must have given me some type of drug to make me immobile like this.

At that thought, the feeling of hopelessness was soon to set in, and I couldn’t help but resign myself to the situation. There was no use in panicking, crying or even working myself into a fit because I knew that it was all useless.

Tears, by far, were the most useless substance in this world.

At least at this moment anyway.

I forced myself to be calm and wait it out to see what it was that they wanted from me. Although it doesn’t look too promising right now, I pray that the end result wouldn’t be my death.

If I knew that something like this would happen, I would have just let Eros mark me. By then, he would be able to locate me easier and would be able to save me just as quick because of the mate bond.

I was starting to regret my decisions from earlier, berating myself for being such a prude when strange noises pulled me from my thoughts.

Suddenly, from high above, I heard something metallic being unraveled—unbuckled—in mass amounts. And then, the loud sound of multiple metal zippers being pulled downwards resounded in my ears.

Please don’t let it be what I think it is, I begged.

My heart plummeted to my stomach.

And I tried to awaken from this temporary paralysis but nothing worked.

Before I could even comprehend what was happening, this hot and rancid liquid was being sprayed all over me.

From the smell, I could tell that it was urine. The deplorable liquid was extremely hot on my neck, hands, and legs as they peed all over me.

In all of my 30 years, this happened to be the most humiliating moment in my life, yet I could do nothing to stop them.

In the past, I was a strong believer in will power.

Anything that you put your mind to is possible. Yet with my current situation, I felt completely useless to stop any of it, not even will power was enough to save me.

It felt like a backhand to the face when reality managed to set in. I couldn’t help but think and pray for all the poor women that are or have been in even worse situations than me. This has got to be one of the most sickening things I have ever experienced.

They were all probably scared, alone and begging for a savior that never comes.

I mentally grimace when I heard their loud pants of breath and the rustling of movement from above me as they started to jerk off on top of me, probably getting a kick out of the situation.

Sick bastards.

The sounds of their panting were extremely loud in this confined room. It reverberated against the walls and my ears to mess with my concentration.

I tried to remove myself from the situation, imagining that I was somewhere else but it didn’t keep me from knowing everything that they did and every breath that they took.

The slowly time passed like that until I could feel extremely hot sticky liquid coat my neck and chest in thick slimy coats. Then, one of them pulled my shirt up and came onto my chest and stomach before the last of it was dripped all over my cheek and the corner of my lips.

I was extremely glad that my mouth was closed at the moment.

I know I said that tears were useless and all but I couldn’t help the instinctive urge to sob like a newborn baby.

Out of all the things that I couldn’t do because of the drugs in my system, crying was the only thing that I could do at the moment.

The hot tears dripped down from the side of my face and my hands were trembling from my suppressed anger and rage but not much could be done. I was also really tempted to throw up but my currently paralyzed body would not allow me to do so.

Puke would definitely add to the list of urine and semen all over me.

“That’s enough. That will keep Eros off of our trail until we get back,” a deep dark voice said from high above in a rather commanding tone of voice, as if he was the leader of this group.

I tried to hold my breath because the musky and sweaty scent was suffocating inside of this enclosed room. I was already emotionally exhausted and my mind was starting to become muddled at this point.

“Don’t blame us, blame Zanthos for this.”

That was the last thing I heard before complete darkness took me.

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